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Fasting Sugar under control; problem with PP level, please help

I was taking Triglucored forte (metformin 500 mg, glibenclamide 5 mg and pioglitazone 15 mg) 1 tablet morning and 1/2 tablet at night. My fasting sugar was between 105 to 115 but the problem was with my PP sugar levels which were around 225. I consulted physician and she put me on Glimisave 2 forte (Glimepiride 2 mg Metformin 1000 mg) at breakfast and Glimisave 1 (Glimepiride 1 mg Metformin 500 mg) at night. Now my fasting level is also raised to about 135 and my PP has instead risen to 270. On the other hand my intake of Metformin has doubled. Please help with your advise.

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What do you eat throughout the day ?

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Bed Tea: without sugar, with 2 cookies (salted or very low sugar).

Breakfast: 1 stuffed course grain chapati with curd and about 8-10 blanched almonds.

Lunch: 1 chapati (made with half wheat flour and half gram flour) with daal, green vegetable and a dry vegetable.

Evening Tea: without sugar, with 2 cookies prefer oat meal or from local bakery.

Dinner: 1 chapati (made with half wheat flour and half gram flour) with daal, green vegetable and a dry vegetable.

Apart from this I do east some non-sweet fruit like guava, jamun, pear etc.


Hi Rajan, you must down all baked goods and cookies. Also do not eat any fruit until you have a good control over your sugar. Even after having good control over sugar , only eat berries in limit like strawberry, blueberry, blackberry. Have a morning glass of Karela, Ginger, spinach juice. Also start having apple cider vinegar (ACV) - 2 tsp in 8 oz of water in the morning and 1/2 hour before every meal. Must swish your mouth clean after ACV, to avoid any enamel damage. Reduce Carb to 75g per day and increase your Fat intake to 120-140g per day. Overall, have 75% food from Fat, 15% from Protein and 10% from Carb. Measure your sugar FBS in the morning and every 2 hours after the meal to see what food suits you. Good Luck!

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You could have omitted last few lines. Sarcasm doesn't help





Thank you for the advise and I appreciate your scientific approach. As per my occupational routine it is not practical for me to have multiple meals. I shall be consulting my diabetologist at weekend and shall discuss about including a short acting meglitinide to the prescription. Any other suggestions will help please. regards.



Understand your disease. Doctors would scribble a few medicines. Nutritionists are also trained empirically.

The basic defect is with carbohydrate metabolism. Restrict carb intake and take low gi carbs. You have to learn to count carbs prots and fats in the diet. Also GI and GL of foods. Good or bad fats and good or bad carbs. No to sugar. Take fruits with caution and calculate what you are eating in terms of sugar and gi.

You have to learn yourself. IF and prolonged fasting suitable to you are good.

In the end only a few words. Diet management is better than medicines. Medicines tend to fail in the end leading to higher and costly medicines. May be insulin

Best luck.


Forget meeting diabetologist ,they will put you on more medicine ,instead start LCHF diet you'll get rid off all medicines ,I am on lchf since last 23 days and quitted lantus 26 unit/per day , jalra statins ,beta blockers ,aspirin etc etc my fbs comes to 90-100 and ppbs 115 maximum.visit diet doctor web you will learn more



"Wish India also had strong class action law suit provision. "

This is true not only for pharma companies but also for other administrators.

Our civil services if sued the governments/country will go bankrupt.

Goods sold, any service rendered, advocates showing gross negligence in handling cases and the docs/ hospitals not providing competent services. List is inexhaustible. Sometimes i feel i had better become advocate i would be filing daily one case.

Yes. Alas our courts could be more efficient.

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Hi, I will not prefer any medicine and it is just an experience. To bring FBS in control have dinner min 2 hour before you go to bed and needs to have sound sleep min 6-7hours. Excersize daily min 30-45min in the morning. Restrict corbs 25gms per meal. To avoid spike in PPBS.


I want to know how to control on eating of type 1 diabetes petition



Whatever starch the Type 1 patient takes, make it Long Wheat based, monitor & report Blood Sugar results.


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