Simple solution for getting relief from BS

What I experienced during last 2 months that if you follow a simple path of :

Minimum carb food

Exercise simple brisk walking for 50 minutes to cover 5 kms distance

proper medicines in consultation with Dr.

This I have followed for last 2 months and my BS has remained around 120 both FBS and PPBS. I have eliminated carbs from my routine lunch and dinner. I eat pea nuts with Lasoon chatni in between, but only 50 gms at a time.

In a week due to pressure from Home Minister, I have to eat half chapati. Other wise what carbs goes from Green salad and curds I don't know, but must be minimum as per Mr. Anup's guidance. I eat only green salad comprising Cucumber, carrot, cabbage, Onion,tomato and curds. Except cabbage all other only 1 pc.

Earlier I was taking Glinese MF and Piosafe 15mg thrice a day. I have followed Mr. Anup's advise and stopped these 2 tabs and started 500mg METFORMIN SR twice a day.

This entire change has resulted in controlling PPBS and FBS and to my surprise weight reduction from 74 to 70 kgs. I am happy with this. At the age of 60 +, I go to sleep at 10PM and get up 5 AM. I am energetic through out the day.

I would appeal to all friends to change food habits, have exercise and medicines to keep body non diabetic for maximum period to keep side effects away.


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16 Replies

  • You are doing good and in fact you are just doing great.

    Next step would be to reduce morning dose of MF SR to 250mg and wait for 4 weeks. This is because MF dose changes do not show results immediately.

    Anup's friend that he kept mentioning while he used to blog before he was banned from posting, now lives on only once a day 500mg MF SR (night). No morning dose and no other medicines. His levels are same as yours (2 Hr PPBS 120). This is after 8 years of being on JalraM, Pioz and medicine for collitis (which is no more needed).

    Switch to LOW CARB HIGH FAT (peanuts are biggest source of good fat besides coconut, coconut oil, full fat cream, butter, clarified butter etc) and see how medicines requirement falls and sugar levels get better.

    Everything just falls in place automatically the moment a diabetic switches to LOW CARB HIGH FAT Diet.

    In Rural Maharashtra Jawaree Ki Rotee with onion and "thhessa" is a famous meal. Thessa is nothing but peanut+ pepper/chilly mixture. I think if most nutritionists/dieticians start visiting rural India they would learn more about diet. FAT (peanut here) is added to reduce the GI of Jawaree meal technically :)

    Anup would love to be in touch with you but he doesn't have your email.


  • My e-mail is

    Please ask Anup to contact me. I would love to see his mail and more over I would love to share my BS levels which I could not have achieved without his help.

    Secondly Jawaree ki Rotee in Marathi it is called as Jawaree ki Bhakari and thecha. Thecha is mixture of peanut, chillies, lasoon or Garlic and salt for test. You can crush it in mixture and add peanut oil ( I add olive oil ) while eating. Because of oil, it's hot nature is reduced. Some people add ghee instead oil. After all oil or ghee it is fat only. This is just to share as I am Maharashtrian and that too from Rural like Satara. So I know all these preparations.

    My question is, earlier I read some where that wheat is good than Jawaree. As Jawaree contains more carbs than wheat.

  • Thanks. Will update Anup and he shall contact you.

    Peanuts, Oil, Ghee is all fat SIR ... the same FAT which PRO ADA fans are vehemently against. So rural diet was more intelligent as it is reducing the GI of Jawaree with so much of FAT which would slow down digestion (as fat takes longer to digest and delays emptying of stomach) and hence reduce spikes. Anti diabetes DRUG -- Byetta -- does the same thing. It slows down emptying of stomach but with side effects and costs money for drug & doctor :)

    As for choice between Wheat and Jawaree ... please check on NETT CARBS (CARB - Fibre) and whichever has lowest is better. For diabetics i think both would be almost same when it comes to spiking sugar. So let it be something only reserved fro feasting day.

  • Hi anirudh, My vaidya suggest jowar bhakari in lunch and dinner and even at breakfast Jowar ukda. I used take 4 and 1/2 in a day. and now as anup suggested I come down to two roti but since I am taking ayurvedic medicine for my diabetes could not go below that. But I am enjoying normal bs. more healthy. Sombody from sangli has done research of jowar and come out with good result for diabetis. Simple logic why eat carb and increase sugar level and then increase medicine.

  • Sudh and Rusticguy,

    In net Jowar ( in English - Sorghum) contains about 58% carbs. Then one can reduce BS with it?

  • My today's PPBS is 120. Please convey it to Anup

  • Rusticguy:

    What is this medicine ? For what purpose it can be used?

  • Diet-O-Pathy is best medicine. Just add Alpha Lipoic Acid 300mg to your life :)

    Surely will convey your numbers. he will be getting in touch with you over email.

    At 120PPBS reduce your morning MF to 250mg and then let 250 (morning) 500(night) continue for a month. Don't break 500mg tablets as SR/ER tablets are not to be broken.


  • Finally the whole attension is drawn for selling some stuff to the members

  • Not sure what you mean. Can you elaborate?


  • Dear Rustyji,

    Can I take the liberty to eat a portion of watermelon, musk melon and mango as I am not eating any wheat and rice preprations, and sugar below 110/140.



  • No, Diabetologist advice that people having D should avoid muskmelon and mango. However watermelon can be taken 250/day.

  • Thanks for the reply

  • Eat mangoes and muskmelon LIMITED . only care be a LCHF diet. Have brisk walk for 50 minutes. Take prescribed medicines in time. Then have periodic BS check. That's all

  • I am very happy today. I checked my PPBS on 8th July and it was 94. Only salad with curds, without milk and sugar tea, fenugreek, flex seed, garlic,cheese, eggs, 500mg METFORMIN SR twice a day, 50 minutes brisk walk, that's all. By August end I am thinking of lab testing with average BS of last 3 months. I have started doing 50 minutes Pranayam of Baba Ramdev also. Feeling very good and light. I could reduce weight from 74 to 69 in 5 months.

  • This PPBS reading is after a gap of 45 days.

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