Daily Diabitic ( sugar ) Logo ko kya Khana chahiye

Wheat items, raagi, all types of Dal, use carrots, cucumbers, all vegetables ( soppugalu ) like palak, mente soppu, sabbasige soppu, fruits pinaple, mosambi, orange, watermelon, Anjur is very good, Guava ( peru fruit ), pomogranate ( Dalimbe ) maintain good lifestyle early wakeup in morning, regular walking, dont add sugar in your foods and juices, positive thinking, develop good hobbies, stay active wholeday, dont sleep in the afternoon, less usage of oil, dont use bakery items, dont eat fast foods, minimize chats items, dont eat fried items


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  • Wheat items, raagi, all types of Dal, rice, dalia, poha (flaked rice ) millets (all types ) upama are full of carbohydrates so,these are to be consumed in very small quantity .one should limit carb. consumption to about 100 gs. /day : similarly fruits like pineapple, watermelon, mousambi, anjeer etc.are best avoided.Mostly your calories should be derived from different veggies and greens, salads,onions garlic ,cucumber ,lemons ,nuts, cheese,butter,all products from coconut ,peanuts, ghee, groundnut oil,mustard oil curd,full fat milk (limited quantity /day ) and eggs ( if you eat it )

  • Sir, thank you for reply,

    I just want to know why you are telling to avoid fruits moosabi, pinaple, watermelon pure homemade juices, not adding any sugar to it, or we can eat them if we dont want in juice form, definitely avoid mango, chikku or sapota, grapes limited, apple limited, fruits are natural energy boosters

  • Eat all natural fruits and vegetables. Cut the carbohydrates , if u take, take in very small quantities.

  • All fruits ,vegetables and honey contain fructose, a type of sugar which is transported to your liver and converted to glucose and fat ,fruits also contain varying amounts of carbohydrates which help in spiking the blood sugar levels of a diabetic person, so here moderation as well as knowledge about the fruit you are having is important .If you are a diabetic and love fruits you can have one fruit a day maximum keeping in mind its GI value, which tells you about the effect of the fruit on your blood sugar level .You can refer to a Glycemic Index chart on the net if you wish .As far as fruit juice is concerned a diabetic should avoid it as in absence of fiber the fructose concentration is higher so, it will spike the sugar level quickly ,secondly we tend to have juice of more than one fruit to make it a glassful :)

  • There are many wrong notions about nutrition. One can reverse diabetes with diet and acupressure/sujok/yog in 21 days, for some a little longer upto 3/6 months.

    A little insight, eat your fruits and juice your vegetables with lots of leafy greens essentially green juice, eat millet flour, variety of sprouts, unrefined carb is good sorry great and necessary , avoid sugar free,maida,milk products, meat n fish rarely, have plenty of vegetables including tubers like potatoes, as well as beans and legumes.


  • Thank you ☺

  • Most of the items mention is all High carb.

    We as diabetics can never live on High Carb and Fruits.

  • That notion is based on bad research and old notions, sweet potatoes are excellent carbs, the incretin hormone treats whole foods and processed foods differently, when it sees the foods mentioned it allows suatained release of sugar in blood. Processed carbs are bad only

  • We go by what the meter says and not sponsored research. So, based on that we have come to conclusion that CARBS are something that diabetics cannot handle. More than 200,000 diabetics from real world who self manage their diabetes have proved that.

    This is how LCHF diet gained popularity and I know of 1500+ Indians who have shunned High Carb Low Fat diet and switched to LCHF and aim for A1C of 5.6 or lower on 80% less medications, despite 20+ years of diabetes history.

    This whole food, no dairy is VEGAN theory which finally FAILS within two or three years because to a given quantity of digestible carbs will need a given amount of insulin. Whole, unwhole, simple, complex makes no difference. Even fructose from fruits is bad. So, it's a MYTH that fruits are healthy for diabetics.

  • sir

    i heard that Pomegranate,anjir & watermelon is ok for diabetic..they can consume it..

    is it harmful ?

    kindly tell

  • You say most item mentioned are high carb? Like which?

    We are spreading the wrong message here by saying Carbs are bad , are we saying carbs from Ragi same as table sugar?

    What do we understand as CARBS?

    Starchy foods when chewed properly and allowing the 30% digestion in mouth, certainly behave differently if otherwise

    INCRETIN ENZYME does see whole foods and processed food differently and thus sugar is released into bloodstream

    By the way milk is not a vegan theory , it is well publishedthat most world population especially asians cannot digest it. Theory doesnt fall apart.

    I am not talking about high carb vs low here but wholefoods.

    Also do we know whats the science behind lowering the so called normal range for fasting and pp in year 2003, and how the scientists determing them where linked to big pharma 9/10, so much for the meter.

  • RAGI is worse than Wheat.

    Pneapple, anjeer, dates, pomogranate are a big NO NO. How is table sugar different from dates? Milk -- Asians thrived on it. Look at A1 vs A2 protein instead of passing a blanket judgment based on some study by some western researcher. India does not have as much lactose intolerance as westerners. A1 Vs A2 protein?

    As for me spreading wrong message, well if 1000+ that I know of personally have "practically" benefited from what I say, I don't think I am spreading wrong message.

    On whole food -- Whether you eat brown Basmati rice or white Basmati rice, both will spike hard. Barely 5% difference between the two.

    As for science behind lowering the limits, A1C increase beyond 5.3 and above is linked to many complications.

    All said, as long as we restrict carbs to 20% of calorie intake, eat whatever one wants to eat. For 2000kcal diet that means 100gms carbs/day max.

  • When you say restrict carbs to 20%, what carbs are you referring to, as in what foods?

  • Any form of digestible carbs (includes sugar, fructose too). Cooked carrot same as table sugar. Beets and corn worse than sugar :)

  • Carbs are sugars, starch and cellulose - sugars and starch are digestible and provide energy , cellulose not so but provides much needed fiber.

    Among Sugars - Sugar has 4 types, sucrose ex: table sugar, fructose ex:fruits , lactose milk(not properly digestible most adults), glucose ex: starches and cellulose 1 and 3 are to be avoided 2 and 4 sources good

    Starches - Grains(Millet, Rye,wheat rice etc), Legumes(Lentils, beans etc), Starchy Vegetables(sweet potato,yam,squashes etc)

    All cellulose intense Vegi and fruits are important for micro and macro nutrients

    Whole Food Plant based diet have healed many ( like the followers of China Study) and in India Biswaroop Chowdry who has helped over 10000+ people with the same.

    In my advice we have helped a handful with the same, of-course with combination of herbs, Acupressure/Pranayam.

    As for Ragi - not sure if that is accurate -https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4033754/

    Sugar VS Dates - Dates whole food with fiber and micro nutrients, Sugar is devoid of any, INCRETIN enzyme understands this.

  • All this theory gets busted when we eat what you call as great and then test 1 hr and 2 hr blood sugar readings on meter. Have more than 1000 diabetics that I know of personally who stand by what I say. There are more than 200,000 diabetics on diabetes.co.uk who also share the same experience.

    You are just stating ADA's theory modified by a VEGAN. Sorry, many Vegans have failed within less than 2 years and have switched to LCHF diet. Biswaroop is talking VEGAN which fails within 72 weeks:


    Success is there initially but even in shorter term of 2 years it fails. Compare this to LCHF where even after 6 years people are landing great numbers with minimal or no use of medications.

    Our targets are:

    1 Hr PPBS 140max

    2 Hr PPBS 120 max

    A1C 5.6 max

  • Incretin enzyme release sugar from whole food and processed food differently, as long diabetes are chewing the food in a pulp before swallowing giving amalyse enzyme in the mouth,they are good . Carbs are of 3 types sugar, cellulose and starch. Carbs provide us energy and essential, its not carb but its source which is key, guaranteed

  • Sugar has 4 types, sucrose ex: table sugar, fructose ex:fruits , lactose milk(not properly digestible most adults and Asians especially), glucose ex: starches and cellulose 1 and 3 are to be avoided 2 and 4 sources good

  • Will sum it up, all Whole foods chewed into pulp, avoid all processed food,milk and type1 wheat/gluten, dont lay down supine upto 2hrs after meals please

  • A glucometer does not follow any pharma company's directive but it reflects the approximate concentration of glucose in your blood at that moment .In this forum most of us are fighting a battle with diabetes for months ,years even decades ,so we know the difference between processed/unprocessed ,refined/whole carbohydrates and their effect on the BS levels and our health in general .My view is instead of arguing for arguing's sake you can experiment for a week with a diet of fresh fruits/fruit juice, unrefined carbs,whole grains, sweet potatoes,millets (unrefined) etc. and of course chewing it properly to a paste and taking the medicines that you normally take and keep a record of PF& PP values ,then next week follow the LCHF diet no fruits/juices,limited carbohydrates (not more than 100 gms/day ) moderate proteins, plenty of green veggies,all other veggies that grow above ground ,salads,nuts,butter,cheese, ghee,VCO eggs etc.in short don't go hungry and take your meds on time and keep a record on PF/PP bs levels, the result will be self explanatory .

  • Bingo on Blood sugar meter reading.

    Let people follow for 4 weeks the suggested diet -- with loads of whole graisn etc -- and 4 weeks of LCHF where carbs are restricted to 20% and good fat is 60%. The readings on meter, tapering of drugs dose will speak the truth on which one works better.

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