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Yoga and Diabetes

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this forum. I have been a diabetic for the past 13 years (I am 38) and recently started my journey in the natural way. Let me explain by natural:

Yoga: I started doing yoga regularly and I also completed 108 Surya Namaskara yesterday! I follow SVYASA yoga and a mix of meditation

Ayurveda: By way of mixing Millets and vegetables I control my diet.

My HBA1c was 8.9 in january while taking tablets of Gluconormg1 and galvus in the morning and evening. WIth this change in diet and exercise pattern, I got my HBA1c reduced to 7.0 in less than 6 weeks.

I feel that the whole lot of misconceptions going around in the world of diabetes especially in India and I am hoping to help as well as helped in this forum.

Gayatri a.k.a iamverysweet

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No doubt,there are misconceptions among diabetics like in all other facets of life.It is good that you have come down 7%A1c.But you are relatively young and so you should aim to get closure to 6.Also,as you advance in age,your diabetes becomes more and more tougher to manage.Keep monitoring regularly at home and regular reviews with your doctor.By associating with SVYASA,you are in safe hands as far as yoga is concerned.Very nice.


Thanks for your quick reply and encouragement. Appreciate it!


Get your A1C < 5.7 and reduce all chances of diabetic complications. 7 is definitely not good. You are very young and you will need to imbibe this fact soon.

Diabetes is all about not being able to handled carbs. The day this is realized, Diabetes becomes BLESSING IN DISGUISE as people start cutting down drastically on carbs and replace them with Good Fats. This is what LCHF diet is all about. Diabetics have reduced from A1C of 13+ to < 5.7 without use of any drugs by following a low carb high fat diet. Afterall, 400+ diabetics who are enjoying LCHF diet cannot be wrong.

Keeping A1C < 5.7 will always help in the long-term.


Thanks a lot. I will strive towards 5.7 . I will also find about the LCHF diet.


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