Desperately seeking a diet chart for my husband

Hi friends

Happy Bengali new year to all. My husband 54, a teacher, while going for a routine blood sugar test was scared to find that fasting sugar level was 126 and two hours after meal it was 171. Further investigations revealed that there was fatty infiltration in liver and it was enlarged in size too. The Triglyceride level was 337 and blood uric acid 6.8. His blood pressure was 145/90.

Now the problem is this that the doc has told him to restrict diet, prescribed Metformin 500SR BD, Rosuvastatin and Febustat OD. What should be his diet for proper nutrition as everything is restricted. He is reluctant to take anything too out of sheer apprehension. But if this continues I think, he will become severely weak.

We are from Bengal. Suggest a prolific diet chart that he can take regularly.




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  • Drastically reduce refined carbohydrate, increase natural fats DO NOT FEAR saturated fats or cholesterol.:

    Watch this video, subscribe to his blog and watch his video series:

    Info on statins:

  • Absolutely agree with everything Mike has said. Do not fall prey to the usual High Carbohydrate Low Fat advice. Put your husband on LCHF (low carb high fat) diet and see the results.

    As Mike said, DO NOT fear the FAT :)

  • Contradictory advice. Mike says do not fear saturated fat , Pragya says do not fear carb. No one gave you diet chart which you asked for .

  • That was a typing error and I have corrected it. Hope you correct yours now. No one can form a fixed diet chart for anyone. There is plenty of LCHF recipes out there on the internet. A person has to understand the basics of a diet and forming a diet chart is a cakewalk.

  • Pataliputhra  please share  the required diet plan to Madhu 65

  • I do not conform to the idea of high fat. As such there is no diet plan . Each individual must find its own diet plan with certain restrictions. There is no controversy over diet which envisages reduced carbohtdrates and refined flour plenty of vegetables and sprouts. Of course no sugar and its products and its substitute. Non veg may be added as per desire. So let the incumbent devise his own diet plan. If he needs any help and guidance , we are all here to help him out.

  •   The diet is not universal  to every person     and depending on  gender  body resistance power and age factors  and mainly   coming from   generation of our food.  so even ADA/WHO /FDA  may not  given diabetic  for special diet plan

      there are veg and non veg  varieties of persons so all the person must work out    their diet plan    at least 15 days continuous with glucometer testing  before  breakfast and after breakfast.  If any  of the item  seems to be high blood sugar spikes  skip it or  try with small quantity .

      if followed this for 15 days  You have the idea which food may not increased  blood sugar level or Not?

      this forum    has most of members followed LCHF and LW /LWMDR and ADA/WHO guideline  followed  for their diet.

      So   the members may try theirbest diet plan  but aim is toeep the blood sugar level in the normal way.

  • Madhu 65 please search my profile posting as My  fiet plan7-7-2015and alsoShashikanth iyengar posting  which may help and  Pataliputra also given diet  plan    shortly

  • Hi agrhar i tried to find out your diet plan of 7.7.15 but in vain. Would you be kind enough to cater it for me once again?

  • You can visit the forum

    There are hundreds of recipes there that you can find inspiration from. All suited for an Indian diet plan.

  •   Madhu 65 the following is the link




    Shashikanthiyengar diet plan


  • The following is something I found on Dr.Fungs site, whom I am following and have reduced my BS from FBS 350 and PBBS 450 to today 90 and 110 without medicines and without going to any doctor. As Dr.Fung has said in the video that Mike posted, follow also intermittent fasting and you will not need medicines anymore. Read some of the blogs too.

    Foods to Avoid Most of the Time (almost 0% of your daily dietary intake)

    1.  Processed, Refined and Genetically Modified Carbohydrates

    Products containing wheat or wheat flour, including: bread, bagels, breakfast cereals, pasta, crackers, and beer

    Sugar and artificial sweeteners

    Sugar or sweetened beverages, including: soda, diet sodas, and fruit juices

    White rice 

    Corn and soy containing products 

    Cheese (processed cheese only)

    Lunch meats


    Processed oils, including: vegetable and corn oils 

    Foods to Eat Less Often (<10% of your daily dietary intake)

    1.  Root Vegetables




    2.  Unprocessed Grains






    Black rice  

    3.  Bananas and Grapes 

    Foods to Eat More Of (>90% of your dietary intake)

    1.  Vegetables (grown above the ground) – high in fibre!

    2.  Legumes and Lentils – high in fibre!

    3.  Fruits – high in fibre when eaten with the skin!





    Avacados – high in natural fat! 

    3.  Nuts, Nut Butters and Seeds – high in natural fat!

    Almonds, walnuts, pine nuts, and Brazil nuts are among the healthiest

    Peanuts are actually legumes and not nuts, but they are a great source of natural fat and protein

    Nut butters should be organic

    4.  Meat, poultry and Fish – high in natural fat!

    5.  Eggs – high in natural fat!

    6.  Butter – high in natural fat!

    7.  Unprocessed oils, including: coconut oil, olive oil and avocado oil – high in natural fat!

    You can also use ghee for cooking

    Fruits actually also to be avoided till BS becomes normal and then only one fruit a day with the fibre - no juices.

  • @Simplebhandia

    I'm really awed by your achievement esp bringing down fbs. Would please elaborate how you achieved fbs control. My fbs is 140-195 despite my sincere efforts. Your guidance will help me a lot.


  • Hi Suramo,

    send me ur email address - r u from India ?

  • @Simplebhandia

    yes. I'm from india. Ahmedabad.

    M# 9824050100

    email id

  • simplebhandia said :

    Foods to Avoid Most of the Time (almost 0% of your daily dietary intake)

    1.  Processed, Refined and Genetically Modified Carbohydrates

    Products containing wheat or wheat flour, including: bread, bagels, breakfast cereals, pasta, crackers, and beer

    Sugar and artificial sweeteners

    Sugar or sweetened beverages, including: soda, diet sodas, and fruit juices

    White rice

    Corn and soy containing products

    Cheese (processed cheese only)

    Hmm the cheese which we get in India(Amul cheese) that processed one???

    If so..which cheese is recommended???

  •  @ simplebhandia

    May I  request you to share your experience about how you lowered your FBS..... my FBS is now hovering around  100 to 126

    Is it possible to get it below 100??

    Currently I am on LCHF+ Long wheat... carbs below 100 as my weight is 95 now.

    Whatever carbs I am consuming....mostly are Long wheat.

    I am from Pune-India

  • @ cure

    I am not following long wheat diet. But I do know that it takes much longer to reduce fbs than pbbs because of liver dumping sugar. You will have to wait it out till your liver gets empty again and for that the best what I believe is intermittent fasting. I started with 16 hrs fast and then progressed to 24 and then 36 hrs fasts. Then my sugar went below 100 fbs but still it fluctuates sometimes when I'm negligent like on Sunday's 

  • Thank you.....Guess dinner before sunset will help....

    Let me try it out.

    Thank you once again

  • dear Madhu,

    Please go through my successful experiments on curing diabetes and high cholesterol. don't take statin drugs, they are harmful for heart as well as whole body. use lifestyle changes  as elaborated in my article

  • amitkul 

    With due respect, I don't see any measures to "cure" diabetes in your write up. Am I missing something?

  • Sorry for replying late dear jingale. the measures are simple. reduce carb, reduce total calories, use good fat such as Omega 3 and MUFA. avoid, trans fats and saturated fat, reduce PUFA. Be physically active to consume as much calories you eat. Do yoga. take lot of vegetables to fill up your stomach. Reduce or avoid grains. Do not depend on packaged processed food. This was all which I followed to reverse diabetes.

  • Dear amitkul

    Thanks for responding, and congrats on reversing your diabetes. Cure and reversal mean different things, and one should avoid using them interchangeably.

  • Like in Jaundice when you give your Liver rest by consuming low fat food, so in Diabetes, you need to heal your Pancreas by eating a diet like Long Wheat Mash Diet Regimen (LWMDR). I reduced my blood sugar this way and so did many others. Just diet won't help. You need to heal the Pancreas too. Please follow

    who pioneered the LWMDR, an old ayurvedic regimen and you can read my old posts too for more information. 

    You can begin here. Read this thoroughly before starting on the LWMDR:

  • For Jaundice ...sugar cane juice is best remedy.....

    I don't know if sugar cane juice gives rest to liver... is true a jaundice patient is allergic to fats...even with smell of frying makes a jaundice patient nauseating.....

    Is there any data available what happens to a diabetic if he suffers with Jaundice??

    Do ppl who suffered with Jaundice also attracts diabetes?? or otherwise???

  • Both    are     related   to`   liver      and   high   fat  food   is   not    recommended    for   both

  • While lots of diet methods are available ensure that you restrict carbohydrates and sugars including 

    Lower done carbs like root veg, rice wheat and grains. Stop all sugars and switch to stevia drops Available online 

    Avoid all bakery items as they are made of maida, vegetable fats or dalda and sugars 

    Prepare your fish in raw mustard oil

    Increase intake of good fats like ghee butter, cheese and if possible get virgin coconut oil available online 

    I I follow a diet called LCHF and have an HBA1C of 5.2 a month back. Down from 7.2 six months back at diagnosis. 

    My lipids are under control and all inflammatory markers below the safe limits 

    Buy a glucometer at home and keep testing after meals to see what spikes. 

    Safe limits are below 140 post meals. 

    As only metformin is taken so no risk of hypoglycemia 

    Suggest u get accucheck performa nano availonline from

    It's cost per test is only 8-9 Rs and meter is around Rs 1200 

    Highly accurate. 

    Keep posting the progress

    All the best. 

  • Thanks Shashikantji for your post. I will do accordingly.

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