LDL / HDL Ratio, Is it a big deal

Good Day to every one:

My blood work report (as of 12th Dec) revealed as

Total Cholesterol 121 (normal)

HDL was 48 (OK)

LDL was 63 (OK)

Triglycerides 78 (good) - due to the reason that this # was way above 200 six months ago.

Cholesterol / HDL ratio was 2.5 (seems to be within range).

However, the cranky one was LDL / HDL RATIO which was 7.9.

(seems like the normal is < 3.5 ).

Please educate me.... LDL is good and HDL is good, still out of whack item bothers me.

Where did I go wrong ?

Is that some thing I can ignore for now ?

What remedy should I go for to bring it in acceptable range?

Thanks in advance and grateful to all for inputs / guidance....



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  • How is LDL/HDL 7.9?

    63/48 is 1.42

  • Thank you sir.

    Probably a Typo while documenting.

    Sorry to have bothered you.



  • Do you take statins?

  • Bhai that is good question... but I don't think he ison statin... cause his HDL is good... statin will reduce his HDL ...alongwith LDL...

  • TC is too low/ low :)

    As we grow old we need more Cholesterol.

  • Anup


    Yes. It's important to know how Durham24 could achieve such a good lipid profile.

  • The straight and simple answer is:

    I followed LCHF.

    However, I have been struggling to put together the list of my intakes in terms of grams due to the reason that I was not able to exactly measure them.

    I am still a learner, although I have been following this for quite some time.

    I am a vegetarian.

    I take Oatmeal in the morning once.

    I dont eat unless I feel hungry.

    I keep the carbs down as much as I can.

    I take Virgin Coconut oil along with coffee in the morning.

    I take some butter too in between.

    I dont take more than one Chapathi or 2 pooris for lunch with some sabji (all home made).

    I take one cup of tea with sugarless buiscuts.

    I was taking too much of nuts (walnut, almonds and peanuts) not knowing they add high carbs too.

    I have cut down on them in the last 2 months.

    However, the problem I face is

    'Frequent travels, attending some weddings where I let myself off the hook and indulge with CARBs'.

    Currently I am on a visit to south India for a wedding of my niece.

    These occasions (and travel) prevent me from monitoring the strict regime and carb intakes.

    Hope I answered your questions.

    My weight has come down by 3 kgs (now 62 kgs - I am a 66 year old with 5'6" height).

    I will check my A1C when I go back to my home town after a month.

    Not sure how my intakes would be in the meantime.

    Thanks to every one for their guidance and support.



  • Durham24

    Attending functions should not be an excuse to eat carbs. There are many items which contain less or no carbs.

    Do you take statins?

    What is your waist circumference ?

  • You are absolutely right.

    However, while travelling, I am forced to eat whatever I get (instead of being choosy)

    Also, when we attend weddings, we cannot have a menu of our own. We just pick what we get, instead of being fuzzy or demanding.

    We are forced to eat mostly rice (while I have been avoiding rice fully at home to reduce my BS) - No doubt Rice is the culprit for diabetics.

    My waistline

    Now all my pants are loose and it should, now be, 30. (it was 32 till 2015).

    I have reduced significantly, which helped me partially to keep BS in achievable range.

    Hope i answered your question.

    Thanks and regards

  • suramo ,My latest test results are as given below and I follow LCHF with IF:

    Serum Cholesterol:142(150-250)






  • Brilliant!

    As they say, where there's a will there's a way. Surrendering to old habits and taking refuge of "culture" when it comes to diet isn't for them.

  • Bhai AnupBanerjee now days bahut culture culture ho raha hai.... kya passport change kar liya kya??? :))

  • Nahin bhai.

    Humnay kuchh kadway experience anubhav kiye hain picchley ek do dino main about "Indian" culture. Indian culture ki din raat duhayee dene walay nay kiya thha hum par bewajah prahar ;)

    You tagged wrong person :)

  • hahaha ok.... chlo koi bat nahi.... NRI mat bano ...bas yehi duwa hai uparwale se

  • Yeh Dil Hai Hindustani :)

  • Dil ke sath dimag bhi jaruri hai..... nahi toh dil hindustani aur dimag Englistani.... lol

  • Dimag Global hai :)

  • wow great results.... keep is up alwaysoptimistic

  • alwaysoptimistic

    Excellent . But I would like to remind that lipids are not the culprits of chd/ cvd. You have to keep bs under control. But good control of lipids may help reduce the incidence of chd cvd. But frankly I would not care for my lipids unless they are alarmingly out of range . I care more for my bs.

  • Yes Anupji.

    I take Atorvastatin 20 once a day in the night.

    I have been on this for quite some time.

    My wife is keen that I dont stop this, although I dont want to be on it.

    Doctors instructed me NOT to stop this for some time.

    I think that was a documentation ERROR (reference of 7.9 - LDL/HDL ratio) which is not UNCOMMON.

    Just FYI.

    One of my brother suggested that I do ECG and X-ray of the chest.

    That revealed 3 items

    (a) Unfolded Aorta

    (b) Bilateral mildly Hyper inflated Lung fields

    (c) Dorsal Spondolysis.

    These may not be relevant directly to Cholesterol.

    I was asked to ignore these things for now.

    I am travelling in India for 15 days.

    Thanks for your help,


  • Might as well talk to doctor and cut the statin dose to half.

  • Thanks Anupji,

    I have decided to break the statin tablet and take only 10 mg (instead of 20) starting today.

    Than you sir.

  • Then stay on that reduced dose and check LIPIDS after 3 months and take further call.

  • Anup

    i have a different opinion. I stopped atorvastatin 20 mg all of a sudden and started taking lots of good fat, also going grain free 4 months back and now you see my lipid profile. I think extremely good.

  • Hi Suramo:


    Could you please elaborate little more on what you mean by "Grain Free" and how do you compensate with specific items and (if you can, in terms of calories).

    Thanks and regards

  • Durham24

    No. I don't do calorie counting.

    Grain free means i don't take wheat and rice at all. Infreqently i take a small thepla of methi leaves made with millets. I'm on hypocarb and hypocalori diet. Take salads, vegetables, legumes, etc. Eggs once in a while. I take lots of co, evoo, ghee. Dry fruits. Fenugreek seeds, cinnamon, turmeric pickles, chironjee, almonds etc. I take khaman dhokla made mostly with chana daal + soya + urad daal + Brown rice ( not more than 20% ) and methi daana added.

    The key to my diet is vegetables and good fats co, evoo, ghee etc, lots of cauli and cabbage etc

  • Durham24 Asians need less dose of statin than Caucasian population

    read here...


    Typically, Asians achieve similar benefits as Westerners at lower statin doses (Table 16,9,28–39 and Table 240–48). In a comparison of atorvastatin and simvastatin in dyslipidemic patients at 6 Asian centers, just 10 mg of simvastatin and 10 mg of atorvastatin over 8 weeks resulted in average LDL cholesterol reductions of 35% and 43%, respectively, and >80% of patients achieved their United States National Cholesterol Education Program LDL cholesterol goals.6 In hypercholesterolemic Japanese patients, rosuvastatin doses ranging from 1 to 40 mg achieved LDL cholesterol reductions of 36% to 66% over 6 weeks.30 In the large-scale Japanese Lipid Intervention Trial (J-LIT), an open-label study of simvastatin at an initial 5-mg dose in 51,321 hypercholesterolemic Japanese patients, the 5-mg dose, which lowered LDL cholesterol by 29% over 6 years, was deemed as effective as the 20-mg dose used in Western countries.8 A small subgroup (1.4%) labeled “hyper-responders” had a reduction in total cholesterol of >40% during 6 years of low-dose treatment.8

  • Thanks cure.

    That was very helpful.

    I reduced the statin intake to 10 now.



  • Thanks.

    However, if I try to UP the cholesterol to make up for shortfall in TC, the fear is it may end up in shooting up the BS level.

    I am still not that conversant with the methodology of balancing the energy level between SHORTFALL of Carbs and intake of additional protein / Fat.

    Of course, I dont starve though.

  • If triglycerides go up, BS will shoot up as IR will increase. CARBS push up triglycerides.

  • Hello Anup, I seek your advice on this matter of cholesterol levels. I am currently disagreeing with my gp who wants to put me back on statins. Since I stopped taking atorvastatin 6 months ago, everything (except total cholesterol) has gone in the right direction (eg: HbA1c now 43, from 59, after 6 months lchf diet; liver gamma gt down to 60 from 254, etc). However, my total cholesterol is creeping up, now 6.3mmol/L, ( although other levels are remaining borderline or ideal.) Just how 'high risk' is this score of 6.3, can you tell me? Would you say that I could continue NOT taking a statin even though it looks as though my total cholesterol level is getting too high for comfort?

    Just for info, these are the other levels in mmol/L: HDL 2: LDL 3.9: TRIG 0.9: chol/HDL ratio 3.2: non HDL 4.3

    Thank you in advance. Jan R

  • Hello jan-ran

    Total cholesterol all by itself is a useless number and let me tell you why so with your readings (converted to rounded off values on other scale too -- the scale that we follow)

    TC = HDL + LDL + TG/5

    TC: 6.3 = 244

    HDL: 2 = 77

    LDL: 3.9 = 151

    TG: 0.9 = 80

    For academic interest, if you had the good cholesterol - HDL 40, TC would be 207. This is why TC all by itself is a useless number.

    TG/HDL = Brilliant. Couldn't have asked for more. This would be far more relevant wrt cardiac risks than just looking at useless TC readings. This is also reflected in the sharp drop in GGT, an indication that liver condition has improved tremendously, despite eating High FAT. The experts on Liver would have put you on ultra low fat diet for your GGT :)

    LDL = Marginally above the optimal value of 130 (ie 3.4 as per your scale). But, nothing too alarming.

    TC/HDL = 3.16 (within the 3.5 max that's desired)

    To conclude: If I were you, I wouldn't consider the readings as something that needs pressing the panic button. Instead I would request the doc to check for hsCRP, apoB, lp(a), homocystein if he talked Statins before checking these numbers too.

    Statins & LDL versus CVD/CHD just explain for 25% of the CVD/CHD story.

    That said, try four or five garlic cloves a day in morning. If you start this, then start with just one and ramp up slowly. However, if the taste is something too awful to get accustomed to, you can try Seven Seas Garlic Pearls capsules as supplement. This is for LDL.

    For Statutory Compliance? However, if statin is being pushed as part of "compliance for insurance",then settle for the lowest possible dose. Always question the doc "why this dose why not lower". They normally tend to start with highest and then taper down. I personally love it the other way round -- start with lowest and ramp up or down as needed.

    For eg, for my wife's Hypothyroid the doc recommended 100 mcg eltroxin. But, I asked him how do you decide 100? Why not 50 or 25? So he immediately corrected the prescription to 50. I put my wife on 25mcg and that dose worked well for over 2 years.

    But, remember statins drive up insulin resistance too. And, I think it's useless for women as per some study.

    Key is IR, insulin levels in blood and inflammation. All these cardiac risk predictors never consider any of these.

  • Many thanks Anup. You have been very kind to reply so fully. I will study your advice and talk to my gp on Friday. I feel I have more information to give him now. Especially about maybe suggesting a lower dose if he s really anxious about it! Janet.

  • Anup

    Are you sure you have calculated correctly? I think mmol to mg is by multiplying with 18. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  • 18 is for blood sugar. LIPIDS -- each item have a different multiplying factor.

  • Anup

    so hdl 77 isn't more than the best ?

    Tc 244 and tg 80

    lipids are good.

    Ldl 151 a bit higher.

    Overall nothing so scary.

  • Yes, overall nothing too scary.

    Inflammation markers need to be checked also.

  • Anup

    what i'm trying to tell you is that hdl 77 ! Is that high value possible ? How ?

  • To get better idea about LDL check your apo B/LDL subfraction.(LDL particle no.)

    Lp(a) and homocysteine are also important.

  • Durham had a wrong calculation !!!

  • Yes Menonpkv.

    seems like there was an error while documenting the LDL/HDL ration in my report.

    I confirmed this from the lab where I got it done.

    They were cool and did n't even say sorry.

    It happens.... we have to live with it in some places.

  • Anup, My figures and quoted are almost same. Then how these are good & mine are denger ? My innocent question

    Please don't get angree as I know that you are well studied and no question on that.

  • Anup ji, your reply is awaited

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