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Different doctor different treatment

Hi all i am 29 years of age height 167cm weight 61 kg

when i was diagnoised my sugar is as follows

rbs 300

fb 312

ppbs 512

i was in huge depression at that time when my doc adviced me insulin two times a day along with two metaformin tablet i thought my life has finished. I have started the prescribed medicine but after 6 days my sugar level was fb 92 ppbs 160. I was feeling very weak at that time little bit of hypo as well. My doc cut down my insulin unit to 10-0-8 along with tablet.

But my parents said you dont need insulin please come to hometown . We will consult another doctor. As my mother has also diagnoised recently so i thought it is heredietry. So i came two my home town and contacted same doc he said bullshit you have to control only on your diet and do excercise. After 40 + you have to eat tablet if necessary. Although i am prescribing 1-0-1 metaformin along with diavit plus at night and come after 10 days with blood sugar report. I did the same , when lab report came i was schoked my report was as follows.

Fb:- 78

Ppbs :- 120

Doc laughed at me and cut down my dose 1-0-1/2 and daid again come after 10 days. But remember please follow your routine as it is. You will be off the tablet soon.

In the mean time i was very upset so i have contacted two member frequently Mr. LCHF guy Anup and Mr sanoj . These two helped me a lot. Thankyou fot this.

What i have concluded from my 2 months experience.

1.It is a disability of body not a disease.

2.It is not life threatning but its a life modulation.

3.If you follow what you have read in class 3 or 4 or 5 book(early to bed early to rise do some walk and excercise take balanced diet. You will overcome.

4.Diabetic depressiin leads to weakness as well as sugar level rise.

so for chronic disease different doc have different advices but please adjust your lifestyle and diet. Avoid tablet if possible. I am praying to GOD to give us strength

to avoid tablet and maintian a healthy lifestyle.

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Yes sir absolutely correct.

I dont think we need tablet for controlling diabetes.

your sugar depends on how much carb you take.

If you restrict your carb with your age and do excercise then nothing to worry. I think in india many people are living with fb 110+ and ppbs 150+ .


Dear Mishra,

Most of diabetes cases are diagnoised after a shock.

Accident,loss of near one ,stressed life will trigger blown out case of D.M.

This will start raising your sugar levels.

Please note these cases are at boarder levels before the incident.Called Pre- diabetic condition.

This is a vicious cycle - raise in sugar level cause weakness and weakness cause raise in sugar level.

To break this some Dr. prescribe insulin temporarily .so that normal levels can be reached early. Then switch over to oral medicines.

Also i dont agree the statement of Anup:

I don;t think any doctor really knows how to manage diabetes without or with least dependence and rugs. All they are interested in is selling drugs and insulin.

Because I know many Dr suffering D.M and taking same treatment given to clients.

I am not a Dr.


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