control on mouth control on sugar

Hi every body I had high blood sugar about 2 yes back my weight was 98 kg I reduced my weight to 78 inless than year control food intake limiting to 6 chpatis in day 1 cup milk and fruits as possible and green vegetables no sugar tea or sweets .I have been checking my sugar every 3 months its perfect normal hba1 score 5.1 .so control mouth control sugar.

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  • Control over the mouth comes from strong will power.Not only diet,the mind also determines your exercise patterns,life style habits etc.In that sense,your achievements are commendable and it will be even more commendable if you show similar resolve and will power to maintain your health at a high level.

  • Thank you

  • nithin ,

    you try reduce weight to near 21/22 bmi by resorting to low gi foods. and calorie limiting. your overall health will improve further.

  • Thanks for motivation

  • it is universally recommended that weight reduction to a normal weight --one can get rid of diabetes t2dm in some 50 percent of people.

    i am not sure about this percentage number.

    it is much higher than 50 by an IDF publication, i think.cannot quote.

  • Very true.Among diabetics who are significantly over weight,the first target should be weight reduction.I believe that much more than 50% of them will get excellent results by weight reduction alone.

  • i have been constantly advocating in this forum -this thing for one reason:

    in the formula for total daily insulin as well as the total daily calories the weight 'w' appears.

    so when w is less the insulin demand as well as the calories demand also will be less.

  • What's "LWMDR" please?. Thanks.

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