Palmyrah Sugar (Palm Sugar) can it be used by diabetics?

Palmyrah Sugar (Palm Sugar) can it be used by diabetics?

I am told by an Acupuncture Specialist who is treating my wife undergoing dialysis that we must be cautious against using Sugar Free sugar is bad for diabetics..We have been using this for years...But now he advises that we can use Palmyrah Sugar also known as Palm Sugar (derived from the fruit of palm tree) .I got this pack of Palm Sugar available from a store selling organic pulses and cereals...Can anybody enlighten me more on this subject?

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  • Thank u friend!

  • Palm sugar, in fact ANY sugar is the very worst thing you can give to a diabetic.

    Sugar and refined carbohydrate is the prime reason you wife is diabetic! And what a acupuncturist is doing by advising this underlines the depth of ignorance plaguing the diabetic community.

  • Oh..Thank you Sir!

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  • Oh sorry friend...I am Tamilian...does not know Hindi..can u send the English version of your reply please? I shall be highly obliged.

  • Thank you bro!

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