Hi, All members ,Mr.Anup,all volunteers ,

some doubts please help . Fbs 90,ppbs after 1 hour 149, after 2 hours 181 earlier days diet 3 eggs omlet. small grain plain cooked white rice 106g,104g in lunch ,dinner respectively . I took ppbs readings after dinner , My doubts ,

1 As per my knowledge ppbs after 1hour more than 2hours.[>145>120 respectively ]

2 I learnt through browser that 100g cooked small grain white rice contains carbohydrates 21g. , my earlier days diet carbohydrates was total 50g maximum ,my carbohydrates need is 75g maximum based on 1500 calories.PLEASE comment on my diabetic condition .



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  • If your spike is always late and after 2 hrs. then you have delayed gastric emptying.

  • Delayed gastric emptying....then what to do?

  • Try Triphala and see if that helps.

  • Thanks ,Triphala tried, doubt my efforts ,anyway i will try again.


  • I take no rice, no wheat. So, your query can be answered by anyone who really takes that small grain plain cooked white rice

    For me, rice and wheat is BAD. Perhaps a look at this will help:


  • rameshrao

    Please check your glucometer first and calibrate it with control solution from customer care of the Manufacturer company. Discard any expired strips because it may give erroneous readings. Also, discard strips after 6 months of opening the vial of test strips.

    This is very unusual, spike cannot be late according to me. It has nothing to do with gastric emptying.

    Check with other glucometer if you have after eating the same foods. Also, get the tests of PPBS done in lab after eating same foods to confirm.

  • Spikes can be late.My readings are mostly more after 2 hrs than 1 hr.It is nothing to with meter.

  • Thanks Mr.TVMP,we are sailing in same boat , is your diabetic condition normal /abnormal.Your diet ,steps taken to be normal ,gastric emptying condition etc.

    Im 71+DM2 18YRS Amaryl M Forte 1 mg 1 in a day before half hour of breakfast , gastric emptying condition IRREGULAR ,diet counting carbohydrates , keen to know Diabetic condition [normal /abnormal]


  • I am on insulin.Diet..LCHF.Diabetic condition ...normal.HBA1C...below 6(5.8/5.9)

  • This is very unusual, spike cannot be late according to me. It has nothing to do with gastric emptying.


  • Thanks,calibrated found o.k. using one touch meter ,strips just purchased online from ebay,expiry date 8/17 use all strips within 6 months of opening vial . i will check with other meter and lab as advised , please guide .


  • Thanks Mr.Anup, gone through video , According to Dr.B it is common in Type 1. Is it applicable to Type 2 please guide .


  • Years of higher than normal blood sugar can cause it. In his words, it's neuropathy related.

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