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Diabetes and blood pressure

My diabetes was detected in 1988 may be I was having it prior to that. During all these years I have experienced so many doctors, so many prescriptions and so many diet plans. finally I could control it with strict diet plan not exactly but equivalent to that suggested by Mr. Shooter George as in place of long sheet mash I am using normal sheet mash as long wheat is not easily available everywhere and it is also controlling well.

Today I was checking my blood pressure and I was surprised to observe that there is great difference in blood pressures between my left and right hand my right hand shows normal blood pressure in the range of 115-120/70-80 but left hand is showing in the range of 130-145/ 75-83.

What does it indicate? My Blood sugar is maintaining normal with normal wheat mash but, please suggest if the BP is also OK. And whether this difference is normal. I have checked about four to five times all the left and right side readings were consistent within the range as given above.

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Please make correction:It is Long Wheat Mash Diet Regime (LWMDR).Otherwise,people may get confused.


I think it not mass but mash and since long wheat is mentioned there people will not get confused. Thanks anyway.



You are right!It is mash only.

Actually,people use long wheat in many ways!Some people use it exactly as ShooterGeorge was using.Some other use it in modified way.Even a few use it in the form of flour.

Now,come to your original post.Once upon a time,when my doctor was measuring my BP then he told to me that BP reading may differ if it measured

(i) in left hand and in right hand

(ii)in the considerable interval of time

This is my personal experience that even BS reading differs,if it is measured from

(i)same fingers of both hands or different fingers of same hand

(ii)blood sample collected from vein and finger skin

So,I think there is no need of worries.For your own satisfaction,you may repeat measurement for a number of times to see whether difference in BP readings is ignore-able or not.


Even I had the same problem,but when Dr. changed my BP medicines,its normal.


Can u elaborate a bit about at what bp level doctor advised you meds and now what is bp? Which medicine and doses etc.


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