LWMDR specification modified

LWMDR specification modified

Dear followers (current & prospective) of LWMDR,

This is to draw your valued attention to an improved LWMDR based on independent Scientific Study result ( diabetes.org.in/journal/200... ). A pictorial representation of the results published (a decade & half ago) is given above. It is self-explanatory.

In LWMDR I was taking 1gm LW per Kg of body weight per meal, twice daily (BF & Supper). Same was the advice given to others. But the above mentioned study was carried out with 200-300gm Long Wheat Flour (LWF) per day through two meals (2 of BF, Lunch or Supper) daily as unleavened bread. This has produced faster results on an average, as seen in the picture.

Hence LWMDR specification is modified as follows:

Take 1 to 2.5 gm of LW per Kg of body weight per meal, twice daily (BF & Supper) as mash or as flour cooked as pudding or unleavened bread (like Roti/Chapathi etc).

This may show BS hike initially but will produce faster results later as seen in the picture above.

Please report progress for the benefit of others. Wish you all a speedy cure.


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79 Replies

  • Useful picture and advise. Thank you Mr. Goerge.

  • :-)

  • Thank you for valuable guidance sir, i will try sir

  • :-)

  • Thank you very much for the recognition & complement; :-) .

    Utmost one may qualify LWMDR a NUTRITIONAL MEDICINE & nothing more.

    Even if one take more quantity of LWM or for a longer period it is not going to cause any problems.

  • Actually, when two meals a day one is supposed to be eating only boiled and mashed wheat, this gets too restrictive. We have far more liberties and options on LCHF diet and once one settles into LCHF, nothing seems attractive.

    As for CURE, I am still waiting for someone to break that news. CURE based on 0/30/60/980/120 min readings on OGTT and not just selectively look at 2 hr reading and deceptively claim being cured.

    Eating 300 grams flour a day will surely never cure diabetes. It hasn't happened in more than a decade and isn't going to happen in another two decades at least. Surprised to see that all talks of static electricity damaging the so called curing properties have taken back seat and now even flour is allowed :)

  • Well just create more "artificial deprivation" by upping the qnty.

    No science, just sales pitch. Now it's doses seem to be like a dose of Metformin ... start with 500 push it to 2000 til it meets final failure. This would just buy some more time to keep the demand for LW high :)

    Since 2001 (when the paper was published) we have only seen an highest upsurge of diabetes in South (where LW is readily available). So, in short, all this claim of CURE is hogwash.

    I guess Dharwad Univ rightly didn't find it meaningful to pursue this thought any further after seeing the six week results on PPBS.

  • Study was published in 2001. But, do you know how many have tried this diet or stuck to it? If not, debunking this diet is plain stupid.

  • BTW, those who have been propounding the theory of CURE by LW, didn't even know this study existed. This study was dug out by one of LCHF diet follwoers.

    Also, If blood sugar shoots to 200 (after claiming being CURED) after one hour of eating just 4 idlis that's not CURE. That's HOGWASH.

    What's surprising is, that now rotees are allowed. Earlier static electricity was destroying the "CURING" property of long wheat due to grinding. :D :D

    BTW, do you sell Long Wheat? Your first post, three weeks after joining and you pick up on me? I have done all these research for close to five years now.

    Despite tall claims of CURE on LW, no cure has happened, so far.

    I can quote a young lady on this very forum, who FAILED with LW flour and finally switched to LCHF diet and went off drugs.

    Also, Type 2 starts with over production of insulin, and not deficiency. The whole LW mash theory presumes that it will revive Pancreas. When was pancreas not working in any case when it was over producing INSULIN -- and this happens to almost all Type 2 during initial protracted periods?

    Reviving pancreas sounds exciting and easy to sell. Problem is that those who really understand Type 2, pancreas is already REVVED" up during the initial phase. So where does question of "REVIVING" come from? How many have CURED their diabetes from LW in 14 years? I am sure by now the proponent of this theory must have at least 100 CURES in his neighborhood at least.

    Eating BOILED MASH Wheat is nothing but creating "ARTIFICIAL DEPRIVATION". Try it with Hulled Barley and you may get better results wrt sugar control. CURE, will never happen.


  • So how is "ARTIFICIAL DEPRIVATION" bad if it is giving positive results to some ?

  • Well, adding psyllium husk to everything on the plate will also give same artificial deprivation. If carbs get absorbed less, everything else also will get absorbed less.

  • Write ur diet chart plz

  • Write ur diet chart plz

  • Science is dynamic. Its horizon is ever growing. Most new findings complement the existing.

  • Earlier dose was neither insufficient nor erroneous. Higher dose gives faster result. Thats all! 1gm to 2.5 gm per kg BW per meal means earlier dose still holds good. Now there is a range which gives flexibility to those who need more food.

  • More food only in form of "boiled wheat" and this enlightenment comes after the old paper of 200-300 grams on "flour" and not "boiled wheat" was dug out?


  • You can download tapatalk app and use it to connect to all forums that support tapatalk.


    dlife.in is taptalk compatible and there are many users on dlife.in who are using it on daily basis.

  • I feel that the usage "1 to 2.5 gm" confused some users. They might have misunderstood that 1 is increased to 2.5.

    Probably "1.0gm - 2.5gm" would have been better.

  • Simple wheat if boiled and eaten like LW told to be, then it will give lower spikes. So, it's all about creating "Artificial Deprivation" due to the "FORM" in which it gets consumed. A simple look at the GI of hulled barley, broken barley and barley flour will reveal these things. Same would apply to wheat too. When it comes to "Digestibility", one can mimic by mixing few things up as I had mentioned in a post recently. But, flour will still spike harder than eating unbroken (or even mashed). Chemical reactions is all about mesh size. :)

    All the talks about cure is hogwash and humbug.

  • You are wrong,only long wheat user can see the difference.... I am using and getting benefits

  • So got CURED?

    I am not eating any wheat and seeing still greater benefits.

  • Glad to hear that there is another way also to beat diabetes.....because of ICHF love one should not hate LWMDR..... We should have one goal and that is beat diabetes..whether it is long wheat or LCHF..... I am using LWMDR but have no problem with LCHF...

  • Thank you @vyasbkn for the statements on using LW & benefiting from it.

    Nothing can be added to a filled container as it has reached its capacity.

  • 300 gm is per day. 1 - 2.5 gm per kg of body weight is per meal per day.

  • BTW, the study was on FLOUR and not eating boiled whole wheat :)

    Also, a comparison of start end end points reveal nothing improved on PPBS at all.

  • Whole wheat advise was only to avoid the possibility of being cheated with adulterated stuff while purchasing. This was emphasised in online article as well as in a post here. The whole grain was never meant to be swallowed without chewing. This also had been clarified several times earlier.

  • There will always be a difference in "assimilation" between eating peanut butter and roasted peanuts for same weight of peanut content. Same applies for wheat vs flour. All about digestibility being impacted by mesh size. Chewing wheat (or roasted peanut) can never get to same level as flour (or peanut butter).

  • Thank you sir for this valuable information I am already using long wheat roti from last 5 months along with lwmdr and good improvements in sugar levels as I mentioned before

  • Try with hulled barley and not pearl barley. Hulled will have lowest GI, which on cooking will increase but not as much as flour. So make a porridge of whole hulled barley and see how it spikes. No mashing.

  • Please read the original study paper published in an international journal.

  • That study was with flour and PPBS remained almost unchanged over 6 week period.

  • Statement "... PPBS remained almost unchanged over 6 week period" is wrong.

  • All scientists of those days laughed & cracked similar or worse jokes when it was told that earth is spherical and not flat!

  • What about the published BS numbers of the limited scientific study of 2001?

    For what period & how much LW daily consumption is the basis of your valuable experience?

  • I do not understand the meaning of the statement " Long Wheat is a CARB". Can somebody explain?

  • Why all this negativity towards long wheat? Those following LWMDR are doing it because they are happy with the results . They never try to prove LCHF bandwagon as those on restrictive rrgime. All those on this forum having LWMDR know the flexibility which those on lchf have not experienced. As in my case I can freely eat stuff which diabetics are suggested to keep away from .I really don't care for a cu re as this flexibility on tweaking diet freely is all that matters !!! So all the learned people please don't try to prove LWMDR as a restricted option. By trying to propagate LWMDR in a poor light up are showing your intentions that you are here just to prove yourselves right and the LWMDR fraternity fools! Let everyone follow what they are compatible with rather than trying to demotivate others. We all are here to help one another and not to prove our points. I appreciate shooter George sir as he is just writing his own experience which is certainly helping a section of people here and never indulges in trying to prove others wrong. This is dignified selfless service towards humanity. God bless people like him.

  • Dear seemap,

    Really your reply is superb. In this forum, two methodologies are being followed by diabetic members. Mr.George has never tried to denigrate other's methodology. I like your line " I really don't care for a cure as this flexibility on tweaking diet freely is all that matters". I have been suffering from this disease right from 1996 and I know how many hardships I have come across. After starting this LWMDR, I am very happy to say that the sugar level is stable. I request that the person concerned would maintain diplomacy in not denigrating others findings. He has to learn the same from Mr.George. No matter as to whether it is LWMDR or X, Y, Z. When a particular diet is found to be good for controlling our sugar levels, what is the problem in following it. Please do not try to demotivate the people following LWMDR. We do not say LCHF is bad. At the same time, LWMDR is no way inferior to LCHF. In fact, it is far more better with much more flexibility and it can only be experienced by practice. Either it is LWMDR or LCHF, those who find it convenient to their suitability, let them choose the regimen of their own. It is not fair on anyone's part to complain or denigrate LWMDR. Thank you seemap.

  • Thank you sir . It's upto each individual to follow the most suitable diet for controlling diabetes . And it certainly is unfair to just criticise without practising the therapies to know about its benefits. Sir happy to know that you are managing your sugars well. Do keep us posted about your progress for the benefit of all of us who are following LWMDR.

  • Yes sure I will. Thank you sir.

  • Amount of denigration and personal abuses against LCHF followers has been unparalleled out here on this forum right from the day I started talking about LCHF in Jan 2013. Not just that, Guys started picking up LCHF posts and started being sarcastic while promoting LW regime even on LCHF posts where users shared great results.

    It is good that it has almost subsided now that those guys are off from this forum. They insulted even without practicing or listening to what was being said.

  • I agree with you...If one is right does not mean that every one other than him/her is wrong. There are many medicines for same disease and all cures the disease.

  • Hello George Sir - My Age is 31 diabetic from last 2 years, using Reclimate 80mg twice a day and my last random BS was 246 before starting LWMDR. Some time i wont prefer to take tablets because it creates shivering and irritates. I have been reviewing your post from more than 6 months and got full faith by hearing from multiple people applying LWMDRin their diet and found good results. I started LWMDR from past 20 days and finding improvement, feeling very active. from past week i stopped taking my tablets and finding blur vision. I am having LW MASH morning and night and in the afternoon 2 cups of Rice followed with veg/non veg curries. Can you clarify why blurry vision im finding. Thanks

  • Sudden discontinuance of medicine at an inappropriate time can cause problems. More details are required to conclude.

  • Does LW taken as mash or as flour cooked as pudding or unleavened bread (like Roti/Chapathi etc) contain same results ? So far , I was under the impression that it is to be taken only as mash and that's what is detailed in your blog too .

  • That theory of eating only mash has undergone a drastic shift after someone -- user aks6666 IIRC -- from LCHF camp posted a paper from 2001 -


    So, now you are allowed to eat roti. Eat roti from 300 grams LW flour daily and test your levels at 60 and 120 minutes after first bite is my take and then see how long would it take to get A1C < 5.6 :)

    As to why the initial rise, if you read the paper, it says 200 to 300 grams of flour. That's a very lose limit and nowhere it is specified as to at what stage they were taking 200 or 300 or was it completely random based on hunger. PPBS showed no improvement after 6 weeks.

    Well, someone can cherry pick from the interim peak and say that improvement was there. But, science doesn't believe in cherry picking. All comparisons in any trials are from base-level to end-point. If one applies the same cherry-picking rule to normal wheat flour, then even normal wheat flour resulted in drop of PPBS. So, let's not be selective just to defend a viewpoint when the experiment data is available. :)

  • The statement " PPBS showed no improvement after 6 weeks" is wrong. The paper contains data ONLY UP TO 6 WEEKS and NOT AFTER 6 weeks.

  • I am not wrong going by what the study data says. It says what it says in clear terms. Conclusions are based on short term studies also. Studies don't go on indefinitely unless worth it.

    Yes, after six weeks of trial no improvement. Let's not go into the semantics.

    How many CURED in 9 years in your neighborhood?

  • Write ur diet chart plz

  • I was talking only about mash because I have used mash only. The use of flour was brought to my attention by another respected member of this forum through the link of the 2001 paper. I do not know whether anybody has compared the effects of using LW as mash as well as flour (cooked).

  • Why would BS hike initially?

  • Initial hike in BS is due to increased starch intake. Then LW stabilises BS. Then LW begin to reduce BS. Please see the picture above.

  • Yes. Saw the diagram.

    It does not show improvements in PPBS. Does it?

    After 6 weeks, the level after initial hike, stabilization, reduction, comes back to where it started. Where is the improvement?

  • Thank you for seeing the diagram.

    6 weeks is too short a period as far as diabetes is concerned. Even in that period FBS has shown improvement & PPBS has shown reversal of direction. The increase in PPBS that happened in 4 weeks was cancelled out in 2 weeks. Is this not an improvement?

    There is a sign reversal & doubling in the rate of change of PPBS. Does this not look like improvement?

    l was on LWMDR for almost three years to hit cure (even though my BS became normal in few months).

    There is another post titled "LWMDR Corroborated by a scientific study paper published way back in 2001 ADE". It has all the numbers from the original paper.

    In my humble opinion the improvement shown by the subjects (participants) of that SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF 2001 is PHENOMINAL, if not in quantity at least in quality!

    May I take this opportunity to thank you for asking this question.

  • Okay Sir. What is bothering me more in the graph is the Sugar Spike between FBS and PPBS . At the start of the regimen the sugar spike was from 130 ( FBS ) to 180 ( PPBS ) . Fine. While over the period of 6 weeks it has increased from 80 to 180. Similar experience has happened to me too when I have seen the spike from 95 just before the meal to 224, 2 hrs post meal. For me the BS level after having LWM is still unpredictable until one is disciplined in carb count. High quantity of LWM has always given me more spike than controlled quantity of LWM i.e every time I had the carb count in permissible range.

    What's your take on this?

  • Pour 500ml milk in a 1000ml transparent container. Some will see it as half-filled one, where as some others will see the same one as a falf-empty one. That is why the statement :"beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder".

    When FBS was 130 & PPBS 180, the gap was 50. Due to the effect of LW, after 6 weeks FBS came down from the increased value to 80 where as the PPBS came down to 180 only. Hence the gap is 100. You are ignoring the decrease of FBS and emphasising the gap. I reserve my comments on your way of thinking.

    Low PPBS due to reduced starch intake is obvious & simple. Purpose of LWMDR is not to reduce BS temporarily but to reverse & ultimately cure diabetes. Hope people will undersrand & appreciate it at an appropriate time as some members have already done.

  • BTW, diabetes can never be cured. Yes CURE is a sexy term to SELL. Doesn't need much effort as being gullible isn't an exception.

    Also, CURE means that sugar should not shoot to anywhere beyond 140 at any instant (yes 30,60,90,120 min) after eating just 4 idlis and having a cup of coffee with sugar. If it shoots to 200 at one hr, that's not diabetes cure for sure.

    If, I am just looking at what "I" would find convenient to CLAIM CURE, that's not science. That's cherry picking, much like glass "Half Empty and Half Full" argument.

    If i were to do "Cherry Picking" I could have claimed being CURED long back :)

  • :-)

  • How is your diabetes, LIPIDS and drug dose for both Sugar and LIPIDS on LCHF?

  • @difidend, Let's keep the effect of LWMDR on others (except Shooter George) aside.

    Do you mean to say that the numbers presented by him for himself on improvemens, if not cure, are not true?

  • I have added 75-80gms of LWM to my LCHF menu. Once a day. With a little of daal and 2 tsp of VCO. I like the taste of daliya and don't feel like having a patient diet. Secondly I don't feel hungry for long or till next meal after taking LWM.

    Rest everything else is close to the LCHF requirement.

    I still don't know the FCP composition in LWM. If somebody can help me, it will help me monitor the carb intake more closely.

    So far the BS readings in last few days are satisfactory. FBS still not in non diabetic range but not too high as well. PPBS mostly in non diabetic range .

    Walk / exercise, not regular.

    Continuing with metformin 500 MG. Will continue for some more time.

    Has stopped taking statin for last 7-8 days just to check if the fluctuations in the BS level can be checked. Would start taking it again till me next Lipid tests results and appointment with the doctor.

  • LWMDR patients can come out of it but not any others.

  • Any wheat if CARBS are restricted to the LCHF range, no harm. We normally eat anything that we want to eat as long as we are in the LCHF range.

    Stay away from Statins as Statins cause IR too since they force more insulin in blood and hence one will land up with hypertension drugs also.

    Unless you have had an cardiac event, Statins are USELESS drug as preventive medicine. only 1 in 1000 benefit as a preventive drug for patients with no cardiac event history.

    Aim for

    TG < 100.

    TG/HDL < 2.5, lower the better.

  • I wish to clarify & repeat what is written in my online article "the staple starchy part of the meal is swapped with LWM". Umpteen number of choices are available in the side dishes to make each meal different from the previous or next one!!! I have never said that I ate ONLY LWM ALL THROUGH THE THREE YEARS. I had been enjoying all the side dishes prepared for our family - meat, fish, egg, sambaar, pulisserry, elisseeri, thooran, aviyal, pickles and what not! Of course I avoided tapioca & the like.

    It is felt that there is no deprivation in LWMDR - be it natural or artificial.

  • Rightly said! Thank you!! Flat earth has end point; round earth has no end point!!!

  • There are several varieties of grains that contain Starch. Each variety contain a unique set of other things in addition to starch. That is why those varieties are different. Effect of eating Long Wheat is different from that of Common Wheat, Rice etc.

    I wish to repeat your words "Please ... ... ... ."

    Even though what I say about the effect of LW on diabetes is a fact, I was under the impression that it was not an established one until an untiring member brought the Scientific study result of 2001 to my attention; my thanks to that member!

    Any one who is "NO MORE DIABETIC" need not bother about Long Wheat, taking it daily, torture due to it, availability of LW in USA or elsewhere, etc. (even though LW is available in USA).

    Anyone who is "NO MORE DIABETIC" can be on comon diet with desserts etc for a few months at-least & can undergo GTT.

    I sincerely hope that glad thing to happen after July 2016.

  • It really surprised me that now it is already 1st of October. I had almost forgotten about my previous comment but HE never forget!!!!!!!! HE brought me here now & made me read my previous response to your remark difidend when you were leaving for USA, to be back in July 2016. Since you were no more Diabetic 7 months ago, I am eagerly awaiting your OGTT results.

  • Great. Near non diabetic sugar readings have great impact on manhood too :)

    Enjoy good health for years to come on this healthy diet -- LCHF

  • Hope you are back from USA, @ difidend!

  • Guys. My view:

    While LCHF is a good diet to follow many is us find it a bit difficult in the beginning. So I suggest that we use long wheat in place of regular wheat to have that 1 roti / chappati that we crave for.

    Once we are on to full LCHF this can be stopped.

    Let's use the best of both.

  • Thank you for the healthy approach. A synergy may emerge! Congratulations for the wonderful idea.

  • Dear George, Can I take oats (Quaker) in place of Long wheat, rest all remaining the same?

  • @ sepeter,

    It is your freedom BUT DO NOT EXPECT THE RESULTS I GOT. Drinking tea will not give the same effect as drinkingmilk.

  • I could be on LWMDR for three years without break & could be on normal diet for the next six years without depending on LONG WHEAT. What more do a diabetic need?

  • HI sir ,

    i have read all the data about LWMDR , some queries like , I have diagnosed with 400 FBS and PPBS 370 when detected. HBA1C was 10. i started with 800 MG Galvus Met, then started with Ayurvedic treatment with very strict diet and little exercise. eventually my Hba1c lowered to 7.and then i stopped taking medicine. after some month, with good exercise my HBa1c came to 6.2 without medicine. but after some days , due to my irregularity in diet and exercise hba1c again rose to 7.2. thus i stopped Aurvedic and started now with Glizid M 1/2 tablet. which gave me good results on FBS and PPBS.

    Now i have again started with good exercise with GYM including cardio and weight training. so my goal is to reduce weight upto 5-6 KG (now 70 req 61) so that more insulin will be produced, as well as exercise will help me in growing muscle to eat more sugars. and meanwhile saw your website.

    I am assured one again that it can be cured but , have some queries.

    As i am exercising , feeling hungry or can feel faint in morning or some time , so i can take tea with little sugar. or i started feeling faint due to low sugar as medicine also there , can i take some sugary bite to get out of faint feeling ? in LWMDR plan ?

    also , what protien i can take along which will not affect LWMDR but will help in my muscle sore or veg protein requirements. I am vegetarian. thanks in advance.

  • During LWMDR or any others if one goes to low sugar immediately take some direct sweet and REDUCE medicine dose very little same day onwards. Going to LS is high risk matter.

    During my LWMDR I did not make any change in other items from which I used to get protein. Same is applicable to others also.

  • Dear George sir ,

    thanks very much for reply. i was unable to reach this post due to not able to navigate finally found.

    currerently my hbA1c is back to 6.1 with glizid M half tab in morning. we are trying for baby doc advised to not discontinue medicine as hba1c should be below 6.5. but not sometime feel faint, i tried only one day with LWMDR with spicy recipe , tadka with little oil then added mashed LW then added Kitchen King and for test added some Ghee. it was awesome test. On the same day i felt that my sugar is going down.

    thanks in Advance , if i get more time to come on site again. regards Mihir

  • It's my pleasure @ mihirlimaye.

  • Hi sir

    This means I can take LW. Roti instead of lwmr.

  • Yes, that is what I learned from the scientific study paper brought here by a learned member and data presented above.

    The name used in that paper is UNLEAVENED BREAD. With my limited knowledge it was FELT that ROTI, CHAPPAATHY etc comes in that category. Please correct me, if I am wrong, for the benefit of others also. People of some parts who's staple food is wheat may know it better. Hope you will revert.

    I have NO personal experience in that.

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