LCHF Diet -- any success stories?

Hello everyone, I am hearing/seeing a lot about LCHF diet; its benefits for diabetes, it will result in reversal, etc..

Please reply if you are the one following LCHF and you controlled your BS with that.

I just want to learn truely how many people have benefited from that and why doctors won't recommend the same.


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12 Replies

  • Follow your doctor advise,he is the best judge,do not be sway e away by any website.

  • Thank you all for the reply..

    I wanted to learn about the success stories because I know individual story is far better than doctor advice; particularly in case of diabetes; My doctor himself told me that every type 2 will eventually have to depend on Insulin at some point of their life and I found a hope in LCHF.

  • lchf helping me to controls diabetics without medicine. presently there is no cure for it

  • Before making alteration to your dietary system meet a person in person if you can be,who is on lchf for at least 5-10 years,discuss with him or her in the presence of your doctor,then decide &you proceed further.

  • I have not written my blog to you,I had posted it for a person who has asked the the first instance. He can meet a person in his city/town or elsewhere who is on lchf form last 5-10 years if possible and arrange a meeting with his doctor and discuss the whole merits and demerits of diet he is practicing these days.

    You are asked not to give your unnecessary&unwanted advise to me.

  • @ fellow lchfers., its very nice to follow the conversations., very nice. by the way i was talking to one M.D. gerneral physician., yesterday and i wanted to shae his story. while talking with himn i came to know that he was operated upon for trivalve blockage in a famous hospital here in hyd. (I am withholding all the names for secrecy). I said sorry. then he told me that the hospital cheated him without giving him breathin time for second opinion after angigram., and the worst part of the story was HE DID NOT HAVE ANY BLOCKS IN HIS HEART AT ALL. i felt like crying., here is one decent elderly doctor cheated by fellow doctors. and then he said to me 'doctors do lie'. he also concurred about low carb treatment for diabetes, but was apprehensive about the high fat part.

    when i mention about lchf he was neither denying the effectivenss nor condemning it. he was just keeping himself reserved about ., but it is understandable.

    what really bugs me., is his comment and acceptance 'doctors lie' and extending it to pharma mafia. unfortunately he could not spend more time as he was in a rush. now. thats for a sharing with you. a sad moment.

  • Yes dear cscon., what happens is the doctors get naturally apprehensive bcos they are ingrained with teaching that saturated fats kill. and its like a beleif a sort of religious beleif and difficult to sahke it out. say if one accepts lchf readily its like switching a religion. totally aceeptavble that its denied. i myuself was shivery to accept the thesis. in fact i was scared to death to accept it. even now i can still reemmber my fears. of eating fats. i do not find fault with doctors who cannot accept lchf. afterall they too are human whoise beleifs rule them.

  • @Meetu77 :-

    the list of doctors (some list) who are advocoting low carb approach.

  • escon, I have not written my blog neither for you nor your companion Mettu77,hence you are no body to respond to my blog nor authorized to do so. I have written for the man who asked the question, $he is free to act or not to act on my blog.

    Hence both of you are again asked not to give unnecessary and unwarranted advise to me,which has not been warranted by me form both of you.

  • I never replied to your blog,just keep in mind you are not only member on this forum,

    The person under question with other wording that why do not recommend lchf diet,my blog was on this $not on your blog.Donot try to be over clever.

  • escon ,who are you to comment on my blog as i have not directed to you? Any member whether he is on any type of dietary system can respond to his query. can put forward his or her views,and it is on the person who has put a query whether to respond or not to respond .

  • I have a question to those of you who successfully use a low carb, high fat diet. You mean LOW carb, and not NO carb, I guess? There is a new NCHF diet where the NC = no carbs, and when only eat meat, fish, and animal fat. That seems a bit extreme to me.

    What kind of carbs do you exclude from your diet? Everything except low glycemic vegetables?

    I have heard of three versions of the LCHF diet: the strict version, where you can only eat up to 20 g of carbs per day, the liberal version, where you can eat between 40-50 g of carbs, and the liberal version where the limit is 80-100 g a day (depending on the source). How much carbs do you eat approximately on any given day on a low carb diet?

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