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Need some serious guidance for this silent killer

I am 29 years old boy recently diagnosed with diabetes

Fasting BS 300

PPBS 480

HB1AC 10.8

Wt 59.8 kg

height 156 cm

DOC adviced me to take novomix insulin 12 Unit before breakfast 8 unit after dinner along with galvus met 50/500 both the time.

After 15 days my result is as follows

fasting bs 92

after lunch 160

doc cut down my one time insulin now.

I read approximately all the articles in this forum including some additional links on google.

i have some serious doubts as follows:-

1. Shall my sex life be affected ? Reply from my similar age guy will give some actual idea.

2.What is the life expectancy of being a diabetes?

3.Regarding diet in this forum everyone is talking differrntly. Some one is saying milk is not good some one is saying it is very good bla bla. Can some one give me some diet tips .

I have been surfing for diabtes only for past 1 month. What i concluded

1.people have doubt that diabetic looses theiir decision making ability.

Totally bullshit because Shushma swaraj is having diabetes since 12 + years and she is not making any wrong decision as a foreign minister.

2.Being a diabetic is not a punishment. You can reverse it. Byt you need some motivation as well.

I will definately reverse it for sure but i want some experinced people to clear my doubt because i am going to marry soon .

Thanks in advance :)

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Thanks Anup for your prompt reply.

tell me somethin about sex life of young diabetic how DM will affects it.


If you keep your blood sugar levels in normal range and HbA1c < 5.7 and keep cholesterol levels and triglycerides in control, then you won't face any issues at all.. You will enjoy the life just like non-diabetic.. !!! I am also 29 and diabetic.. My sugar levels were 180/320 when first diagnosed.. As of now my sugar levels are under control and I don't feel any problems whatsoever in my health!!


Please understand diabetes is not a disease or a silent killer.- it is a symptom physiologically expressed by our body when it find it difficult to face insulin resistance. When you go for 100 metres short run competition, your breathing rythm changes and you feel exhausted. But you know well it can be reversed by not going for a fast run. It is as simple as that. So you can definitely reverse the diabetes. When you have been identified as a diabetic You have to :-

(1) go for a morning walk for half an hour and if possible an evening walk for half an hour . This apart from as a good exercise , Exposure to Sunlight gives you sufficient Vitamin -D which is a prime factor to get relief from Diabetes. The very purpose of our creation with two long legs is for constant movements. So please get away from the sitting habits of closed door at home or office , always.

(2) Continue to Enjoy all types of food with quantity restriction. Take food such a way that you feel hungry after Two and a half an hour. Avoid strictly Table sugar and processed foods. Always take homely food. Reduce Carbohydrate by 50% and replace with vegetable protein and Fats. you need not worry to take more nuts and seeds since most of the seeds have 60% carbohydrates along with protein. When you take fats and protein along with carbohydrate for breakfast GI will not shoot up not only after break fast but also after your lunch and even after dinner the Blood sugar will not shoot up. Animal fats are found to be a problem for humans since our system could not break open the source code of DNA of few animals and birds. some exceptions are small scaly fish where our systems could break open the source code of their DNA and assimilate their fats for digestion. Try to take raw vegetables and fruits whenever possible along with one table spoon of virgin coconut oil. VCO has very good vegetable mediam chain trygliceride fat which is badly needed by our brain.

(3) Avoid powdered table salt. Take sea salt or rock salt in raw form which is not refined or powdered . This salt has most of the valuable minerals which is otherwise lost when refined and powered.

After three weeks , you will find it comfortable and please make it a habit to continue and then you can meet doctor and reduce medicines as per his advice. good luck to you.


2.What is the life expectancy of being a diabetes?

depends on your control. My doctor encouraged by saying you will live longer since will be having regular medical care/ check up


Dear friend ,Follow what Anup says.Purchase a glucometer preferably Accucheck active and start monitoring your PPBS for quantity and quality of foods after 2hours.Maintain a register in which make different columns date wise. standardisation of diet is a must to maintain your sugar level.Calibrate your strips with some good patho lab.If you maintain LCHF diet and still need drugs then go for it.But I am pretty sure that with minimum drugs you can maintain your life.Follow some books like Dr Breinstein.Be optimistic and have courage to reverse diabtes or maintain the nondiabetic number.Remember diabetes can never be reversed. All the best.

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doctors advice is good and medication is also good you just follow for a while!


Thanks all to your encourage.

My current reports are as follows

Fasting. Sugar 120

PP:- 200

No sugar in urine

Cholestrol levels are normal.

Doc stopped my insulin because i feel always weak after taking insulin all the time.

Doc prescribe me

Two metaformin galvus met 50/500 one after breakfast and other after dinner along with a daivit for nutrient.

I am increasing my brisk walking period as well .

I want to ask you people how much time it will take to adjust with my diabetes. ?? Because still i m feeling weakness sometime.


Thanks for your suggestion sir. Really a encouraging one.

Your uncle was a lucky one :)

May i know since when he had diabetes?

Yes i will definately reverse it for sure. :) Always need blessing and guidance of people like you.


Thanks Sir for sharing information.

As far as my research is concern diabetic complications depends upon person to person body as well.

Give your thought.


If you are recently diagnosed diabetes then how come doctor precribed insulin every doctor start with metformin and glimipride, volgibose tablets and monitor for few days, point is if you are serious then cut your crab including roti, rice potato, etc etc, have dalia khichdi, or long wheat mesh, what I did after going through this forum, cut down my roti from 5 to 2 or 3, replaced it with khichdi, was able to reduce tablets i.e. galvus 50 other tablets are still continued problem is progress may be slow reversing is very slow process hence we should try for reversing, take vitamin B complex, folic acid tablets such bocosuleZ tablets


My mother has been suffering fm diabetes since last 10 yrs ..she is 59 yrs old ..from last one yr she is taking one galvus met 50/500 tablet in the evening and one pioz mfg2 in the morning along with 14 units of lantus insulin at bed time regularly .. Is it a right combination for her ..she is taking almost normal diet and her sugar level generally close to 150-200


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