How can yoga helps in diabetes?

The science of yoga is an ancient one. It is a rich heritage of Indian culture. Yoga is not merely a few postures (Asanas), but a holistic approach towards life. Yoga life style consists of physical, mental emotional and spiritual well being. One cannot imagine benefits of yoga without performing it.

Yoga increases insulin sensitivity and decreases plasma cortisol (counter regulatory hormone) level & normalizes glucose as well as lipids in the blood.

By eliminating of stress, yoga normalizes blood pressure. Person will remain cheerful & will try to keep others cheerful.

Yoga increases working capacity & exercise tolerance. Moreover increases vital capacity of the lungs, boost up defence system of the body against infections & decreases body fat and increases muscle mass.

By performing yoga regularly, the dose of medicines (tablets as well as insulin injections) can be reduced.


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  • Which yogasans to be practiced for diabetes, Sir?

  • These are few asans one can practice for controlling ones sugar level

    1 Suryanamaskar

    2 paschimottanasan

    3 gomukhasan

    4 shashankasan

    5 halasan

    6 shankh prahkalan

    7 mayurasan

    8 bhujangasan

  • Dhanurasana, Paschimotasana,and all stomach asanas.

  • Dr. Versha blog on this site could not be ascertained and downlloaded! Kindly send the necessary instructions to <> . Thanks



  • There are not different types when we say Yog, It is integrated approach affects Body , ( Biochemistry ) , Mind , Intellect , Emotions -all together . Basically at birth we are `all Normal . Abnormalities are developed one by one ,over the period as we grow upn .... by our own thought Patterns, actions , Learning ( by reading writing , listening, Viewing others doing things and developing for each action of our own and perceiving from others actions --- thus forming attitudes and our own behavior pattern which makes us slowly and slowly over the years Abnormal Person . With what you call abnormality , in fact our "Breath cycle also has already changed from what it was normal at birth to abnormality that you observe , Doctors call it ECG graph - it is nothing but our Breath cycle pattern recorded as graph .


    Get some Yog teacher or attend classes run by Bharat Swabhiman and Patanjali Yog Peeth , Haridwar Or see everyday programe at 5 to 7-30 am everyday mo0rning Swami Ramdeo himself teaches tp Thousands of people. You will also get answers to all your problems about Health and how to live Life peacefully without any ailment Or without any medicine. ( mbl 9819852161)

  • Yoga is a broad aspect to be practied, the particular exercise is Pranayama, which not only increases the oxygen but the natural energy intake also . Normally all the disease is due to lack of oxygen intake and the real lacking is the prana( Energy), Normally we use only 30% of our lung capacity.we in India given spiritual aspect to Pranayama and the real practice not reached the common man, infact it is queit natural happening, until recently science has not proved the energy theory, but once the God particle theme invented in USA, it is widely discussed the effect in the energy (prana as per yoga theory)going to be a boon for the pateints suffering from chronic disease like diabetics.If practiced under the expert guidance pranayama helps to control or even can cure chronic disease like diabetics The Pranayama should practiced in the presence of a real master as tthis practice should be lead to complication if not guided by experiences teacher. Pranyama is the main practice in Tantra Yoga format. Infact Pranayama and meditation is the main practice priscribed inThantra Yoga and leads to health, Prosperity and Enlightment.

  • which yogasana to be followed kindly mention time duration also

  • I m doing 15 minutes yoga & 15 minutes exercise, including SURYA NAMASKAR apart from being 01 hour walking since a long, still even after that I have to take 20 units Lantus insulin/day in the night before taking meal. How can the dose of insulin be reduced?

  • Dear,stop doing yoga and exercises for a week then check increase in your insulin intake

  • Break down food intake in 5 to 6 sessions. Drink 1 glass of water after 1 hour of taking food and not during.

  • absolutely right--the facts presented are very correct-also this will have affect on the glucagon levels and improve the focus of mind

  • I am told Yoga consists of training of ur body and food intake. It is said eating flesh food is prohibited for the people who is practicing Yoga. Is it true ?Will Full benefits of yoga will be available to the flesh eaters if they practice yoga.Kindly enlighten .

  • flesh/non veg food is out as it is considered Tamsi food if you want to perform Yog. This involves violence which is morally prohibited.

  • often everyone tells yoga as a therepy to diabetics. please tell us what kind of yogasana particularly helps diabetic patients. what time is good and the duration?

  • Suryanamaskar






    Dixon Panchal,

    Yogacharya, Ahmedabad.


  • Only Yoga cannot cure diabetic.Do Yoga if you like,but dont stop medication.

  • Yes, but check the FBS/PPBS progress.

  • Dear Friend

    Following are the Asanas that are very useful :

    a) Mayurasan

    b) Dhanurasan

    c) Agnishar

    d) Matsyasan

    e) Yogamudra

    f) Bhujangasan

    g) Kapalbati in Pranayam

    Precautions : a) Please do not stop your existing medicines. You could reduce your dosage of medicines, in consultation with the Doctor, after your sugar level comes down

    b) In case you are new to Yoga, please do it only under a trained practitioner c) Please do not expect results overnight. Practice it religiously and I can assure you results.

    For any further clarification, you can contact me at 09422315906.

  • My Dear Friends, I am a diabetec patient, aged 63. under medicine, it is 80 fasting and 150 pp. i am a smoker of 10 cig daily. Sometime, I do 'prayanayzm, suryanamaskar but not regularly'. I am having a problem of sole become soft and not much grip on the sandal. What type of Yoga can help me to get rid of smoking habit and improving the flow of blood to feet. Please advise me to Regards.

  • Dear Friends,

    You can visit following link for further detail of yoga:

  • Yoga is Myth.Smoking too.Diabetic patient siphoned from their brain.Prescribed medicine medicine must be taken.220 minutes walking wearing canvas shoe(Sport cloth shoe) put in side 'MADAR LEAVES(leaf)DORSAL(vein) SIDE.EAT LITTLE ANY THING .TRY LESS ABOUT DIABETES . ALLAYS HAPPY.One thing must be kept in mind: If one feel Hungary in unusual time morning when leave the bed(wake up) must understand fasting is more than 220.Take 15 gm.Karela(bittergurd)Ramdev powder* mix it with methipowder 5 .

    gm.just watch get result.SMS me 8901151821+ve or -(ve) result.

  • Kapalbhati & Mandukasan

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