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Natto: Food For Your Heart

Natto: Food For Your Heart

Heard of natto? - it's traditional Japanese fermented soy beans which I would often stir into my cracked sambha wheat congee* (porridge, gruel). Small beans but big impact on heart health! This because of the nattokinase it contains - a powerful anti-clotting enzyme that can dissolve blood clots and prevent heart attacks and strokes  (* congee is probably derived from the Tamil word 'kanji', and probably not that different from ShooterGeorge's 'mash' if the liquid is reduced/removed)

Given that diabetics tend to have cardiovascular issues, natto could be added to the diet of diabetics. Natto in sold in most supermarkets.  It is usually packed in polystyrene tubs in 2's or 3's (a week's supply) and the whole package sells for around 9-10 ringgit (153-171 rupees). According to Dr H. Sumi (discoverer of nattokinase), nattokinase showed a potency "matched by no other enzyme." Hmmm... that remark is surely food (and medicine) for thought!

Caution: only eat organic, non-GMO natto.  Read the label carefully, checking for undesirable additives.

More info here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natt%...

See pictures of natto and how it's packaged for retail here:


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