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Fasting 122,pp 132,hba1c 7

Hi friends, my mother is diagnosed with blood sugar, last two months reports were fasting 137,pp 167,hba1c is 6.7,my mother started doing walking in the evening for one hour since one month, now the reports are after two months, Fasting 122,pp 132, hba1c is 7,why hba1c is 7,my mother told me hba1c test should be done for 3 months not for 3 months, but why it has been increased that much, fasting n Pp are better, are these reports are normal, she takes breakfast late in the morning as she does puja for two hours, cleaning puja room, decorating etc, I told her to do for ten minutes n eat, she never listens to me, can you please suggest food items for breakfast n lunch, what type of fruits can be taken, how much quantity, she told she feels hungry in the evening, what type of snack items can be taken. How to reduce hba1c, she has got diagnosed with sugar for last 3years,since than fasting in reading decreasing but not coming to normal. Thank you

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Thanks for concerns for your mother.

HbA1c gives the average value of blood sugar in the previous 2 - 3 months. It does not change on daily basis significantly.

Fasting and pp give current values of blood sugar on the day blood samples were taken.

Low fasting and pp and high HbA1c mean she is progressing well by the changes she has made. This will be reflected in the next HbA1c level after three months.

Regarding the diet, you should reduce the daily intake of carbohydrate which is little difficult to implement for vegetarian but required if you want to avoid medication. Avoid all fruits. Cheese can be a good snack. You will find more information on LCHF diet on this website.

It will be useful to do self-monitoring of blood sugar level several times in a day for a week or so. That will give you a clear picture of how the body reacts with food so that you can modify accordingly.

Continue with walking - that is a very good step taken. Lose weight if overweight.


I feel that you should not interfere with her daily routine.As one gets older,his/her habits and preferences become stronger and any any suggestion against such habits may interfere with her stress relieving process.About diet ,go for some items with low glycemic index.You can search on the web or on this website to select such food items.Her sugar levels are fluctuating but by no means alarming,presuming that she must be in her sixties.

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Thanks for the information, my mother age is 46,


Her age is not much for a diabetic.But beware that diabetes is a progressive disorder.It means diabetes gets more and more difficult to manage as one advances in age.There two things that can be done to counter that.One is regular exercise for about 30 to 40 minutes per day,if she is not doing already.Her daily household work is not to be considered for this purpose.Pair of good walking shoes with nice arch support will be very helpful.Second is,losing some weight even if she is not overweight.These two measures will help her to keep good health in later years.


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