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This is mydiet plan it may not either lchf or ADA or allopathic guideline It is my own diet plan I am tested each item by PPBS test after consumption it shows above quantity is gives me PPBS around 118-126 in my glucometer reading further the quantity may be approximate it was not measured just like researchers in insttution So quantity and PPBS No is slightly vary for different items

further if we consume in night as less quantity ( No compromise of vitamin and minerals ) thenfbs is also normal This is purely south indian vegetarian system

5 Am 300 ml of water

5-30 Am cofee 75 ml and walking

7-30 Am cofee 75 ml

8 30 Am breakfast Any one of the FOLLOWING

usali 40 gms / rice or ragi roti 1/2 + chutney and butter

dosa 2 chutney and butter

iddli 3 chutney and butter

poor i 4 chutney butter

karabath 40gms

9 Am - 10 Am yoga and excercise

1 Pm green tea 150 ml

2-30 Pm lunchA


cooked rice 30 gms and sambar 40 gms or 1 chapati veg palya 200 gms curd 100 gms and ghee 15 gms

5 Am snack (20 GMS OF MIXTURE /KODUBALE 1 /CHAKKULI 1 any one them ) and cofee 75ml walking

7 Pm pea nut 20gms and Green tea 100 ml


Veg palya 50 gms Cucumber 100 gms and 10 gms of barley powder boil with water and add 50 ml of milk total quantity 150ml

It may be approximate calorie carbohydrate 118 gms protein 68 gms fat 71 gms

frther the Blood test result as on 7/7/2015 will posted in my another discussion .

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As I have always said,diet is very individual and personal. Eat what you like and what suits you. Please don't get carried away by fancy diets.


This is the way to go.Each individual is unique and therefore find his own unique solution.It is the solution worked out by you,so you like it,you have confidence in it and it suits you.But keep looking out for any new information that may suit you.

I like your veg diet, since I am a south indian Veg. Best wishes, keep your Blood suger under control.


Thanks for comment Every person decideto thistypeof diet But the quantity may be raised according to their willness but for Dm it is better to consume carb from less quantity


My diet diet

carb 118 gms 474 calorie

protein 68gms 272 calroie

fat 71 gms 639 calorie

total calorie is 1385 calorie

Now the members may seen that the body of the person depend upon not any guidelines of the authority it has its own behaviour

the body gives the signal to the person for hungry any damages appears from external sources the body always fight to its rescue by giving suitable guidance time to time .

but we ignore and unnecessary eating and doing bad habits and eatinge xcess of food and avoid lifestyle living

Any suggestions regarding this may welcome .

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