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What happens to cholesterol when eaten in large quantity ?

Please note that I am talking exclusively about cholesterol and not,about any other lipids. Does this heavy dose of cholesterol taken on a single day OR over a long period of time, cause rise in blood cholesterol ? Is there any difference between blood cholesterol and dietary cholesterol ?

There is a lot of controversy going on about dietary cholesterol, so let us try to understand what happens to dietary cholesterol when consumed and its role in raising blood cholesterol.

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Quote from second article:

" a belated acknowledgment of decades of research showing that dietary cholesterol has little or no effect on the blood cholesterol levels of most people."

Basically, dietary cholesterol has no major relation to serum cholesterol, and we diabetics who follow LCHF diet keep saying this to discomfort of many here. We say this based on medical reports.

Good they stand exposed and had to correct their broken recommendation. Took the "experts" 35 years to agree on one mistake. Surprising!!!

Good to see that in second article, they have realized after 35 years s that Low fat has failed to provide any benefit, so even the 35% fat restriction is relaxed. SFA rant continues. Perhaps another 35 years and even SFA talks will disappear and this whole concept of "healthy" High Carb Low Fat diet will be gone for good as more and more forums on LCHF come up adding to more and more voices against all the broken dietary advises.

But, there will be industry sponsored experts who would love to see cholesterol myth persist, specially the statin drugs and the "Low Fat" food industry sponsored experts. Then there will be lot of lobbying by them using money power.

Even serum cholesterol - CVD/CHD theory is irrelevant.


Answered indirectly.

Body produces less and less of it. Intelligent system. Here's another one from a source that we love to read:



Sorry, by mistake I deleted my own comment.


What happens if we eat much much more cholesterol than that's is required ? Will it get deposited in blood vessels ?


Is dietary cholesterol un-esterified?


What do you think ? Or rather when and where does esterification takes place ?


Your one post gone missing. But I will answer, first of all cholesterol can be absorbed both in esterified and non esterified forms. Second , esterification takes place in the lumen of the gut by Acyl Co A, which is found in gut as well as liver.

Lipoprotein is essential for carriage of cholesterol. unesterified is package on the periphery, while esterified is placed centrally.

So no question of deesterification.


I'll repost the gist again as on eatingacademy.com by Dr Peter Attia:

Source: eatingacademy.com/nutrition/the-straight-dope-on-cholesterol-part-i

3 points from above URL:


(1) Most of the cholesterol we eat is not absorbed and is excreted by our gut (i.e., leaves our body in stool). The reason is it not only has to be de-esterified, but it competes for absorption with the vastly larger amounts of UC supplied by the biliary route.

(2) Re-absorption of the cholesterol we synthesize in our body is the dominant source of the cholesterol in our body. That is, most of the cholesterol in our body was made by our body.

(3) Eating cholesterol has very little impact on the cholesterol levels in your body. This is a fact, not my opinion. Anyone who tells you different is, at best, ignorant of this topic. At worst, they are a deliberate charlatan. Years ago the Canadian Guidelines removed the limitation of dietary cholesterol. The rest of the world, especially the United States, needs to catch up.


if you think he is wrong, you can comment on above URL

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In normal healthy persons there is a very tight regulatory and counter regulatory mechanism to keep blood cholesterol within a range. No need to go into details.

So far so good in healthy person,but what happens that this regulatory mechanism goes wrong and blood cholesterol starts rising ?


Why does it go wrong? Healthy Diet?

(1) I am a diabetic so not "healthy" by any means. Why doesn't cholesterol shoot up despite eating 2 Eggs a day since ages? This is reproducible in any diabetic on LCHF, unless a hyper-responder.

(2) Why does LIPIDS improve despite SFA as in case 1?

(3) Why do most diabetics on a "healthy diet" end up with Statins sooner than later?

Put alternatively, Does switching from Healthy (HIGH CARB LOW FAT) to LCHF fixes some broken loop as far as LIPIDS go?

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Off the point.A very biased response. Your opinion. No problem.


It was a series of questions. You don't want to answer no problem :)

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I am pressed for time,so perhaps after several hours,I may be able to come back.😀


I am an answer seeker,there are many things I don't understand . Can you come up with logical answers for the questions raised ?


This can be a four question research topic for you.


I already know the prevailing scientific majority's as well as minority's opinion.

I am not a researcher. I am only trying to put things in simple understandable language without any bias, so that some one might benefit from the information. The information ,on the basis of which ,he could take an informed decision.

The things i write is as per my own perception and people has a right to disagree.


There's no bias in my posts also. I talk based on medical reports (pre- and post-diet changes) and no one answers few pointed questions based on that report.

As for majority versus and minority view, the majority view is also being asked to get in line with minority view if we go by what the advisory body has recommended recently in USA.

Sometimes, financial interests are pushed in a veiled manner and that's why you have world getting sick on a healthy diet.


I am responding because you mentioned my screen-name. If I say ramana42 is venkatarama will that be a revelation or will you just let it pass? BTW, I am neither Anup nor Medfree, though I follow same diet. My doctor told me I have very very low risk for CVD/CHD, so I guess I will live longer without drugs. That said, not even the best of science can predict death.


Can you answer the questions i posted for patliputra?

Read what I have quoted from eatingacademy. It goes out in stool. Even American experts have recommended removing all dietary cholesterol limits in diet and the same recommendation has been passed to the advisory board by a body which has been doing it every five years :)

The link posted in my first reply is posted here:


Well, blood reports do not show that eating SFA and higher cholesterol is a distress. They show body is happy. Sugar levels down, inflammation at general and vascular level down, LIPDS improved ... so where's the distress. In imagination?

See my mental coolness. I don't even get disturbed when some hand out character certificates and indulge in attacking personally here. That's the beauty of this diet -- complete absence of irritability :)


When I said dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol. Actually I meant exogenous ( dietary) and endogenous ( de novo ) cholesterol.


And yet the whole cholesterol scam started by study on rabbits. What a joke. Now it has been suggested by Advisory body (in US of A) to drop all cholesterol restrictions after 35 years of misinformation :)

I know, when the old belief gets shaken it's hard to digest.

SFA misinformation will take another 35 years to be dropped officially. One step at a time :)

Can your theory explain why even after eating 2 eggs (with yolks of course) a day for years together, cholesterol doesn't shoot up in most of the diabetics that follow a low carb high fat diet? 2 eggs is almost 500mg cholesterol from one source alone.

Nope on SFA. LIPIDS have improved with SFA on a low carb high fat diet, except for in case of hyper-responders but that number is small.


Cholesterol is integr al part of all animal cells. So if it all started with rabbit, as you say,why it is joke ? Just because rabbit is a herbivorous !!

Please note that plant kingdom as such do not posses cholesterol,but a very similar substance called phytosterol . When eaten this phytosterol competes with cholesterol for absorption.


Please Google around. You will get answers.


Answer , to what ?


To your question on cholesterol fed rabbit trials.


We debate central theme ,not accessories or peripherals.


I am sorry. At first glance I failed to grasp the satire,about rabbit.


Indiacratus, i fully understand, what you are driving at. You will accept the fact that Cholesterol is vital for life.

So before humans became hunter-gatherers, he was only gatherer, depending on plant kingdom,which contains no Cholesterol. So from where this cholesterol came. True body recycles and manufactures to meet its needs.

But recycled cholesterol is not enough to meet daily requirements over a period.

So body must get it from any other source plant diet being deficient in cholesterol.

so,consider other sources from where body can get its cholesterol, apart from recycled one.

Indiacratus you are a well read person ,so must remember Acetyl Co A. You will find it in the metabolic pathway of all three macronutrient,carb, fat and protein.

Do i have to say more?Body can manufacture cholesterol from all those three .

So be it a Ape or Monkey, there is never a scarcity of cholesterol, whatever his diet may be.


Please don't worry ,I have got many references direct from research papers.


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