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I read many times in Forum,asking about menu for LCHF.(including me)

Every time madfree adviced to search net .

I have one request to madfree or those who are successfully doing LCHF.

It will takes little time but good for new comers.

Please give details menu for Veg & non veg for LCHF.starting from breakfast to dinner with time.

Give possible options in each. I mean to say give three to four varieties in breakfast to dinner. It will really be good if you can write carbohydrates & other contents in each dish.

The reasons for requesting for Menu of LCHF.

(1) lots of people asking for such menu.

(2) I have one friend.Discussing about D2.He is taking insulin.Told me that A1c is not coming down.i told him to switch on LCHF.He does not know about this.Told him to search on net.He does not much comfortable with net & computer.He request me to give morning to evening menu

If I have such menu in hand then I can easily give him.

(3) D2 is becoming big issue in villages.They have no knowledge about computer.

In this case we can spread LCHF by giving menu.

I hope madfree can understand what I & many others want to say.



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Kindly appreciate that "Size 9 Shoe does not Fit All". You may appreciate that you have to customize the concept to your need. Many recommend LCHF but I practice HPHF!LC? diet to fit me. I have not seen any doctor so far, I am happy and bio-chemical profile is also fine.


many thanks for your post; would appreciate if you outline all /ingredients/constitutents/your meals in-take break-up in HPHF!!LC? all 3 meals, thanks a million in advance, outside public domain, you may feel free to write to me at: lalit.jhaveri@gmail.com God bless us all with good health,


may I ask your mailer id?


He had replied to me here.



He is maintaining gap of 70-80 between FBS and PPBS. :)


Hi Chetan,

Just read your request and then thought for a moment as to the quantum of work involved in fulfilling your request. You want to know the following:

menu for LCHF for veg

Menu for LCHF for non veg

The carb,fat and protein content of each diet

You want three types of menu for veg and non veg.

Are you aware of the time involved in formulating such menus as per your request? People on the forums are here to help but kindly think for a moment ARE you being reasonable with that request?

Your best bet would be to approach a professional dietician who will be happy to help you with your request for a fee.

Or search the forum read as much as possible and you will find your answers. start with going on the web and search for Glycemic index and Glycemic load of all food items .I would have added a link here for you but I feel you will be more happy to accept the challenge for the sake of your friend and search yourself.

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Hi in lighter vein By Ignorance or innocence Medfree has become Madfree Could be like Lord becoming Lard.


hi hidden have u launced the website which u wanted at 21 st sept.if yes give me address


Thx for everybody for guideline.


Fishing cannot be done without soaking your hand !!!


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