Low Carb High Fat Diet. Here is some of the list of food items mostly vegetarian (and egg) giving their, Carb, Fat, Protein values:

For more you can google: (source: nutritionvalue.org)

Food itemPer 100 gms of food

Carb(C), Fat(F), Protein(P), Dietery Fibre(DF)

(in grams / 100 grams)

Egg fried cooked whole C-0.8 F-15.0 P-14.0

Cucumber C-2.2 F- 0.2 P-0.6

Tomato C-3.9 F- 0.2 P- 0.9 DF-1.2

Onion C-4.0 F- 0.1 P-0.9 DF-1.2

Cheese C-4.1 F-21.0 P-14.0

Butter milk C-4.9 F-3.3 P- 3.2

Cauliflower C-6.3 F-0.3 P-3.0

Broad Beans C-7.0 F-0.2 P-1.8 DF-2.7

Brinjal cooked C-8.7 F- 0.2 P-0.8 DF-2.5

Peanut C-16.0 F- 49.0 P-26.0 DF- 9.0

Samba rava(long wheat) C-66.0 F- 2.0 P-9.6 DF- 2.0

Wheat C-74.0 F-2.0 P- 9.6 DF-13.0

Raw Rice C-82.0 F-0.6 P-6.8 DF- 2.8

Arranged in ascending values of Carb and last 3 are obviously not low carb.

I have been for last 10 days taking 80 gms of Samba Wheat Rava (per day) in the forn kichidi/uppuma with onion, tomato and cauliflower. Lunch and dinner. Breeakfast 2 eggs or salads mostly cucumber, snacking peanuts, orange.

My bs level without medicine has come under control through out the day and only fbs not under control. I am resorting to 500mg Metformin and fasting bs is coming down gradually.

Earlier I used to juggle with a combination of glynase mf and diet with constant fear of low levels of bs. (Though this gave good control).

I can now say with confidence that I have arrived at a fair solution for my problem which wad dogging me for more than 13 years. I have been experimenting with frequent testing at home glucometer to arrive at this conclusion. I would like to gradually discontinue metformin after a month and see the result.

One redeeming factor of my D management is, one way or the other there was always control.

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  • Whether 500 mg MF can be used occasionally in case of over eating carbs or sweets.

  • Hi medfree,

    Just happened to see yr post :-)

    I performed an interesting experiment to find out whether it was "hunger" that was causing my BS to rise during the early morning. The usual gap between dinner & breakfast for me is approx 11 hours. So I simulated the same during the day & then tested my BS. I had a heavy breakfast at 7 am and finished by 7.30am. Then did not eat anything till 6.30pm. Only drank water when thirsty. My reading at 6.30pm, after fasting for 11 hours was just 85. Proving conclusively that "hunger" was not the cause of high early morning BS. This test was done about 8 months back. Even now my FBS at 6.30am is 130--145. Pretty damned high. But not enough to push me into eating "long wheat" or "plants" or drinking "cow piss" or walking to the moon and back :-) I'll keep reading and looking for a solution. Cheers !!

  • Thanks, medfree, much obliged.

  • Hey,

    Somehow all my posts are gone!.

  • I wonder if this is a genuine glitch or some form of censoring is prevalent. And, you seem to be the sole target. Tell me if there is anything I can do about it. As you might have noticed, I post exactly what I feel.

  • People here have been ganging up against LCHF since long. Hyenas always function in a "gang" :)

    Earlier NITINS also lost his posts and account and incidentally he also talks LCHF. Perhaps people who are trying to sell some special wheat from Kashmir to Kanya kumari by aren't happy that it isn't working as per plans :)

    Best is Spread the LCHF message more actively and aggressively at individual level to every diabetic that you come across!

  • Yes, I agree with your theory that it must be the "special" wheat lobby & the "ayurvedic" lobby that loses out, if LCHF is adopted. I am doing my best to convince others but ultimately its up to individuals to consume long wheat, drink cow piss or change their dietary habits to LCHF. For me, its LCHF w/o the slightest shadow of doubt. Cheers !!

  • Absolutely :-) Yep, better "grass" than "wheat" :-) At least one can go out flying :-)

  • I too agree that LCHF works. Many thanks to you and Anup. But, please don't use harsh words against any body like ADA. you educate the people and share your experience and knowledge. earlier i liked Kezriwal for his sincerity against corruption. but now he is behaving like today's standard? (in -VE sense) politician, abusing others and all. because of this is loosing popularity. let us not become k

  • Those who are on LCHF don't like ADA for sure and that includes Dr Bernstein who has used harsher words. As for Kejriwal, he is being exposed bit by bit.

  • its true. i like debate not argument.

  • There seems to be a lot of difference between day and night effect. Suggest a test after 4 hrs after dinner and one in the morning. If the morning level is higher or near night level, the effect is due to glucose dumping by liver.

    I also have marginally higher fbs while my day time levels are ok. Resorting to mf500 at night alone.

  • What I read is when the bs level is low, the liver rushes to restore the level by dumping glucose stored. This is considered as one of the reason for somewhat higher level in the fbs. In the day time, we tend to eat once in 2, 3 hrs.

  • You are right. This is explained in detaii in the link below given by Recyan.

  • You must be aware, all the same :


    In my case, earlier, reducing the medicines at night helped, to stabilise the morning sugar.

  • Thanks very much, Nane. I'll do the test tonight itself. But, I can almost predict the results. 4 hrs after dinner BS is 90. In the morning at 6.30am, BS is 130/145. However, I'll do the test tonight & tomorrow morning at 6.30am and report back tomorrow by 7am. Thanks again, Nane.

  • OK, I completed the test. Here's what I did. I finished dinner by 8pm and tested at 1am. BS showed 108. Then tested again at 6 am. BS showed 140. Did not eat anything between 8pm and 6am. Drank water thrice but not too much. Sooo, those are the results.

    Frankly, I had expected my BS levels at 1am to be a bit lower, say 85-100. But, they clocked in at 108.

    What conclusions, if any, can you draw from the tests ?? Thanks much in advance.

  • Since you have not eaten anything after 1.00am the bs sugar is not external but dumped by the liver(?). Sometime even levels of 90 or less may be mistaken by body as low levels in a person with D. Plaunt.com has an elaborate explanatin this dawn syndrome. I am trying to controlling with 500mg metformmin sr.

  • Thanks. Sooo, you have been taking 500 mg of metformmin in the night after dinner ?? Or when exactly ?? What is your BS level in the morning after going on metformmin ?? What were the BS levels before ?? What are the side-effects/downsides of taking metformmin ?? For how long does one have to take metformmin ? For life ?? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks very much, Nane. Awaiting yr reply.

  • I have a long story of managing with and without medicines. Last ten days it is mf sr 500 mg an hour after dinner. The levels w.o. medicine was 130 -145 range has come down to 112+

    Understand mf has a 3 weejs period to take full effect and should in all probably taken life long. Can experiment trying to withdraw slowly layer. No side effects.

  • Thanks, Nane, much obliged. I'll seriously consider the matter after talking to a few people and doing some further reading. Thanks again.

  • I have a thought, why not delay the dinner to 9.30 and see. All other things renaining same.

  • Hi Nane,

    I have already delayed dinner and it has had no effect. I have also had several late night snacks....no effect. Drank wine...no effect. Drank vinegar...no effect. Besides, the simulation during the day proves that this is not a "hunger" effect but a "night" effect. Sooo, I will start on Metformin 500 mg sr for 30 days and test every morning to see whether this has any effect. Thanks, Nane, for your help. Rest assured, responsibility is ALL mine. Cheers, pal.

  • MF-SR is pretty safe. But make sure that you do not relax your diet after going on MF. As Nane said, you can taper off gradually -- giving a month before each step.

  • Thanks, medfree, for ALL your help. I am most grateful.

    Nopes, I will not compromise on diet. On the contrary, I will tighten it further by cutting down carb intake to the very minimum. I really miss chocolates and ice-cream, but......:-( Thanks again and all the very best. I will report my findings after about a week of going on drugs :-)

  • Enjoying chocolates and ice creams once in while isn't a bad deal. I do it many times. Just look for labels and take whichever has highest fat content.

  • Thanks again, but I find it easier to go cold turkey than to indulge occasionally. However, I make an exception in the case of dark chocolate with cocoa content greater than 70% and preferably over 85%. Cheers!!

  • Suggest take the tab around 10 pm so that the effect is for longer period of night and till morn

  • Thanks, Nane. That's exactly what I did. I took the tablet around 10.30pm. & when I tested at 6am, BS was 137. I am planning to take just ONE tablet of 500 mg at night. Is that enough ? How many days before I see any fall in BS levels ? Thanks in advance.

  • When we sleep our liver produces glucose as we don't eat anything while we sleep. Sometimes it produces much that it results in higher FBG. To avoid it or to control it do exercise like cycling walking. I would say that Brisk walking for half an hr to one hr is best. I am type 1 and I had good numbers of FBG but due to certain reasons i'm not going for a walk and now i'm bearing the consequences as my FBG are in b/w 130-140. But I advice that do Brisk Walking.

  • Thanks, Vicky435. One question though. When is the brisk walking to be done ? I usually finish eating dinner at 7.30pm & go to sleep by 10pm.

  • I think fasting during night and fasting during day are different. In the night, body is entirely at rest while in day time, it is actively busy in different works. This decreases bs in the evening.

  • How reliable are the A1HBC test and what is the margin of error? Does changing labs help?

  • My personal experience. No 2 labs show the same HBA1c readings.

  • ??,??,?? Assuming the reading is 6 with +or - 10%error, it could be eirher5.4 or 6.6.....?

  • I have seen a lab showing 6.4 and another showing above 7 ( don't remember the exact value ).

  • In my case it is just opposite. I had gone for a Arogyam profile at the end of 2013 and my total cholesterol was reported highest (208) which was normally in the range of 160-180 in last 3 years. I am quarterly monitoring A1c and Lipid @ 350 and for that Thyrocare is costly. Earlier Dr. Lal pathlab was doing diabetic panel at 450.

  • I had taken Galvus in a combination of 1000 mg/50 mg and Rosuvastatin 10 mg for a month only at the time of detection of D three years back. Thereafter I am not taking any medicine.

    Normally I do PPBS test on Sundays and it comes in the range of 135 - 180. I do check A1c quarterly for my mental satisfaction / curiosity and with a hope for improved A1C quarter after quarter as I have reduced it from to 11.3 to 5.5 step by step in June'13 which has rised to 7.1 in Dec'13.

    After learning from your posts about LCHF I have started gradually reducing carbs and increasing the fat. FBS has improved but PPBS still above target level.

  • You are absolutely right. I have few reading of 220+ after breakfast. My out of bed is in the range of 110-120 and after less carb loaded bf 135-155 and after lunch 155-175.

  • Thank you for your kind advice. Today, ABF reading is 125. As I am gradually shifting to LCHF since last 2 months and also taking ALA + Apple Cider Vinegar + Psyllium husk would like to go for another A1c at the end of March and if there is no significant improvement in the level then I will start taking MF SR 250 mg for next 3 months.

  • The food items mentioned in this post is in ascending order of carb. You can choose accoedingly.

  • I take it half an hour before dinner to reduce my food intake. As I understand it is used as a laxative and also helps in controlling high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, weight control, and serious renal disease.

  • ranj twice earlier I have reversed diabetes. I am 61 now. this time my HbA1C is 7.9% from 11.6% on January 8.

  • Do you have HDFC ERGO Mediclaim cover. If yes, can you share the salient features and premium amount.

  • I had an instance of hba1c 4.9 and6.3 in a gap of 3 days between labs . I hv been sticking to same lab but suspect manipulation.

  • He sure did a retest free and result 5.1 earlier 4.9. But he confirms he is right and the other would have done the obvious with a number 6.0 to reconfirm he is right.

    My faith in these tests is shaken.

    Are you aware there are home meters for lipids and hba1c. But expensive.

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