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Second Opinion Suggestion


I am a 63 year old person diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes 18 months back. Since then I have been on diet, excercise and medicines, one T Glimy 2 in the morning and one each of Glyciphage 500mg and Vitrace FM in the night. My fasting sugar has always been under control hovering between 80 and 105. My PPBS between 140 and 220. My latest tests FBS read 101 and PPBS 200. I request the Readers to suggest whether I should consult a Diabetologist for a second opinion for prescribing fresh set of medicines for better control of PPBS.

R Thiagarajan


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Go for LCHF.

In the case of diabetes diet works better than medicines.In fact,any medicine works only when diet is correct.

Many LCHF followers are med-free.To know about LCHF,follow the following link:

We dont need medcines to control diabetes ,it will just control your sugar but your diabetes will pathetic.


Please ask your doctor for a new appointment and get a new set of tests to see what is causing the problem with your blood sugars going high/low.

Check HbA1c


do you live in india ???

Not in the immediate future and have a constant test on your readings.You seem to be having it n control...Kumar c r

Before u consult yr doc.please try low carb food. Yr carb count shud be 160 to 180. Surely sugar will control. Also start walk at least 30 min.10min.after morning breakfast. 10 min.after lunch 10min.after dinner.Also consult doc. after a week of this experiment.

I thank all the friends replied to my query.



So many opinions. Will confuse you.

Fbs is well under control means your beta cells are not greatly damaged

Your pp is not under control. Let us all know what you eat. Take 3 readings for a few days if possible. Fasting, 1&2 hour ppbs. predinner and 2 hr pp. can be omitted because your fbs is well under control. I think something wrong with your diet. Sometimes so called healthy food may not be suitable to us - the D people.

Considering your age and the fact that your diabetic condition was detected only one and half years back, your fasting sugar test results are OK. Your post pandrial sugar level is on the higher side for which neither you don't have to worry nor seek second opinion from another doctor; rather seek further opinion from you current physician who might suggest very popular drug like voglibose once during lunchtime (as it is to be taken during the initial stages of your lunch) and this is an excellent drug for control of your pp sugar level. You are doing very fine and I think your doctor is also taking care of you quite satisfactorily at an age of about 63. However, for proper monitoring of your sugar level that you have currently do the pathological tests like 1. Hba1c @ three months interval, 2. Fasting and PP sugar tests every month, 3. Lipid profile test along with blood urea, creatinine @six months interval, 4. Urine ACR test @ one year interval and 5. Eye test @ one year interval or SOS as your doctor deems fit given the current condition of your eyes. Take care.

Thanks a lot for the detailed reply.

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