What is your NEW YEAR RESOLUTION for this year?

My new year resolution is eliminating WHEAT, RICE or it's flours in any form altogether along with sugar!

I found my PPBS levels as follows after 2 hours of eating chappati with vegetables...measured since last 3 days.

Thurs at dinner....PPBS = 180 mg/dl after eating 3 parathas

Fri at lunch...PPBS = 164 after eating 2 chappatis with applied ghee

Saturday at Breakfast...PPBS = 199 after eating 4 parathas

So as you can see from the results above, rising of BS level is in accordance with NO. of parathas I ate...so it is clearly evident that WHEAT raises blood sugar like anything...

I will keep on posting for members of this community about PPBS levels I had after eating certain foods I take over a period of time for me to decide what I can eat and what I can't.

My FBS is under control and always around 100mg/dl...but lastly it was 96 mg/dl

However, I am getting Hypoglycemia sometimes after breakfast or lunch and I have to investigate why it happens.

Will keep you all posted.

cure shrisamarth Concerned suramo Shashikantiyengar @anup indiacratus bhaswathy


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  • Wonderful @ashka9 it will be really useful for members....

    One more thing.....may I request you to same type of exercise with Long wheat/daudkhani /Bhali wheat ??

  • cure

    I wish to eliminate wheat from my diet due to two other reasons also...wish to reduce weight....and avoid gluten.

    I cannot try long wheat because then I have to separately shop it for me, store it for me...and grind it for me...which I don't wish to do....why waste so much time and money for something which is increasing PPBS levels like anything?

    I have barley flour with me I got it as I went wheat free for 10 days before my father admitted to hospital. Then I could not keep up the regime...so will see what is the barley effect....on weight and PPBS levels too...though it also has gluten in it.

    I will eat more dairy, dried fruits/nuts and besan, moong to replace wheat and rice. Will eat pearl millet (bajri ka atta) in bajri ki roti and cheela where both bajri ka atta and besan is there. Will post effect of bajri ki roti and oats on BS levels later.

    Eating Legumes or it's flours give PPBS under limits.

  • Are you going on a gluten free diet? Wheat has gluten in it, so if you cut the wheat out, then you may be looking at a gluten free diet from now on. I've been on a gluten free diet for about 3-4 years. Seems to be helping with all types of issues.

  • Activity2004

    Yes, wish to go gluten free..but before that want to know about barley and millet effects on blood sugar...PPBS levels. I have Hashimotos hypothyroidism also so going gluten free will certainly help as it has in your case.

    But doing some trial and error before going completely gluten free so that I know the effect of a particular grain in diabetes management

    Since you are gluten free...what do you eat then...I guess you might be non vegetarian for you to have ample of choices but I am pure vegetarian so limited choices I have.

  • I went gluten free because I was having severe cramping that wouldn't let me move after eating certain foods. Don't eat barley. That has gluten in it and not sure what it'll do for the blood sugars.

    I eat some meat, but veggies, as well. Corn bread is fine, but not very big pieces at certain places to eat out at. Have you tried having big salads for either lunch or dinner? Add some cherry tomato, egg, cheese, etc..?

  • I don't eat eggs as well. Vegan too. Dairy allowed.

    I don't like Salads much...sometimes especially onions and cucumber. Cheese too...Will have to learn different combination of Salads to have a wider choice.

    Corn is bad. It has high Glycemic Index. I hope you know about GI and GL. Corn being high GI foods causes blood sugar spikes which should be avoided as a diabetic.

    Barley somehow has a low GI but have a gluten in it.

    Will rely mostly on nuts and dairy and bengal gram and it's flour...we call it "besan" here. It has least effect on blood sugar and have a good protein in it. You can try it if you wish.

  • Will see. Thanks for letting me know.

  • mendosa.com/chanadal.html

    Please go thru the above link Activity2004

    This works for us well

    Widely used in india

    We also use the powdered version as well

  • True

  • great

  • roque

    That's good that you reduced yr insulin units...but how did u do it? Chappatis you take are made from wheat flour or other flour?

    What other changes you made in your diet so that you can reduce the medicines and now insulin free trial for 3 days?

  • did u measure yr blood sugar level with glucometer after 2 hours of eating two chappatis?

    might be above limit...i.e it should be <140 mg/dl

    measure PPBS level even after eating banana

    I am doing that today after eating two bananas..and will let u know

  • it's ok...that's good enough

  • I know Sir, reducing medicines especially insulin shots are always good move.

    Eating more fat and protein has a longer satiety period, so we don't feel hungry.

    Carbs makes us hungry more because they are utilized early for energy...so we eat more carbs

    reducing carbs is beneficial but then that much amount of carbs in diet has to be replaced by fat protein content will remain same...

  • after eating two bananas, after 2 hrs, PPBS is 109 mg/dl...so yes banana can be eaten sparingly

  • roque

    Yeah, I read that thread about ragi and peanuts of Bhaswathy and Anup, I have read your thread about ragi as well.

    I already have bought ragi flour and will eat it sometimes since it doesn't have gluten in it. Will check it's effect on BS level and let you know since it might spike the BS level due to high GI index.

  • Ashka9

    For 48 years of my life, I couldn't stand Bitter gourd and cheese. Now, I love them both. Only thing that I still could not get into my life is green beans. Other than that, whatever helps in getting my sugar levels in non diabetic range, I eat it. I have posted a separate thread on what my life revolves around:


    Maybe, this can be the foundation, with individual tweaks of course, on what it takes to get to the lifestyle that we diabetics on 100 grams carb live on. With due respect to Vegans, Veganism never made sense to me/us. Soya or it's products are a big no for us.

  • @anup

    See...if Veganism doesn't make sense to you, Non-vegetarianism also doesn't make sense to us apart from being morally right or not to kill any life for satisfying our appetite. More than that, animals are fed with hormones and antibiotics...which are very harmful as well.

    I don't eat Soya products at all since it affects hormone levels and not good may be in hypothyroidism. I don't like the taste of Soya as well...tried once or twice long back.

    I know, bitter gourd is bitter...so we don't like but we can cook it with besan...it tastes better. I take bitter gourd tablets from Himalaya Herbals. I think it is helping in lowering my BS level.

    I will go thru the thread u posted above. Thanks.

  • There's a difference between VEGANISM and VEGETARIANISM. If you wish to know the difference, you can start a new thread and many of us would chip in.

  • There is only difference of egg and dairy ...right?

  • DAIRY and everything DAIRY -- milk, yogurt/curd, ghee, butter, cheese, paneer -- so that's a BIGG difference. VEGANS can't live without Soya or its products by and large. Whereas we don't touch soya or any of its products.

  • but I take dairy and it's products you know very well.

    eggs I have tasted 3 times in life. But in our family we don't eat so better not to eat. But I eat sometimes in cake but if we bring home the cake it will be eggless

    I saw one video how temperature of eggs produce chickens on facebook. So, then decided not to eat eggs even. I even saw a video how chicken are produced in factories and killed ...can't tolerate to even watch such things

  • My idea and aim is to be medication free as long as I can only on diet first, then diet+ walks. I will keep reducing carbs as and when needed till I hit a wall and then walks will figure in.

    I was a strict vegetarian by choice for more than 5 years before being Dx'd diabetic. After that I slowly switched back to eating eggs daily -- 3 per day now with yolk of course -- and chicken is for to five times a month on an average. Red meat I don't take. Fish is very rare.

    I saw one advert on social media which goes like this:

    -- Chicken don't breath out oxygen

    -- Chicken don't provide shade

    -- Chicken don't reduce global warming

    So, eat chicken and go green. That ad made lot of sense to me.

  • " Besan " is good - in Gujarat we make "Magash " - which is good - specially add more ghee on top and some nuts inside -

    Other good is Methipak - made from Fenugreek powder -

    You can add - Flaxseed meal powder and almond powder also- make variety of dishes

    One square - could have good calories and fat

  • roque

    Sir, I am not Type 1...but type 2 diabetic.

    I also take Eltroxin 125 mcg daily for hypothyroidism as such was taking 100 mcg for 10 years but recently my TSH increased to 9 so had to increase the dose to 125 mcg.

    I will suggest you get the other tests done for hypothyroidism of yr wife as well like FreeT3, Free T4, Total T3, Total T4 and TPO antibodies as well. These tests will give you exact picture of yr thyroid hormones and if antibodies are present above limit, it has to reduced otherwise it will be called Hashimotos Hypothyroidism which is an autoimmune disease. These antibodies can be reduced by taking Selenium supplement which had 200 mcg of selenium in it. Testing regularly helps.

  • roque

    It's ok Sir, no problem. We all are social people, and Indians are best socially...they stay connected all the time with their near and dear ones and take care of them as well and help others.

    My cholesterol levels latest are ok only that Triglycerides are on borderline high so trying to reduce triglyceride levels by eating less carbs as everybody on this forum suggested. I never had problem of high cholesterol as such

    You can go to my profile page...I have given a post just before few days on "my latest blood tests results" if u would like to see.

  • I know Sir, will start walking atleast for 30 mins from today... whenever I can...

    I take lot of water....but hypoglycemia is not because of that. I think it was because of medicines I took so far which increases insulin secretion as I explained just before which is not good. So, I stopped taking that medicine.

    I take Metformin tablet only after meal.

  • Walk 15 to 20 minutes starting 40 min after first bite instead of the "run of the mill" morning walk empty stomach. Even a stroll in house or office will be fine. No need to hit the tracks.

  • I am not a morning person so I don't go for a walk early in the morning..

    I take evening walk after tea time around 6 pm

  • Make it after every meal. Technically you should be walking as I said above, and I have said this even four years back out here.

    There has been a study which shows that walking post meals is better than what I call "blind walking" ie walking unaware of your numbers.

    Put logical reasoning to play and science will support it some day or the other.

    Walk when the levels are definitely climbing up.

  • What is the logical/scientific/technical reason for walking only after '40' minutes after a meal?

    As per Ayurveda and my personal experience as well, walking immediately after a meal is not recommended. Because the whole energy is directed towards digesting the food we ingested. Only after 3-4 hours after meal, walking is recommended.

  • Logical reasoning is walk when sugar levels are climbing and have not climbed up already. That way you are bound to hit a lower peak.

    Honestly, I don't mix up things with Ayurveda and Homeopathy to explain what I say. I look at meter readings.

    Walking four hours after meals is useless.

  • so u mean to say, after a meal, PPBS doesn't rise till 40 minutes? If that is true, when do we get the "highest" peak of BS level after eating a meal...u r recommending measuring PPBS after 1 hr...so u mean to say within 20 mintues...i.e after 40 mins and before 1 hr...after meal....PPBS will show a highest peak?

  • 40 minutes after first bite. Obviously meal doesn't finish with first bite. It takes 10-15 minutes to finish your meal ins't it? :)

  • I know that anup, meal takes time to be eaten... what I am asking is yr argument. that to walk when we can avoid getting highest peak after a meal.

    Who told you walking after 4 hours is useless? Not technical at all.

    You see all activities of life related to diabetes only. Apart from glucose utilization, exercise or walking helps blood circulation, flexibility of the body, more oxygen to organs, mind stays alert and we feel better overall even if walk after 4 hrs of meal.

  • Who told you walking after 4 hours is useless? Not technical at all.

    Data. You have already hit the peak and well past it. So, if you have hit 160 and passed it by 4 rth hrs, no fun walking. The damage of staying above 140 is already done and isn't going to reverse if one walks from earth to moon also.

    As I said, I have very less belief in customs, culture and traditions when it comes to defending anything. I look more for data and data tells me what I say is logically correct.

    I have even said, if one can walk 6 km after every meal one can live on 300 grams carbs a day even as a diabetic. Again this computation is based on experimentation and cure has tried it and ratified it. So, to everyone who don't like the 100 gram carb approach, start walking 1 km for every 10 gram over 100 gram and spread the walk across meals.

    I hardly walk 1.6km a day and that is for daily chores and nothing related to walking for managing blood sugar. I had walked three times a day even in scorching 45 deg centigrade temperature after lunch just for collecting data and studying. So, my logic is very clear and I do not look at Ayurveda, Homeopathy or culture. I am a data geek. If you can prove me wrong based on data, I would be loved to be proved wrong. What Ayurveda says is irrelevant for me :)

    Madam, I invested in a pedometer also to collect data when I used to walk. So I am not just talking in thin air :)

  • Research on lung function, body rhythms, temperature, and hormone levels says one thing -- to exercise around 6 p.m.


  • I can also play the game of links versus links. But, as I said, I believe in data collection and conclusion. There are diabetics on 100 gm carbs who walk and have switched from their long walk schedule to split walking post meals and their experience proves what I have stated already.

    Madam ji, I invested in a Omron pedometer to really collect data on walking. Once the data collection was done, the pedometer was discarded. So, either take it or junk it. Your choice.

    I eat sweets and do dumb-bells and pushups after 30 minutes of taking it and not after 4 hrs of taking it :)

  • I don't know about other's experience on walking but for me it's uncomfortable to walk or being active after a meal for atleast an hour or two.

    Glucose utilization however will happen also after 4 hrs of walking after a meal.

    Sugar level peaks are temporary. And we all are trying to take care that PPBS don't exceed 120 after 1 hr and 140 after 2 hrs and changing diets accordingly to lower our peaks already. We are trying to minimize the damage caused to the body due to peaks by diet then what's the benefit of changing diet if it doesn't help us in lowering peaks and we have to compulsorily go to a walk after half an hour of a meal? It is very inconvenient too to go for a walk after every meal. I don't agree with you. Though I know walking for 10 minutes 3 times gives the same benefit as you walk for 30 minutes for one time.

  • I have already detailed enough on this topic of walking and why I would suggest walking post meals.

    Ayurveda may tell you to walk after four hours, for me that makes no sense based on data. It maybe inconvenient for you. It is not for those who live by it. After all, it's "convenience" food that spoiled health.

    Do what you think is right. I am not here for You Versus me talks. If not today, maybe after two years you will realize what I said is right. One cannot defy logic beyond a point.

  • In test cricket, lunch break lasts for 40 minutes and tea break for 20 minutes.

    If they followed Ayruveda principles, a 5 day test match would become 12 day affair. They get 40 minutes break for lunch and are back on field after feeding themselves -- all within 40 minutes. If cricketers can be back with grueling-than-walking schedule to follow, I simply cannot agree on the "inconvenience part".

    I am sure there must be some "science" or "sports science" behind the 40 minutes time line :)

  • roque

    True, Sir. I think the medicines which increases insulin secretion or insulin injections will cause hypoglycemia if amount of insulin taken doesn't match with the amount of food you take.

    So, I am stopping medicines which increases insulin secretion...insulin is the main culprit in diabetes...it stores fat as well....and such medicines damage pancreas also as it induces pancreas to release more insulin...this results in overworking of pancreas and beta cell function (which secretes insulin) of our pancreas reduces...which later will release less and less insulin as the disease progresses...in that case Type 2 diabetic who is on oral drugs have to start taking Insulin shots when he/she becomes insulin deficient. Not a good way to live.

  • 4 CHAPATHIESS is too much . Whether diabetic or not . You need only 2 chapathies .I daily have one mixed grain roti with coffee as break fast . LUNCH one cup white rice with one cup dal with greens . EVENING one cup of coffee and dinner one cup rice with any green or yellow vegetable and fruit . I don't take any thing in between .If I take then I reduce rice to half .On an average I spend 10 hours in front of computer with intervals of 10 minutes every two hours .I wash the vessels , cook lunches and dinners and clean my room .In between I attend phone calls .I never feel giddy , weak or tired .I check sugar levels once in a month , other tests once in a year.I regularly take homeopathic medicines and , AVENASATHIVA , Ashwagandha , Brahmi Gingkobiloba ,Aloevera in the night before going to bed in turns .Fasting I never see except once in a year . PPBS usually hovers round 135 or 140 .I don't have glucometer . Two I had but threw them off when the readings were wrong when compared with lab readings . The lab owner is my brothers' client .

  • bhaswathy

    I know dear mam that 4 chappatis are too much...I just wanted to know how much BS Level it rises...on the day I ate 3 was whole day fast as I do pradosh vrat and have to eat only after sunset for one time...

    Also, multigrain (mixed grain) atta you eat may be containing more than 90% wheat as I can see from the labels of the Ashirwaad Atta available here in our state and city. Measure PPBS after 2 hrs of eating wheat roti or yr mixed grain roti...with glucometer you must have...readings of our personal glucometer and labs will vary by + 10 mg/dl ( u have to account for personal and equipment errors)...if the glucometer is not giving correct result you have to calibrate it with control solution that customer care provides you.... and still if it doesn't come as expected, yr test strip might have expired.... or you are using strip later than 6 months of opening the vial of test strips...you have to discard test strips after 6 months of the date of opening the vial. cure ..this is for you too..

    Do you take any allopathic medicines for diabetes? If not, it is a must for you to measure FBS and PPBS regularly or alternate days or atleast once a week.

    I take Metformin along with Herbal medicines from Himalaya Herbals...Diabecon DS ( I think this might be causing hypoglycemia, I have to check) , Serpina (for hypertension), Ashwagandha (for thyroid) and also Karela tablets (for diabetes)

  • In the mixed atta roti there is no wheat at all . For 2 kg ragi , 125 gm zola , 125 gm kode , 125 gm chickpeas , 125 gm bajra 125 gms little millets are mixed. WE grind in the mixie , add flax seeds , menthi seeds , pomegranate seeds and grind once again .To this powder I mix sesame seeds , pumpkin seeds , water melon seeds , one table spoon turmeric powder , two tea spoons pepper powder , one or two tea spoons salt and keep it in an air tight container . Daily I make the batter in the night , to be made dosa the next morning . Two years back , I met with an accident and was hospitalised . Then they said MY sugar levels were too high up to 400 .They also said , haemoglobin , platelets were too low ,THREE ARTERIES FULLY blocked. They told the family members that I would not come out the operation table .They kept me in highly defensive unit for one week , and discharged after 10 days giving a wagon load of medicines .They explained to me that I was too weak to undergo the heart operation with a bill of three lacs , and after 3 months would perform the operation WHICH would cost 4 to 5 lacs . I came home , threw out all the prescriptions and had taken only homeopathic medicines . I lost all faith on doctors , medical system , modern medicine and their theories. After wards I used to take daily readings for a period of 4 months . Later once in a week , now once in a month or once in two months NOW i TAKE only homeopathy medicines .All parameters are normal .

  • bhaswathy

    I tried ragi flour couple of months ago to make cheela...with besan. I didn't measure BS level after eating it but it seems lot of people rise blood sugar with ragi since ragi has higher GI index even than wheat.

    Somehow, I didn't like the taste of Ragi much but will use it whatever I have mixed with other flours like millet flour and besan to reduce it's GI. Besan (bengal gram flour) is the best when it comes to GI since it has the lowest GI of all and no effect on BS levels at all...

    what is zola, kode?

    If your PPBS taken after 2 hours is <140 mg/dl after eating dosa from the mixture of flour you mentioned above, you can continue eating it.

    If it comes continuously more, better to switch to other options

    Even rice has a high GI index and though you eat it in very small portions, better to check PPBS levels after eating rice and rice flour items. Blood sugar spikes are not good for us and it increases insulin resistance resulting into deteriorating BCF.

  • I don't know whether I would succeed in my effort but I am trying some homeopathic combinations to regenerate burnt beta cells .I have some trusted associates who are willing to turn provers for my experiments for schizhophrenia , bipolar , diabetes ,psoriasis , vitiligoetc

  • Maam, could you post what homeopathic combinations you are trying ?

  • The beauty and pity of going for homeopathic cure is , it is highly individualistic . There are no specifics . What they are selling in the name of formulas are not exactly suitable and workable in all cases . I don't buy the combinations out side . I mix them my self . Even in case of psychosomatic diseases also I go by individual needs . For my diabetes , I had mixed nearly 40 medicines because I was given a gunny bag of medicines in my hospital stay of 15 days . First of all I had to weed out the effects of all those medicines . Then I started with my constitutional medicines along with my mothers . A child gets the physical features , the mental features , inherits the properties , inherits diseases , the social status and constitution also .So the background is equally important in deciding medicine .But usually I start with Bacillinum in all autoimmune diseases .In some cases where there is sufficient evidence I give Syphylinum or medorrhinum or carcinosin also according to the need .That is the reason I could not prepare a medicine for diabetes like it is sold on line or in the market . Then in case of people with spiritual sadhana I can't give syphylinum or medorrhenum as per my father's wishes because they are derived from filth according to him . .My father worked as a principal in AP govt and is not an illiterate guided by foolish or unscientific ideas .

  • Oh. you are from AP ? I am from Nellore (but in chennai presently)

    I am a T2DM from Jan this year. trying to cope up and aiming at the lowest numbers by trying different combinations.. Presently on Metformin Janumet 50/500 + Glycomet SR.. Sometimes skip medicines by frustration.. have some 40=50 gms of breakfast with combinations of upma / poori/ idly / sometimes oats / sprouts etc. Lunch with 40=50 gms of brownrice with subji / night light dinner (mostly some kind of a tiffen). Lot of walking + no sugar in any form,...black coffee+ vco (as suggested by Mr.Anup)..still levels hovering around 140 - 180 / 190... (both FBS & PPBS) going to try aswagandha...

    just wanted to know what could be favouring in homeopathing ..

  • I explained many times the limitation of my practice . Any way, I can suggest a few things . INSTEAD of idlies , upmas etc , take one chapathy made of long wheat which has favourable reports . I have not yet tried it though . Lunch with brown rice is ok.Night again go for long wheat chapathy. In the afternoons , have three to four glasses of thin watery butter milk .You can take 4 to 6 spoons of sugar in coffee per day . Coffee is good for diabetes and a good mood elevator.Buy Gymnema sylvester in a good and reliable homeopathic shop , take 6 drops in a cup of water in the morning . Take ASHWAGANDHA 6 drops in the night before going to bed .Take GLYCOMET as suggested . No need of the other two .In the evening have any seasonal fruit .If you have faith , take 'Pancreatinum'' 12 daily two pills . I am not giving any constitutional medicine as I don't have any detailed case history. Monitoring is necessary. After 3 months let us see. You can take good liver tonic also .

  • If you count your carbs and stick to 100 grams a day, I am sure you will have better numbers. You are young so the need for a non diabetic number is and should be all the more urgent for you.

  • Wheat I never tried . But after going through the experiences of some members , I want to try long wheat of @shooter George in the night .My weight is 52 kgs for 5 feet height .On SEPTEMBER 15th it was 53 . That endocrinologist said it is ok .But still I want to come down to 52 . I daily do pranayama with Hanuman manthra in 2, 8 , 4 , RATIO . along with sarvangasana , mandukasana , hhalasana ardhamathstendrasana , mathsyendrasana and some mudras . I am 66 year old and ready to go when the time comes . So I don't take any modern medicine .In fact many people who failed in modern medicine come to me , and my patients include doctors also .It is not my credit but their disgust with modern medical system .

  • bhaswathy

    That's great madam....Yoga is the best tool for health of mind, body and soul!

    Time to go is fixed when we are born. We just have to see we don't suffer much before going. Death is inevitable, but if we get stroke and get paralyzed due to high blood sugar levels continuously without modern medicines, other family members also has to suffer financially, physically as well as mentally. Not easy it seems...

    We may get nerve problems or kidney/liver failure due to high sugar levels as well...because organ failure is common with high BS levels with time. Would you like to be on dialysis for some time before going if kidney crashes?

    You have to think...for yourself and your family members. Health is Wealth.

  • Problem of liver failure , retinopathy , neuropathy can be tackled by taking zinc in very minute doses .It is verified by me . I found that psoriasis , vitiligo ,diabetes , liver cirrhosis all are cousins . Liver is the culprit and zinc deficiency is found the trigger in many cases .

  • bhaswathy

    Yes madam, I take zinc since it is an ingredient of some supplements I take. I take Cobadex czs tablet which has selenium and zinc as well in it ..I take it for reducing number of antibodies due to Autoimmune Hashimotos Hypothyroidism.

  • Zinc is found to reduce BP. In some cases it improves motor nerve conduction velocity.

  • that's good... u can always let us know all, which vitamin or mineral will help in what disorder or disease

  • verified practical experience

  • A worthy ambition, best of luck.

    However, you do not mention how you are going to replace the energy deficit, as you seem to be replacing one carbohydrate with another.

    And remember dried fruits are sugar bombs, and very easy to overeat. Try it if you like - make one meal of dried fruit and see what happens to your blood sugar levels.

  • MikePollard

    I just wish to check what carbs I can eat and what I can't so will just do trial and error to see what works...I will atleast eat 100g of carbs everyday since I have hypothyroidism also....reducing carbs drastically may reduce my thyroid hormones crucial for metabolism

    dried fruits I eat only when I fast...in a tiny quantity..only dried Apricot (3-4 pieces) and / or dried grapes...and not always...I eat 2-3 pieces of dates also....sparingly

    nuts I eat more...like walnuts and almonds

    will increase use of cheese in diet

  • If you have faith on homeopathy you can take '' Thyroidinum '' homeopathic prepation in 2 potency for 3 weeks ALONG with calcarea carb in 3o for 6 weeks , two globules once in a week.

  • thanks but I do not believe in homeopathy at all. Tried once long back without any effect.

  • That's why you are advising me to go for allopathy .In the family itself there are MD and DM doctors whom I give homeopathic medicines in case of constitutional problems . I know there is no specific remedy for the cure of diabetes . But even modern medicine does not have .They say they can only control . In fact the endocrinologist asked me whether I could give a medicine for his problem of weight reduction and diabetes .I said WE don't have but we can try by correcting the system which is a long drawn process . The rate of success is not high because it involves tackling too many issues .

  • Diet is the best remedy for diabetes and correcting the system also.

  • yes , not eating too much of any thing and going overboard .

  • Even if you eat too much fat on low carb you won't pick up weight as per calorie in calorie out theory


    That's why I keep saying just going by calorie in calorie out is not going to answer these things. Cal In Cal Out may just explain High Carb Low fat diet.

  • But being an endocrinologist and working in a big reputed hospital , a member of this forum , he must be knowing that .

  • Does he/she know anything about insulin and does he/she test FBS insulin? I can bet he/she wouldn't have tested fasting insulin ever on any of his/her Type 2 diabetics. I haven't seen anyone except low carbers talking about FBS insulin levels.

    And, what's the username of that endo here? Big hospitals make no difference when it comes to being well informed. None that I have met have ever talked of FBS insulin levels checking. They only follow ADA guidelines.

  • I don't know his user name . I just asked him out of curiosity whether he is a member and he said yes .He said Fbs was not needed in my case and I am not a diabetic .When ever I went there my reading never was over 135 , once it was 150 . He asked me whether I would be interested in modern medicine and I said no .EVEN in kashi when the ppbs was 180 the doctor said no medicine was required .He was taking the reading daily .

  • That proves what the doctors know and what they follow if they say 180 is great number and needs no medications. They know nothing and are just following few pamphlets from ADA et al. Period.

    I have had many debates with such doctors and in the end they only curse the internet and give no answers to any pointed questions.

  • True. But they know that I am a homeopath and take medicines regularly.

  • Irrespective of that if 180 warranted no attention from that endo, I will never go to such an endo.

    Why? Because 180 at 2 hrs means I would be spiking to 240 as peaks, enough to damage my kidneys in the long run. I love my kidneys more than the knowledge of such endos.

  • bhaswathy

    madam, u r talking of which member of this forum who is endocrinologist?

  • I don't know his user name .

  • Weight reduction?

    90 pounds in 9 months --


    No pills needed. Diet does it all. Recently one Indian diabetic has joined the other forum. He reduced from 135 kg to 90 kg in 11 months. No medications, no pills. Diet is the key. Bring the residual insulin in blood down.

  • Yes,diet is key!

    I had reduced my weight by 25 kg in 6 months on truncated diet!!

  • Insulin, Insulin, Insulin is the key. Get the residual insulin down to burn fat as first step.

  • OK , when I meet him next time I would pass on the message.

  • Except for nuts, all dry fruits are off the table. Even cashew nut is a bit restricted. Figs, raisins, dates are high in fructose and yes, they are sugar bombs. There are far better alternatives to get all micro-nutrients that figs, for example, MAY provide.

  • @anup MikePollard

    ok...figs/dates/raisins.............cancelled from my diet altogether.

    what are the alternatives to above dried fruits for getting micro-nutrients it provides?

    I eat pea nuts in breakfast for 10 days in a month...will increase that if I don't feel allergic to it...

    will increase almonds and walnuts whenever I feel hungry and fresh coconut pieces for snacking.

    what about dried apricot? can I continue eating?

  • Just check my reply to bhaswathy on how I proved peanuts win hands down over ragi -- so data wins over perception -- on calorie by calorie comparison.

    Wait for a few days, I will post a a thread on what my life revolves around on and then will ask those who say that we are going through truncated diet/distorted diet/nutritional torture to prove it based on calculations. I doubt I will ever get a scientific reply but still I will post for the audience here to bust the myth of Nutritional Torture., though I have posted about my diet many a times in the past in replies to posts.

    I have already posted about the same on the other forum.

    On general question: Eat anything and everything that you want to eat as long as you keep your carbs to 100g/day.

  • I say the same , eat any thing and everything as long as it is with in calorie limit with out bothering about GI . If GI is high eat that thing in lesser quantity . Of course this exemption can be given to some foods which fall under weakness category .My recommendation is 2000 calories for men and 1400 or 1500 calories for women , provided they are of medium build .On some days where one goes for vegetable biriyani or puliyodurai ,or any special rice dish , they have to forget any protein quota .This schedule if followed strictly does not necessitate modern medicine except some herbs .

  • There's a difference. I restrict carbs to 100 grams a day -- well below the glycogen storage capacity of liver -- and good fats are 60 percent. Calories we don't count as it is a failed science because it talks nothing about fat storage wrt insulin levels.

  • anup

    Could you please respond with the link to reply to bhaswathy about how u proved peanuts over ragi? I can't find it.

  • It was posted today. So you can check for my replies from:


    It's not easy to search for specific replies here so this long route.

  • ok

  • Ashka9

    Eliminating wheat will have a good effect

    I found out that packed atta spikes badly compared to what we prepare from local chakki

    Eg : if pre dinner is 90 or 95 I find post dinner after taking just one chappati is around 170 with packed atta. With chakki atta it's around 135-140

    With little brown rice it's around 130 or so

    Try atta with besan as some do it

    Also many packed multi grains atta may have soya and maize or makki which are genetically modified foods,, to be avoided

    All the best for new year

  • Shashikantiyengar

    yr above results you quoted are after 1 hr or 2 hrs of a meal?

  • Sorry. Forgot to mention

    It's at 1 hr.

    Comes down at 2 hrs

  • ours is local chakki atta...I think just one chappati causes lower BS level than 2 chappattis ...and so on as I explained in my post. Eating one chappati may not hurt at all as such in one meal

    do u still eat chappati in yr LCHF diet u follow?

  • No

    This was long back

    I take small qty brown rice 2-3 times a week in dinner only

  • There are also many hidden dangers, including nutrient deficiency, muscle glycogen depletion, catabolism and metabolic disturbances..

    I will post a separate thread on what my life revolves around in a few days time. Then would expect scientific answers with DATA to prove what are the hidden dangers from everyone who would like to critique based on data.

    Let's see who proves what we lack even on micro-nutrient level. Passing a judgment with no proof is never taken seriously by anyone who looks at science and medical reports. Hidden dangers of balanced diet we have already seen in 35 years. Diabetes medications have become the best sellers in India in no time. Top of the chart sales.

    Dr Bernstein is a living example of 40+ years of 30 grams carbs. Reversed his kidney disease, has ca score of 1, with more than seven decades of life as a Type 1.

    Appachen with triple by pass surgery in 2010, takes 2 TBSP VCO (30ml) and loads of butter daily on High fat diet. His reports are great. Insulin reduced by 50 units and A1C in 5.6 range. Only thing he is lacking is the need to buy that additional 50 units of insulin every day. That's roughly 90 bucks a day or Rs 2700/month saved for better food than what ADA would want him to eat so that he can quickly go back to 100 units insulin a day.

  • Diabetes medications have become the best sellers in India in no time.

    Very true!

  • @rajivrao

    I am not joining the low carb bandawagon. I am trying to follow low carb principle after monitoring my BS levels after 2 hrs of wheat and different foods I eat to know what should I eat and what I shouldn't. LOW CARB is the only solution for Type 2 diabetics especially since we can't metabolize carb properly due to IR. If we do not follow this principle and remain dependent only on medicines ...be it herbal or allopathic, it is not going to solve our problem of BS level if we eat high carb or balanced meal recommended for a non-diabetic person.

    Once pancreas do overworking for digestion of high carbs for a long time...it gives up one day and we land into reduced BCF. This will lead to less insulin for digestion of carbs than required and force us to take insulin shots which I wish to avoid in any case. I hate needles. And even I hated medicines ...though being Pharmacist...since my childhood.

    Other reason, if we take higher carbs than we can metabolize efficiently, it would result in higher BS levels as can be seen with all my PPBS level lately. Consistent high BS levels would lead to diabetic complications like neuropathy, blindness, impaired kidney function and what not.

    Better we understand the simple fact that LOW CARB is the only option for us ...as diabetics.

  • I could definitely do with a light festival! The UK has moved to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) today, and it started getting dark at 16:30 (although it's been a bit dark and drizzly most of the day on the east coast).

    Our New Year is two months away, but this is as good a time as any to think about resolving things.

  • Concerned

    Yes, let light triumph over darkness!:-)

  • Nothing to Investigate - ITs proven fact that Carbs will raise BS-

    just learn how to control- reduce carbs - NO more than 45 grams per meal ( lunch and dinner ) and NO more than 100 grams net carbs per day.

    Follow LCHF - diet

    Paratha has lot more carbs than Chappati-

    even one chappti- has as much as 15 grams carbs.

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