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Grass fed Goat Meat and shrimps in LCHF

It is said that dietary cholesterol has got very minor impact on blood cholesterol level.

How about shrimps??? My own experience is that when ever I consume shrimps...my total cholesterol shoots up. Both LDL and HDL raises.....But HDL more.Ofcoz HDL goes  better and better thanLDL.

If we say no impact of dietary cholesterol on blood cholesterol than why such things happen??

Further,I think in India Goat meat is best...as all goats we get are grass fed...not on steroids and antibiotics?? But chicken what we get is farm raised and with lots of anti biotics and steroids .Say things goes with Eggs.

How about consuming goat meat while on LCHF. What impact it will give on blood cholesterol?? Has any one tried?? What is experience???

One more thing....almost all diabetics are on metformin. And it is known that metformin depletes B12.Red meat(Goat meat) is great source for B12.

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I love 'Tundey Ke kabab'.


Cholesterol in shrimp - 189mg/100gm

Cholesterol in grass fed butter - 214mg/100gm.

Cholesterol is no longer a nutrient of concern:


Eat shrimp, eat eggs, eat grass fed butter (nice together!). 


Mikejee.....what about Goat meat??(Grass fed)

Actually we Indians consume red meat in form of Goat/sheep meat.

I love goat meat....that is my staple food for B12.:(

But non of LCHF ppl are talking about that.

By the way I guess shrimps are high in protein and low in fats.

My community has food habit of using dried shrimps liberally.

Also how about 'Bombil' or 'Bombay ducks'?


Any grass fed animal is good if you are a meat eater. Vegetarians have a tough time getting B12, vegans have to supplement. The worst of the lot is the animals fed grain to fatten them. Note - if you want to fatten any animal you don't feed them fat - you feed them carbohydrate!

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