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I have been suffering from type 2 diabetes mellitus since 2011. Had been on different diabetic meds including metformin, vildagliptin, glimepiride, sitagliptin, and insulin for some time. Recently, in the last week, my post-prandial sugars ran into 500 range and fasting over 250s. I am also having elevated LFTs, high triglycerides, VLDL, and low HDL. My present treatment regimen consists of Azulix 1 MF (glimepiride 5/metformin 500) morning and night, Istamet (sitagliptin 50/metformin 500) in afternoon, Telmikind (telmisartan 20 mg) night, Lipicard (fenofibrate) 200 in night, and Thyronorm (thyroxine sodium) 50 in the morning. I am on low-fat, low-carb, high-fiber, 1400-cal diet. I am presently followed at Karnataka Institute of Diabetology.


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  • I suspect your high fibre foods are higher in carbohydrate than you are aware of.

    Also, a high protein intake can provide high blood glucose levels, protein being turned to glucose through gluconeogenesis and harmful side products including ammonia and uric acid.

    Keep your grains, cereals, fruit, legumes, root vegetables and tubers to under a cup at each meal.

    Eat a sensible amount of greens.

    Have a palm-size or less of protein foods such as meat, fish, seafood, eggs, poultry or game at most meals.

    Make up the rest of your dietary requirement from natural fats such as animal fats, crackling, lard, goose fat, duck fat, nuts, avocado, coconut, soft cheese, ghee, butter and double cream.

  • dude ! exercise, exercise and exercise are the three things to cure diabetes. Meditation and high protein and low carb diet.

  • Good luck with that 'cos exercise needs to be intense to burn carbohydrate, and intense exercise has to be brief. Athletes including Steve Redgrave and Tim Noakes still got diabetes. Don't get me wrong, exercise is vital to health and improves insulin sensitivity, but as a cardiologist said recently you can't outrun a bad diet.

    High protein diets are hazardous to health as implied above; excess protein is turned to glucose through gluconeogenesis with harmful side-products of ammonia and uric acid. Ergo, a controlled carb diet has to be higher in fat by necessity. Check your premises.

  • hi kooldudz,

    follow LWMDR IN TWO SESSION ,bf & dinner.lunch as usual ,completely avoid sugar,sweets, fruits.

    walk atleast one hour/day. take medicine regularly.

  • My triglycerides was 398 but now 160.

    I am taking only one medicine Razel F-10

  • I totally agree with the suggestions given by Concerned.Please follow.Take germinated moong two times.In vegetables like palak,cabbage,cauliflower, bringel, green plankton(resistant starch),lady finger,Jukini etc.Reduce carb in any form (grains).Take full fat curd after lunch.Take 100 grams of nuts(peanut, wal nut,almond along with flax seed).Wish you recovery soon .Thanks.

  • Your diet is the culprit. I am not sure where from energy comes on low carb low fat unless of course 44% carbs is counted as low carbs.

  • In this context I would like to share my experience with all diabetic persons. I m 61+ and diabetic since >20 years. Due to minor kidney infection (increase in creatinine Level) my daughter got me admitted in Patanjali Yog Gram located near Roorkee. After spending 3 days my Blood Sugar Level was 61 (without any medicine). I met with naturopath doctor who advised me to not to take any allopathic medicine and take Ayurvedic Madhunashini (2 Tabs) with Chandraprabha Vati (1 Tab) morning & evening and my blood sugar is normal. These Ayurvedic medicines are having NIL side effect. After 15 days stay in Yog Gram (due to controlled diet and body massage and other regular treatment of Yog Gram) my all blood serum parameters like cholesterol, Urea, Sodium , Potassium , Triglyceride etc etc along with FBS & BS are within range and normal (except creatinine level which is slightly higher) . I m finding good energy level also. This Yog Gram has changed my eating habits and guided me for daily routine minor exercises with Yoga. There charges are also very very low ( around Rs1000/- for 2 persons which includes Room rent, food and treatment etc per day) in comparison to other Naturopath Treatment Centers .

  • Many many thanks for providing valuable information.In fact i m a retired civil engineer and not having depth knowledge as stated above. But I would like to mention here that as per my Kidney Function Test all blood serum parameters are normal and within range except Crete nine which is 1.42 ( As per my knowledge it should be below 1.17). Kindly advise me that whether at this level also FBS or BS will be affected?

    But one thing I m sure that due to change and control of diet and minor exercises one can control FBS and BS.

  • Good comments and very useful.

    My recommendations will be to consider the comments of MAKARIM, VIKRAMMUMAR and MPSHRI for results.

    These should definitely work towards very good results.............of course with determination NOT TO TOUCH sugar in any form / and also ensure that you have some good exercise (at least a minimum of 1 hour brisk walking).

    I am a 63 year old diabetic for 32 years and trying to follow as much as possible recommended in above comments of the 3 mentioned above. Not completely though.

    Good luck to all,

  • Dear Cooldudez

    Your Fasting 250 & PPS 500 are of concern. You do not look old. As it is, you are under good care.

    I have feeling that stress is also a cause as such values are in spite of your efforts. Sincere 20 minutes of Meditation may help you.

    Have you heard of Vipassana. It is 10 days course with no charges at many centres in India. Headquarter is at Igatpuri.

    Visit their site and when you can spare 10 days to yourself. No talking, reading, writing or communicating i.e. ARYA MOUN. A schedule from 0400 hrs. to 2000 hrs. takes oneself in different environment. In brief it will be you and your own life etc.

    During course all medicines have to continue. Of course medical help is available, if center chosen by you is reasonably big.

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