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Question for Diabtic Medicine

I Have Been suffering from diabetics since 25 years. Started medicine half tablet twice a day and increased up to 1+1 tablet Glicazide daily with metformin 500 after lunch and walking 50 minutes daily evening.

Sugar level could not be controlled & doctor suggested for Insuline Mixtard 30/100,15 unit daily and Metformin 1000 ater lunch. During Last three years Insuline dose increased to 25 units twice with metformin 1000 after launch as before.

Now I can not walk more than half an hour daily and sugar level went high 11.0 Before BF and 15 After BF.

Should I take Glavus Met 50/100 associted with Insuline or not.

What medication otherwise I can follow.

Creatinine level is arround 1.1.



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Dear halim,

If I write exams of my child and he gets good marks,it doesn't mean that he improved..... I should provide proper environment for him to excel...

Same is the case with diabetes... Pancreas functionality worsens more and more if you are too much dependent on medication....

Please send your cbp and hba1c report to santukumar2005@gmail.com or whats app to 9573240824....

We can help you on this....



Then what is solution?


Consult a good reputed diabetologist.It appears your diet and medicines need to be corrected.Galvus-Met 50/850 may prove to be useful under the circumstances together with Insulin if you are a type I diabetic patient.


My experience is Sugar level has been varying and never stabilised for more than 30 years. I find dramatic change after changing over to Ayurveda since last ten months. Hence I feel Ayurveda is definitely good.

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Diabetic medicines do not cure your disease. They only suppress symptoms temporarily and make you to consume more and more of them so that the industry that makes them makes continues revenue and profit. Not only that, once you start taking diabetic medicines your cholesterol goes up, BP goes up and you will start consuming those medicines also thus generating more revenue and more profit to the industry that makes them.

Please look alternate medicines.

I am a diabetic since 1998. I recently came across " Gerson Therapy", natural way of curing many chronic diseases. Since June of this year, I stopped taking medicines and started having one 300 ml juice in the mornings and one coffee enema in the evenings. With that much and no medicines my Hba1c moved down from 10 to 8.1 and I am confident that it will reach its normal range in another six months.

To know more about Gerson Therapy, search in Google for the same.


Carbohydrates should be reduced.

To have tight control on sugar no other way but to reduce carbs.

The proportion of meal should be

60:20:20(fat:protein:carbohydrates).The LCHF works.




U HAVE to walk --------- as fast as possible

human being are in habit in talk and walk

this doesnot work

drink water/ any other liquid ( expect some for medicine ) ---- before meal and not after the meal not with meal-------- only after two hours after breakfast,meal,dinner etc.

morning first drink 700 ml water and after 45 minutes any drink or solid.

try for 30 days

medicine as pre by doctor ------- must be MD


there is a website where you get free online advice from doctor. online advice is free.

do give a try . it is genuine . I am also taking advice from there. name of website is thelifestylediseases.com

i think you first need to control your diabetes with the help of doctor and you should do regular exercise. atleast walk for 30 minutes daily. lifestylechanges do positively affect such diseases.


I have mentioned the name of website it is ww.thelifestylediseases.com

ofcourse admin of healthunlocked website asked me not to tell others about this website but I have my point which is if I know something good then I will tell it to others . because we are here to help each other.moreover this website is not a social chatting website , here you can just get free online advice from doctor.


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