Diabetes & LWMDR !

Diabetes & LWMDR !

It is believed (especially in this forum) that LWMDR not only controls but finally cures the diabetes.Probably,some people in this forum are still using it but so far only a few have reported that their blood sugar levels are under control and now they require less or no medicines.

Is here any body (except respected ShooterGeorge) who have used LWMDR for a long time and his diabetes is completely cured or is about to be cured? If yes then please get inspired by respected ShooterGeorge and share your experience with LWMDR for the benefit of others!


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66 Replies

  • Though I follow LWMDR not 100% as per SG prescription the sugar levels are under control

  • Thanks pnk194 for your reply!It is good to hear that your sugar levels are under control!How long have you taken it?

  • Dear pnk1941,

    How to use this? Is it the normal wheat that we get in local markets?

  • Please go through the posts of Mr. George (Shooter George) and you will get all details from it.


  • Yes, dear Suji. Am on the article now. Let me read first and try.

    Thank you very much.

  • Thanks difidend for your query!Please wait for more replies.Let the people to tell us the fact of LWMDR!

  • And, they should publish a 2 or 3 Hr OGTT with readings at 0/30/60/90/120/150/180 minutes after consuming 75 grams glucose and resting.

    If anyone is claiming being cured with this wheat and hits levels of 200 at one hour after having four or five Idlis, then surely that's not cure. It's diabetes. Diabetes cannot be cured as of now. So, all this talk of CURE is HOGWASH.

  • Thank you Anup ji for your participation in this discussion!

    I am thankful to all LWMDR followers who have shared their experience. After going through all replies, available so far,it seems that LWMDR provides a good control over blood sugar levels (FBS,PPBS and HbA1c) but cure of diabetes using it,as claimed by respected ShooterGeorge,is still doubtful.So,can we reasonably conduce that cure of diabetes of respected ShooterGeorge is either mis-interpreted or it is a God'd grace or people have to use LWMDR for a longer time say 2-3 years or more?

    I am still waiting for replies from those LWMDR followers who have used it for longer time!

  • I can appreciate the eagerness of my friends suffering with Diabetes. But unfortunately haste cause waste. It is like the snake in the snake & ladder game. Violating restrictions of LWMDR specifications will take one back by weeks or months. I feel this is the reason why nobody else in this forum or elsewhere have hit CURE. :-)

  • Thanks a lot ShooterGeorge ji for your reply!

    Please remind restrictions of LWMDR so that people following it may follow it more and more accurately.

  • . Hi George Sir,

    Please send me details about LWMDR process. I would like to start this ASAP



  • Hi @dinkarblr,

    Details of LWMDR are given in my public online article at appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel...

    Repeating it here will take only more time & space.

    After reading it there if you have more doubts please ask here.

  • Nobody can give any guarantee as far as I could understand. It is a trial and experience basis system all are following. Your Dr. is not even give you any guarantee? The only person is Mr George, who is out of D2 so far. He has explained his experience in detail with graph also which you can go through.


  • Hello everyone. I am following LWMDR for about a month . I am off medicines since 5th of June. But my FBS used to be 125 and 126 when I went for lab tests. I was following vegan diet totally and after 29 to 25 days my medicines were stopped. So in order to bring down my FBS I thought of giving LWMDR a try for dinner only. My FBS showed very good improvement. But since a month I have this for breakfast as well. My levels are very much normal. FBS always under 90 and PPBS also the same when I checked only twice during 1 month. I also have sweets , ice creams etc but sugars always normal. I don't know about cure but very happy as I now don't worry about my levels .

  • Thanks a lot seemap for your detailed reply!It is good to know that your sugar levels are under control.How old your diabetes is?

  • Now I am 71 years old, I have been diagnosed as diabetic during July 2012. Till July this year I have been working in a private co. My present reading of the report is given below:

    Date Gl. FastingGl PP

    15.11.15 99 88

    10.10.15 123 123

    I have stopped tabs fore one month (i.e. Oct. 15 ) as a trial & after that as advised by Mr Anoop, I re-started the medication from Nov 2015 and the result of Nov is given above:

    13.09.15 104 96

    25.07.15 112 101

    Any suggestion is welcom.


  • Diabetic medicines should only be tapered down; should not be stopped abruptly. Getting normal values for a few days or weeks with LWMDR or whatever else IS NOT CURE; it is only an indication of tendency towards cure on the horizon :-)

  • Thank you Sir,

    Noted your valued advice


  • good. happy to hear uyou are out of meds, and able to enjoy sweets. What is your a1c?

  • Hb1c will be taken in Dec. and I will inform.


  • Hello Friend ,

    Good to know about fast and positive results , but will you please tell me exactly what have you done to control sugar ? Is is just just eating of Long wheat that has given you positive result ? Will appreciate your reply/.


    Vishwanath Lingayat

  • I am using LWMDR from last one month, I have found a huge difference in BS levels, I have even reduced my doses of Metformin from 2 in a day to 1 only & diamacorn from 90 to 30mg only, I have strictly been doing this without missing a single day of this diet as per SG advice. I have full hope & trust that it will really lead to a cure eventiully.

  • Thank you Girbuji09 for your reply!It is good to know that there is difference in your BS levels.May God help you in achieving your goal!

  • Thank you very much @Girbuji09 & wish you a speedy cure. :-)

  • Lwmdr stands for what? Will u pl tell me.

  • Thanks Kng51 for your query!LWMDR stands for Long Wheat Mash Diet Regime.

  • Dear All,

    I think "Cure of Diabetes" is a vague term so far as my experience is concerned. It's the "management of diabetes". People around the world are suffering with this dreaded disease and most of them are directionless. Same scenario is everywhere. People are visiting so called reputed 'Endocrinologist/Diabetologist' for their complications and they are prescribing medicines one after another, increasing dosages and finally advising to take insulin shot. Conditions are getting deteriorated day by day.

    In this circumstances, it is very very important that people in this forum are managing their diabetes more efficiently than so called 'Endocrinologist/Diabetologist'. It is immaterial whether you are following LWMDR or LCHF.


    This is somewhat like re occurrence of the common diseases viz. fever, headache, gastroentitis, jondis, typhoid etc.

    I am using LW for the last 5 months. My sugar level is in between 90 (FBS) -100 (PPBS).

    I was out of stations (Goa, Mumbai, Khandala, Mahabaleswar, Alibag etc.) from 23.10.15 to 02.11.15 and unfortunately I could not continue LW for some meals and just out of curiosity I had taken sweet dishes (Kheer, Chikki, Sweet Cakes, Sandesh, Sweet Curd, Firni and so on) almost everyday. On 03.11.15, my BG readings were FBS-111 & PPBS-167 . Today the same readings are FBS-95, FBS-105.

    What will you say ? Is my diabetes cured ? under control ? Whatever you say, it's cured for me as I am enjoying sweets as well as other starchy foods like rice, bread, cakes, potatoes other than pure sweets and BG levels are well in control. For BG levels on 03.11.15-------!!! I WAS SUFFERING WITH F--E--V--E--R.

    Best wishes to all of you. Good luck and God bless.

  • Thank you asoreka for sharing your views about diabetes and experience with LWMDR!

  • 'difident' sir,

    Take LW approx. 1gm/kg of your body weight (say if you are 60kg, take 60gm raw long wheat per meal) and soak it overnight with sufficient water. In the morning cook it with pressure cooker around 30 min. with medium flame. For best result, consume it in Breakfast (60gm) and in Dinner (60gm) as per instruction of 'George Sir'.

    Good luck and god bless.

  • Please see whether Algorithm 3 at appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... is better . Algorithm 4 is in the pipeline.

  • Is it ordinary wheat or samba wheat?

  • samba wheat

  • :-)

  • Hi, where LW ia available in mumbai or pune please help

  • Please go through my post " Long Wheat- Miracle food for Diabetics".

    Good luck & God bless.

  • I am thinking of trying LW diet.

    Have 1 doubt. Twice in a day Ihave to consume LW and what other eatables can Iconsume during the day,wheneverv Iam hungry?

    Please advice me.

  • Dear Sir,

    Please note the followings:

    In morning I take 1 glass lemon water with 1/2 lemon in empty stomach. I take 1 cup milk tea with stevia powder in morning as well as in evening. At 8-30 PM I take again tea with lemon juice & stevia powder. I take LW in BF with curd (amul dahi) & stevia powder . In Dinner, I take it with lot of green vegetables (cooked in less oil/500ml per month) and 50 gms ricotta cheese. In addition to that, i take1 piece fish or 2-3 pieces of chicken (every alternate day). If you want quick results then you have to follow it strictly.

    You can consume salads (cucumber, onion, tomato etc), peanuts, almonds etc if feel so much hungry.

    Good luck & God bless

  • Thank you for quick reply presently I am out of India after coming back to India I will start this diet.And how long Ihave to continue with this diet?

  • I have been on LW for nearly 3 months . My sugar is controlled. Morning medicine is stopped. since PPBS is very low after taking LW. Now without med in the morning, PPBS is 107. FBS is at 100-105. I am still taking night medicine. I donot take any sweets, friuts, etc. I am still waiting for some more time to start taking sweets, or icecream or friuts. I want to bring down my a1c. Aug my a1c was 7.1. Now in Nov it is 6.9. I want to bring it still lower before I start taking sweets. I do take sweets very rarely, when I have to attend some functions. But, I usually try to avoid them. After starting on LW diet, my suger level is controlled, and I am positive I will be able to bring it under control and cure , thanks to Shooter George.

  • Thank you nairrajis for sharing your experience with LWMDR!May God help you in achieving your goal!

  • alwaysoptimistic,

    Thank you for your support and encouragement. Keep probing and find the best way to keep your diabetes at bay.

  • Sure!

  • Very good results, keep it up. Keep posting for benefit and encouragement of other LWMDR followers . Within next 3-4 moths you will be able to eat sweets occasionally (once in a week) without spiking BS levels.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Good luck and God bless.

  • Thank you, asoreka.

  • That is great @nairrajis. Slow & steady wins the race. Once all chemical drugs are discontinued, one need not bother about hypoglycemia any more. Then you can take more LW & get faster improvement. Do not start sweets before confirming cure by test results.

    Wish you all the best. :-)

  • Thank you Sir, Shooter George.

  • Dear SG,

    What is the other name for long wheat in English? As I, live in U.S.A would like to know , how can I, obtain the same here. Thanks


  • Dear @chopin,

    Thank you for the interest in LWMDR. All the names I could collect are tabulated at appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... LW pictures & Name in different languages. Please feel free to ask if this does not answer the question or if you need any other related information.

  • I got to know about my diabetic state in Jan 15. FBS 228 PPBS 292 HbA1c 10.8!!!! All this at the age of 40. Totally shattered! But God showed many ways and His abundant grace. Today off all medicines from 5th of June. Tested HbA1c in august on 19th. Was 5.7. Now will be testing again later this month. Yes but worked aggressively for this with guidance from a few whom I consider my guardian angels.

  • Thank you seemap for detailing!Definitely,your story is a winning story!

  • Initially started with vegan diet. No milk and milk products. No grains for breakfast. Only daal based dosa. Lunch and dinner 25 % each of daal, vegetables, jowar or bajra roti and raw salads . No non veg and animal products. Morning vegetable smoothie. Only black tea with stevia. No oil. Vegetable without oil. Now I don't follow that strictly. Started with egg and chicken. Also have sweets and ice cream sometimes. But LWMDR strictly twice. Even with deviations I know sugars will be in range. And all this flexibility without medecines.

  • Now i complete 5 months LWMDR DEIT, my FBS- 108, PPBS - 135 with out medicine.

  • Thank you sanrpt for your reply!What were your numbers before using LWMDR?

  • Sir are your bs levels taken on home glucometer or in lab? Please let us know do you have sweets and deviate in your diet sometimes.

  • yes i check in home glucometer, after 3months i check hba1c in lab. weekly once i eat homemade jaggery sweets

  • Thanks sir for your reply

  • I am also using LW but not fully as followed by Mr George. My sugar is very much under control and taking 1/2 tab of Glyciphage SR only in the morning. It is very difficult to follow completely as suggested by Mr George because of its availability in Delhi.


  • Thank you suji for sharing your experience!How old your diabetes is?How long have you used LW??What are your blood sugar levels???

  • I have been a diabetic for more than 25 years. I have been using long wheat for more than 10 months and I have been off diabetics medicines since last 6 months and my lipid profile and renal functions are normal. My Hb1Ac stays between 5.8 and 6.2. Only problem I faced is occasional hypoglycemia whenever I go for walk as I walk 9 KM every evening. I therefore take some fruits before I go for walk. My glucose level before dinner comes to 85 to 90 mg/Dl . I am satisfied with my progress.

  • Thank you veeteerajan for your detailed reply!What food items do you take in lunch?Do you use milk products or milk itself?Tea or coffee?

  • I take cooked vegetables apart from broken long wheat kichdi for lunch.

    I take a cup pf coffee in the morning and green tea in the evening along with fruits before going for the walk.

  • What is meant by hbA1c 5.2%, and abg 103?

  • hbA1c indicates average blood sugar level for approx three months.

  • ABG denotes Average Blood Sugar,derived form 5.2% hbA1C,for the last 3 months. My question is what these readings denotes for a diabetic?

  • For a diabetic person it indicates very good control and for a normal person it indicates no diabetic.

  • Thanks

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