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Yoga cure for diabetes

Doing surya namaskar everyday along with pranayama can make severe diabetics mild diabetics and mild diabetics can become normal. Follow this link for yoga asanas including surya namaskar and pranayama remedyspot.com/content.php/... Also subscribe to newsletter of indiadivine.org which gives lot of information related to this topic. I am unable to attach the pdf file of yoga asanas available with the above link due to file size. Wish you healthy and happy life!

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My Dear Venkyb ji,

Kindly go through the flg and help me to get a suitable posture of YOGA. Thanks in advance.

- aged 63 years, average built, 55 kgs wt, Pure Veg, Core HR/IR Professional

and now Retired.

- smoking for the last 30 years, for the last one month i am trying to give it up.

i am now practising to smoke after 3 hours, some time 6 hours continuously -

become addictive to smoke. Vigorously trying to give it up.

- problem is met two serious road accidents one in 1996, another one in 2001 in

Chennai after coming from Bangalore

- diabetec type 2 detected during 2007 and gave GB 1 mg twice daily;

- when pain in the ankle and cramp, and dysfunctional of erection besides diabetec,

then Dr.advised me that

it is due to blockage/no proper flow of blood to foot and since 2011 medicines are taken -

amaryl m2 for diabetec twice daily, for blood flow - rexite plus 2 cap twice daily,

gebecasic M tab 1/2 twice daily.

Present situation is : sole become soft like sponge when putting on the floor,

crampness of fingers, burning sensation, no grip on the floor/sandal.I am having


At present, diabetec level is 80 fasting, 160 pp,

- instead of going to Dr, i am trying to give up SMOKE, if i go to Dr, he will certainly

instruct and advice me to give up SMOKE to avoid these problems and further

damage to my feet.

- I am trying to find out the alternate medicine even if i smoke some extent. I used earlier

the Ayurvedic and Sidda

medicines as per friends advise, but it gave me a lot of gastric after one or two times

taking medicine and

so i have thrown out all of them since no refund nor taking back the medicines are


I am leaving the issue to you to decide and advise me keeping in view the problems that

(a) name of medicine or juice or a suitable YOGA

(b) daily dosage

(c) cost factor per month/free on trial basis

(d) availablility in Chennai

(e) any reference in Chennai if so


IF YOU are free you can talk to me also.

Let us hope to get a suitable reply from you soon.

With regards,




First n foremost step is STOP SMOKING 100% immediately.

I too was a regular smoker, but stopped abt 6 years back 100%.


Mr Mani,

Take following things , which should help you.

1. soak 3-4 almonds overnite in lemon juice. Eat them next morning.

2. soak a spoonful of Methi (fenugreek) seeds, in water,overnite. eat seeds n drink water in mng.

3. Eat 30-40 curry leaves anytime in day.

4. 40 mins morning walk, followed by 60 mins YOG, specially surya namaskaar (6-8 times), and mandook asan 10 -15 times. contributes 33%.

5.Diet control helps contribute 33% in diabetes control and finally

6. take your Doctors prescribed medicines regularly, that contributes 33 % in diabetes control.


Mr Mani,

While you should definitely stop smoking you can consult local yoga kendras or VYASA at Jigani near Bangalore for personalized yoga asanas. VYASA conducts residential programs for teaching yoga for people suffering from Diabetes and other ailments.. But you should continue your allopathy medicines even as you do yoga asanas and gradually stop them. Wish you all the best,



Yes, it is a good advice. With yoga the medicines should continue the allopathic medicines which wiil be reeduced slowly.


Try Nicorette 2mg/4mg depending on your intake of tobacco smoke.I was a heavy smoker and was able to give up and stayed free 4 the past 10 months.Most imp is the will power. One struggles for 3-4 days and then the craving reduces gradually.

It is tough but not impossible. Keep in mind that tobacco is very harmful when you crave for a fag. it's difficult but not imposs.

All the best!


Dear Friends, I am really thankful for your advice. I will follow and come back with a result. Regards.


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