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Yoga Therapy

Of course. We will discuss all aspects of yoga therapy on this forum. The yoga therapy is entirely different from modern traditional therapies i.e. allopathy, homeopathy and ayurveda. It is a basic and fundamental therapy having three components viz. yoga, naturopathy and yogic ahar. All the three segments are complementary to each other and their applicatoin is necessary for treatment of diabetes or any other ailment.

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The meditation is one part of therapy. all components work together to eradicate the diabetes and other ailments present in the body. The body itself cure. We only support and help it to overcome problems. that is the yogic therapy.


Correct up to certain extent with the type1 diabetes. But type2 diabetes is not a disease but symptom of disease. Yogic therapy treats diseases not symptoms. It is a complete science where patient is treated on the basis of certain principles.


i got diabetes before 3 years and was up to 517 level ,knowing that i took urgent 10 days medicine and i took diet control with yoga practice.now i am the level of below 120.

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May be true but you should be careful. Ten days is a too small period for a much complicated ailment like diabetes. In fact when we start leading an unnatural and artificial life our journey of ailments starts. Most of the diabetics have good history of other ailments and sufferings for the past ten to fifteen years. The diabetes is a mid way station. if the journey continues, future complications are inevitable. We have no options except to reverse the journey which is not so difficult and is possible. It takes time and patience.


Yoga therapy is age specific, sex specific and ailment specific. It never recommend any medicine of whatever kind or any herb. Its basic philosophy is that, a body can be treated only with the material by which it is made. A cement wall can never be renovated with plaster of paris nor a mud house with the cement and if it is done so it will be superficial or ornamental only. It may appear to be perfect but soon will come in bad shape.

So is the case with our body which is made up of panchbhutas and can only be cured with these panchbhutas i.e. water, earth. fire. air and akash.


No. This is not the objective of yoga and yoga therapy. By eating more your body consume more energy to digest the over eaten food. Otherwise that energy can be saved and may be utilized some where else. In fact yoga reduces food intake.


I believe yoga and meditation are a kind of lifestyle to keep your body toned and your mind stress free and clear.You cannot prescribe as a course of treatment for a person with diabetic complications. You can do yoga and meditation for their beneficial effects,but first consult a diabetician as soon as you become a diabetic.You cannot take chances.


One should remember that meditation is only one part of yoga where as the remaining seven parts are equally important and can not be ignored in the therapy. One should also difference among yoga(???), yogaa(????) - as practiced or publicized in modern time, Physical training(PT), gymnastic etc.

Among the six, Yoga is one applied philosophy of India.


Good to hear that you want know much about Yoga therapy and diabetes. Practically it costs nothing. It is a way of life which one have to learn with some one. It is a perfect science and a person can be advised on the basis of his condition, age and medical history. It can not be generalized for all and no formula can be made which is applicable to all.


Dear Anupji,

You were right. I bought Accucheck and started doing blood check regularly. Today I checked thrice. FBS 100. One hour after breakfast( 1 oranges,1 small pomegranate, half onion, 3 cloves garlic, i bitter gourd, 1 Amla) my mouth tasted sweet. I checked 175.

After 110 minutes of starting lunch( 1 light chapati of wheat mix, besan curry , curd). Again I checked 176.

When I said my sugar is under control and I am feeling numbness in my feet. You said that am I sure that my sugar is under check and sugar check once a month is of no use.

I have reduced 15 points from the reading as was the difference in lab reading and meter reading.

I have started taking ALA300mg (Zenith) from today. I am taking metlong 500 (metformin 500mg) twice a day for sugar. On low carbo diet since 1 week, but couldn't walk. Please suggest how to control.




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