Indian LCHF diet for Veg and Non veg people

This post is for anup Sir and MyDBGONE primarily ,but i request all LCHF follower to discuss their LCHF meal Plan for indian people.

Few doubts-

1) Is LCHF diet is recommended for Young diabetic like me.As i have to stay fit for long and avoid any other future complications as well.

2) Young people like me feels very weak once i tried LCHF diet. Clearify on this issue.

Kindly share your experince.

*self care is best care , trying to reverse my diabetes*


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1 Reply

  • (1) LCHF diet is recommended for all diabetics as one of the best ways to manage diabetes on less drugs besides fixing LIPIDS, Hypertension, oral health, skin health etc.

    (2) Three weeks needed to adapt to LCHF diet.

    As for meals, lots of meals have been posted on Bottom line is start counting carbs/fat/protein and keep carbs around 100 grams. All it takes is one or two weeks of counting.

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