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my diet plan

10a.m. 3kinds of fruits(low gi) for breakfast

1p.m. one grain(50gms) +sambar+salad + cooked vwgitable yogurt raitha

5 p.m. almonds +roasted peanuts +walnuts with protein powder with milk

8 p.m. veg soup + veg curry

10.30 p.m. milk +2 spoons vco +haladi(turmeric)

is this o.k. for LCHF diet.is there any changes i need to make.members advise is highly appreciated.

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i don't understand why we should divide our fight with D into sections lchf and vegan. We are harming our motive by doing so. We all have to be open minded. Please. You are all senior experienced people.

Let him understand lchf vegan or any other diet philosophy. There is naturopathy also which recommend eating everything raw. Why should we restict our thinking ? Anybody and everybody can be right. And please this is not an advice. Just a suggestion.


It will take some time to make a complete switch ...there must be many people not aware of this segregation till then please forgive LCHF people for posting here :) ...and you dont have to worry ...moderators will help in switching

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I don't know who are they and why should there be any owner of this site. At the best there can be moderators. By dividing the opinions like this they are not doing any good. Our fight is with D and not with the people.


Your proteins are mostly in evg. You need to divide yr proteins across the day


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