Test reports of three consecutive tests!

Test reports of three consecutive tests!

Patient details:Age-44 years,Gender-Male,Height-188 cm,Weight-90 kg

Diabetic since 2009 (approx 6 years)

Today's blood pressure readings:110/70

Please go through these reports and clarify the following:

1)How is the overall health condition?

2)Is there improvement in overall health?

3)Is there need of further attention?

*Test date:18.05.2015


Serum Cholesterol-106,HDL-48,LDL-40,VLDL-18,Triglycerides-138,Blood Urea-27.8,Creatinine-1.2,Urine specific gravity-1.03,pH-6+

**Test date:26.08.2015


Serum Cholesterol-136,HDL-50,LDL-65,VLDL-21,Triglycerides-140,Blood Urea-24.6,Creatinine-1.1,Urine specific gravity-1.02,pH-6

***Test date:16.11.2015


Serum Cholesterol-168,HDL-48,LDL-96,VLDL-24,Triglycerides-116,Blood Urea-19.2,Creatinine-1.0,Urine specific gravity-1.02,pH-6+


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26 Replies

  • All parameters are improving. Hba1c is still higher. Rise in LDL can not be a negative factor until we don't know about apo B.

  • Thanks for your reply!

    I am still working for lowering my HbA1c.

    Is there any suggestion regarding this issue?

    What can cause rise in LDL?

    How to lower it?

    Any other suggestion for further improvement in overall health condition?

  • LDL as a number is irrelevant by and large. 50% deaths/heart attacks in a study of 100,000+ in-hospital patients had normal LDL. So, there's something more than just LDL when it comes to CVD/CHD.

    Check LDL sub-fraction and see how the various sub-fractions stack up.

  • Thanks for your reply!

    Is there any suggestion for further improvement in overall health condition?

  • As shrisamarth said, all looks good, A1C still higher.

    Check for lp(a), apo b, apo A1, hsCRP, homocystein and watch their trends rather than just TC and LDL. Also, LIPIDS don;t change so fast, so get them tested once a year or so, unless absolutely necessary to check in between.

  • OK!Have you noticed my BP readings?

  • All good. BP stabilizes with lower insulin in blood -- to an extent that many can even go off all hypertension drugs ;)

  • Another good is-my eye sight has also improved!Now,power of my glasses is -0.5D instead of -0.75D.

    These all good is due to guidelines that I have received from helping hands like you!

  • Thank fully mine hasn't deteriorated over the last five years -- much damage must have taken place during the years I was walking with undetected diabetes and perhaps CRT screens (before LCD screens came for computers) must have done quite a bit of damage too.

    +2.5 for reading. Non avoidable.

    +2.0 otherwise, though I rarely wear them, specially during driving.

    Also, my mastication epiphora (that's what the opthalmoligist called it when I was dx'd diabetic) is also gone. He had blamed it onto some facial nerve damage. Wonder if that damage got CURED on LCHF diet and with use of Alpha Lipoic Acid :D :D

  • To check status of lipids do the tests suggested by anup. For LDL, 96 is not a bad figure. Only apo B can tell the true picture about LDL.

  • Thank you.I have got it!

  • How can I improve my HDL?

  • Your HDL is steady throughout all the tests and is not low.

    Mere increasing HDL mass is not necessarily will improve its functionality.

    If you are already on right track of diabetes management then your lipids will definitely improve further.

    Your TG/HDL ratio has improved, means your IR is improving.

  • What should be target for TG/HDL ratio?

  • It has to be < 3.5. Best if < 2.

  • OK!

  • In your own view,what is summary of my all three tests?

    Is there any thing for which I must be worried and I must take further action?

  • "Is there any thing for which I must be worried and I must take further action?"

    No :)

  • Thank you very much for all your guidance!

  • Hi,

    Can you tell me how you are able to stabilize BP being diabetic.What does lower insulin in blood mean?Please suggest me

  • Please ask Anup Ji for answers to your these questions!He can answer you in a better way.

  • From what I understand, A1C levels should be near 5.5 levels

  • Hi anupji

    Can you tell me how you are able to stabilize BP being diabetic.What does lower insulin in blood mean?Please suggest me

  • By not following what the doctors/dietitians/diabetologists tell me about diet. I do exactly the opposite -- LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET, because HIGH CARB LOW FAT Diet is the MOST HORRIBLE diet.

    Get your LIPIDS, FBS and Fasting Insulin tested. You will know where you land wrt Insulin Resistance which is the biggest culprit and is a result of nonsensical HIGH CARB LOW FAT Diet.

    BTW, My BP is in the 120/70 range which was 140/90 when i was detected diabetic. I am on ZERO DRUGS and fifth year running as a diabetic.


  • According to your height of 1.88 meter and weight of 90 kilograms your body mass index is 25.5.

    This calculation is solely based on your height and weight.

    The recommended weight range for your height is between 69 and 88 kilograms. In this range, your BMI will be between 19.5 and 24.9, which is recommended by health professionals.

    Blood urea is above normal.

    Conduct Kidney function tests in consultation with your doctor.








  • Thanks a lot for your reply!

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