Help! Strange Blood Sugar reading

Dear George,

I need not to take any medicine, i check my blood sugar by home meter tonight

PBS- 91 mins after dinner - 89

2 mins later , I checked it again

PBS -92 mins - 101

3 mins later, I cheked it 3rd time

PBS - 95 mins, suddenly boost upto 144

2 mins later, checked it 4th time

PBS-97 mins -128

13 mins later, checked 5th time

PBS - 110mins - 137

11 mins later, checked 6th time

PBS- 121mins -137

What is a strange readings? Is it due to panic or anxiety?

I am having Long Wheat diet for nearly 6 months, the blood sugar readings are very good except tonight

What happen? help. Mr George



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  • It looks like you you have become panicky about sugar levels.Why take so many readings?Looks like you are not even a diabetic.I would suggest you go for a lab test including HbA1c and remove all doubts.No need to panic,whatever be the result.

  • You said it right ramana42 & indiacratus. :-)

  • Check your ppbs after 2 hours. morn,noon and night just one day.never check every minute .

  • Very glad to see that many people know what is the right thing to do.

  • My latest hba1c is 5.2 on Jun 15

  • You are absolutely alright.No need to worry.I do not know your six months reading .Better continue your LWMDR practice. Thanks.

  • Sometimes glucometer do behave erratically. Test in the lab with same meal. No point in checking BS so frequently.

  • It is not is showing right sugar level. after take food your body convert food into glucose in each minute.

    maximum sugar level reach after food in 1.30 hours to 2.30 hours.after body convert into energy which is required for your body.

    after that your sugar level decrease in very minute if you not take any food in between.

    or in mean while you workout

    this is normal body work.

    i did not think so you have any problem

  • Normally BS reaches maximum level between 45-75 min. from first bite depending on type of food and individual. Around 2 hrs it has to be near baseline/fasting level.

  • Dear George,

    Bad news, I perform my second OGTT, it fail, even worser than the first one, the last one on 25 Oct 14 (2hr - 193), this time on 10 Jul 15 (2 hr - 230), doctor advise me to take medicine

    pls advise

  • Were 30/60/90 min readings also checked?

    230 is confirmed diabetic for sure and one hr reading must have been still higher. Choice between drugs and LCHF diet would always be yours.

    But managing from 230 to normal on no drugs would be very easy on LCHF diet. I had PPBS of 229 when i was dx'd. OGTT was never done, but I am sure it would have been higher than PPBS of a normal high carb meal. Fifth year and no drugs still. Rest you can check my profile.

  • the report has the 1 hr reading and 2 hrs reading only. pls give me some advise.

    All the readings by home meter are fine. I dont know whta happen about the OGTT

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