My Experience with Exercise and diet control

In 2004 I was diagnosed a diabetic. I was 54 yr old then. It was just a chance that I went to the doctor and he asked me to get my sugar level checked. It was 600. He told me that I should have been in coma with that reading, Next day I checked my fasting Sugar, It was 440. It is then that i felt the first serious health alarm. My father died of diabetes with failed kidneys.

Doctor advised me to keep control on my diet and go for a walk every day for 5-6 Kms. I also took metmorfin for about three months and when my sugar level came to 140, stopped the medicines.

Now I am on regular walks, recently joined a gym to exercise for one hr every day. I dont take sugar in my tea. Once in a while take a desert and some sweets (quantity restricted). Have cut down on my chapatti intake to one in lunch and one in dinner. I love curd, so eat lot of it. Once in a while (three to four times in a month) I take a drink or beer. Eat lot of green vegs and salads (nothing specific). For the last seven years am keeping a stable glucose reading of FF 125 and PP <140. I take measurement once in a week at home and once in six months in a polyclinic.

Am keeping fit, more energetic, feel young in all activity and can do more work than even a younger guy. I refuse to retire and work 8-10 hrs every day except Sunday. I dont know if i AM ON THE RIGHT TRACK WITHOUT MEDICINES BUT SURELY i FEEL BETTER IN LIFE.

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  • Congrats!You are on the right track but keep monitoring.

  • See the benefit of cutting CARBS :)

    See the benefit of using CURD ... use full fat milk curd > 1 day old and feel less hunger pangs :)

    Add 100gms nuts/day (except cashew nut) for snacking and you can see the benefit more :)

    Who says Diabetes needs DRUGS to control sugar? more than 60% type 2 don't need any drugs but they are forced to take it because they are forced to eat 60% CARBS.


  • Sharing such experiences are good so that other diabetics may find that life style plays an important role in diabetes management.keep it up ,if u want to read more on it visit

  • Very inspiring..... your fitness level is amazing......have you been in armed forces or police.... or have exercised a lot in young years......keep sharing such experiences.....

  • Yes, you guessed it right. I was in the army for 23 years and left prematurely in 1992. I did my Law in 2004 and feel the stress of studies brought diabetes in my life. When I was diagnosed with the disease that killed my father, I was very devastated and decided to fight with it. In fact against doctor's advice of walking for 4-6 Kms, I started running to burn calories faster. That harmed my knees and I developed arthritis. I also tried Yoga after that since I could not even walk straight after one knee became very painful. Again I resisted going for operation for knee replacement which all doctors in the civil asked me to go for. I consulted a senior doctor in army hospital who advised me against it saying that if I made my leg muscles strong, I could walk straight again. This is what gave me a new life because within a month, I stopped limping and continued my walks.

    Another thing I did not write earlier is that positive mindset is very important to overcome any disease, be it arthritis or diabetes. I learnt to reduce my stress level and kept doing my walks and exercise. It reduced my weight also and that is another factor responsible for my control on diabetes. I hope I can avoid medicines for many more years and live healthy..

  • G8! G8! Salam to u, inspiring

  • Between Running and Walking (the same distance) difference is only 20% on calorie. Better way is HIIT -- High Intensity Interval Training -- as that puts less load on joints and has a better impact on calorie after burning

    60% + Type 2 diabetics can live without medicines if they don't follow the LETHAL Advise of ADA to eat 60% CARBOHYDRATES. Just aim for A1C of < 5.5 and you will delay the use of PILLS.


  • bravo!KEEP it up.

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