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Are home remedies and herbal preparations effective for controlling blood sugar?!


There are very many home remedies and herbal preparations and ayurvedic medicines in circulation now-a-days and people advocating them usually have strong claims for their effectiveness. However, no well studied opinion is available from professionals and doctors which may upheld these claims. I am inviting first hand opinions for these and such other treatments and medicines from experts, professionals and doctors for the benefits of diabetics.

-H S Parekh, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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Some home remedies, herbal preparations and ayurvedic medicines may be really effective in controlling blood sugar. Since there are no scientific opinion (as you have rightly said), the only way is try it on oneself without compromising on the current medicine intake and see if it works! For example, soaking Bhindi overnight is one such remedy. Many users have confirmed positive results with this but it does not somehow seem to work for all (that includes me!). Similarly, many users have brought down their BS levels using by fenugreek (methi) seeds, cinnamon powder, etc.. These are what we call "grandma" remedies. Trying them out does not cost much and these have very little or no side effects.

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"Trying them out does not cost much and these have very little or no side effects." That depends if you take into account that leaving your condition uncontrolled is detrimental to your health.

Put another way, you waste time and money trying home remedies, herbal preparations, and so forth, when any benefit they may offer, and what is absolutely necessary, involves control of carbohydrate intake.

sir No doubt we are in hurry to control sugar level in diabetesIn our hurry we take allopathic medicines and the Pancreas does not have time to regenerate recoupertae and the control is acheived but after sone time the medication administered becomes insufficient and dose enhancement melody starts and so on so forth ending up in INSULIN! Or ends up in erratic raise of blood sugar and irregular reading of Fasting as well as post prandial where is the end the end of life? amputation Gangrene?The intake of carbo hydrate is as essential as allopathic drugs meaning allopathic drugs are not sole capable of tackling sugar.!

There are surprising results with alternate medicines if you would compare the side effects of Allopathic drugs.The hither to active pancreas and the instructing assesing brain and hypothala mus was doing well suddenly something happens and the messages from brain are not carried depending on the sugar intake or the hither to body cells allowing functioning of INSULIN suddenly turns irresponsive to insulin and the diabetes is established.

we are some where half thru the treatments in allopathy and keep our fingers crossed over the anomalys of Physiological function of Brain. hypothalamus, Pancreas Insulin and the acceptability of thy inslin which hither to was alligned to carry on its functions suddenly turns against.


It is only appropriate that the allopathy must aim at improving the pancreas improve the ability of body cells to accept the drugs and should not show resistance

Who has the virtues and caliber to attempt on this lines?

A controlled sugar plan makes the organ to simply function at a low ebb and very low sugar is dangerous as brain needs it and very high sugar is dangerous to damage the kidneys.Where is the balance.

Personally I take the alternate medicine group as no side effects and there is a right path to improve brain signals hypothalamus activity and rejuvinating the defumnct pancreas and tutoring the body cells to accept the chain reaction thus try to repair and not to replace allowing no chance for the vital organs andactiviies to get back to their original style of activity.


What ever information and thoughts I have presented is absolutely my thinking and I need coorction or guidelines and suggestion on these lines Thank you Ratnasabapathi


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Dear Venkas1: Thanks for the reply. The Bhindi-water is tried by few that I have known and they seem to be happy about it. There is one similar one. A mixture of Wheat + Barley + Edible Gum + Kalongy (nigella Sativa), in equal proportion, is boiled and digested overnight. One cup-full of this water is taken early morning for about seven days. The intake may be progressively reduced since then. Some of my friends who have tried it do speak of this household remedy with good appreciative regard, though I am yet to try it out. - H S Parekh, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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No one has yet testified he/she got cured by this remedy. I will also try as i got the mtrl. Did u try? have anyone who got cured?

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God is great.Every human has got some power to heal their illness by nature.Not only human but also all animals.This is a god's gift.Now when you eat more salt you will feel thirsty and you will get compelled to drink water.By urinating this will go out and your extra salt also.In the early stage of Diabatics you will feel thirsty and you will drink so much water,and thus neutrelises the body glucose.If you don't have any Kidney problem why don't you continue this process all your life?Drink one and a half litter(1.5 Litter) water in the empty stomuch and take breakfast after one hour.Consume water more often.Try this without any extra cost.

There is also the Tree Jamoon (Syzygium cumini) option though it is not avlbl year round you get its powder along with a mixture of its bark etc from Amar Hospital , RT Street, BVK Iyengar road,Bangalore.


Any one tried insulin leaves?

hsparekh in reply to Hidden

Dear Anilbhai: What is this "Insulin Leaves" ?! and how are they supposed to help- h s parekh

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The Botanical name is Costus Igneus. In South these leaves are very popular. They were used earlier in Sidha Medicines but now eaten fresh and also dried power as the word spreads. I understand that Allopathic doctors are also prescribing in South. Recommended dosage is 2 leaves if yr glucose is >200, 1 leaf if it is <200 twice a day. The guys claim that in 1 month you will get normal level. I have been using them for about 3 weeks. My glucose level has come down from 450 to about 300 in 3 weeks with my other allopathic medicines. I did not have any adverse reaction but not cured. May be my problem is 15 yrs old, hence. I will post the results if i get cured fully.

Dear Mr Parekh! Though I don't have specific medical background I do feel with no comments on other kinds of medical systems that herbal or Ayurvedic system of medicine may be effective and in fact should be more beneficial for the following reasons.

1)Diabetes is a long treatment. Any medicine taken for long may have unforeseen side effects. This herbal system of medicine may be having less quantum of side effects for the simple reason most of the ingredients of these medicines consist of natural ones.2)Whatever the range of effectiveness of any kind of medicine the actual level of health would be that of our own as that of the happiness within ourselves. In other words medicines would give support only and actual quality of health should be achieved by us.3)Make hard work part of your routine life keeping away unwanted comforts.4) regular exercise like brisk walking little yoga plus meditation.5) Always develop sense of well being at the depth of your mind and this can not be achieved by enjoying things ourselves but by sharing our happiness with others particularly with less fortunate lot. THE ESSENCE OF HAPPINES HAD BEEN GIVEN BY SRI JAGADEESH CHANDRA BOSE THE INTERNATIONALLY RENOWNED INDIAN SCIENTIST-"YOU CANNOT BE HAPPY AND IN FACT YOU CAN NEVER HAPPY UNLESS YOU MAKE OTHERS HAPPY"

Mr.Nitins is aboslutely right. No Ayurvedic or other alternate medicines will work for Diabetics. Control your food habits and exercise regularly and be healthy. Trying all other things is a real waste of time and energy. As well money.

Take your doctor prescribed allopathy medicines regularly and do the exercises. Walking, Yoga and meditation will keep check of your sugar levels.

There are lots of people who say lot of things, but nothing will work out and please don't get carried away by these so called alternate medicines.

This is my honest finding.

Go to the doctor for routine check up.

HAi,Your allopathic medicine technic is fine If that this system helps then you need not do yoga you need not walk you need not meditate, why you can take adlibitum carbo hydrates Inspite of medication the levels of blood sugar Fastin and pp is never the same inspite of caluclated allopathic medicines why beacuse you take y rich carbo hydrate diet!?How come the blood vessels narrow to make the legs black inspite of medication'Why the legs get benumbed and you go to B complex vits, why there is retiopathy,Why there is ulcer gangrene, kidney danmage etc Are you driven to accept that this allopathic line of treatments are inadequate and do partial cure /control Please answer me to enlighten me Thanks.Ratna9443176633


You may be right as I had spoken on the lines which I am experienced. What is adlibitum carbo hydrates. Pl tell me more about this.

The ad libidum means as much adlibidum carbohydrate is consuming carohydrates to the maximum with out restraint.Ratna 9443176633

Thanks a lot.

I had been diagnosed with diabetes two and a half years ago. I had medication for a few months. After that I have switched over to simple yoga (discipline) and strict diet (discipline). Today I do not take any medicine and I take a spoonful of sugar for coffee in the morning and twice at 10.00 A.M and 4.00 P.M tea with sugar. If you are disciplined surely you would control your diabetes. Body weight and make sure the extra and unwanted fat dissolves from the body and you would surely regain your health.

I am a Catholic Priest with a PhD in Psychology. Enjoys a strong dependent belief in God, a strong belief in oneself that I must work towards my health and rarely don not give uncalled for advice and reluctantly may give some suggestions for anyone to decide.

Keep a time frame for burning up your unwanted fat and you would see the difference. God bless you.

I am diabetic since eight years and i used to take powder of bitterguard seeds (karela seeds),jamun seeds,amla in equal proportion with methiseeds powder,dalchini and neem powder. Alongwith yoga for about one hour in morning it keeps me away from allopethic medicines. This is for your information please

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Gee, Thanks, Rajeshbhai - hsparekh

With diabetes there are many things to watch for, think about the eyes, think about the feet. What happens? Do not rely on home made remedies, not good. Yoga yes. Ensure you work only on the asanas that are safe for you. No inverts, caution with twists. Meditation good. Remember the first limb of Ashtanga, the Yamas, Ahimsa, non harming.

For the many who are not sure of Ashtanga, it is Patanjali's Eight Limbs.

Avoid meditation if you suffer from epilepsy, if you suffer from depression. In that case you can try Bahiranga yoga, that is the first five limbs.


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Dear Vivante: Thanks. - hsparekh

You are very welcome. Take great care of yourself.

Yes available in Amar hospital itself 080-22268269,,Dr.Goswami,,address as mentioned earlier

excepting sunday. avlbl everyday from 8am-8pm..

Is there various types of edible gum?

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