Wants to put some weight / Build muscle

Hi All,

I was diagnosed Diabetes on august 2015

I am completely med free from 2 months

On this coming 18th Jan i will celebrate my 30th birthday.

current parameters are as follows :-

fbs 89

ppbs after 1 hour 123

ppbs after 2 hour 112

hba1c 5.3

Lipids are awesome.

TG = 90

Regular excercise

Diet :- High fat Less Carb


Morning running plus 1/2 hour workout

Breakfast 2 eggs with york plus 4 brown bread with butter

after 1.30 hour 1 glass milk with turmeric

lunch 4 chapatis plus veggies

in the evening again 1 glass milk with turmeric

in the night again 3 chapatis with egg curry or chicken curry

i am weekly taking chicken and fish

i am following this diet although my sugar is in controlled but my weight is not increasing.

what i am doing wrong ?

Any suggestion to build muscle.

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  • What were your test readings when diagnosed?

  • Hi my readings were

    Fasting 350

    Ppbs 520

    Hba1c 10.8

    Rest of the parameters were not affected :)

  • And how did doctor reacted with these readings?

  • god !!!see a medico asap

  • His numbers are already down in safe range :)

  • How is this diet low carb?

  • your levels are amezingly good who told u you are diabetic ???

  • build muscles instead weight cardio abs butterfly jumps n skipping have protiens

  • @Shankarmishra124

    WRT weight -- Looking at your TG and CARBS, I think you are working more - workouts, walks or whatever, else for a diabetic to hit sub 100 TG on 7 chapatis + 4 brown breads is a bit difficult in absence of any workouts/walks.

    Add peanuts+walnut+almonds to your daily menu and see if weight picks up.

    For building muscle isotonic/isometric exercises, weights, strength building should help. One of best stuff for building strength in least time is BULLWORKER -


  • Anup

    Have u tried bullworker..?

    How was the result in building muscles

  • Yes, first I tried in late 1970's and the overall dev from that day has carried on to this date. I bought one in 2011 again for Rs 1200, IIRC. I do it irregularly. It does give strength and tones up muscles.

  • Ok I will include wallnut almond and Peanuts to my daily menu. Hope it helps. Thanks Sir. :)

  • dear sir,

    qty or volume of muscle is not important,toning of the muscle is imp, you might have seen bruce lees body, less muscle , high flexibility,more strength and stamina and nerves of steel.that is the difference between body building and yogic exercise.

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