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LCHF in USA also

I am in US for last 10 days with my daughter & son in Law. For first. 3days I took normal diet like chapati, curry, dal rice. After that I started my original diet like salad I.e. Cucumber , cabbage, karela, tomatoes , radish with. Olive oil, curds. Plus 2eggs omelet . I also go for 5 miles walk in morning. I have not tested BS so far But I am sure it must be normal due to diet. Once I am back to India in 2 nd week of Nov, I will test & report.

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where ever you are try to find a way to follow LCHF DIET. it is hard but if their is a will their is a way. In usa millions of people follow it. their is web site also dedicated to it. i think diabeticsform.com


last 3 months i did not look at any grain. rice,wheat etc. Now i don't feel the need of it. I am more energeitc then ever before. yes first few weeks were difficult. now it is my part of soul.


I too follow the LCHF diet for the past few months with good results and follow it in States too

where I am at present on a 5month visit . Here I happened to read a book 'What you need to know about Diabetes- Simply put' It is mentioned in that high intake of Fat causes the build up of Ketones which upsets the body's chemical balance and be life threatening.

Can any one enlighten further on it ?

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Wynad, can post your experience of lchf diet to other members. it will benefit. thanks.


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