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Ayurveda or LCHF???

Hmmm....lot of debate over is Ayurveda is useful or LCHF is useful...

Here I remember a nice story of Birbal....

here it goes.....

King Akbar asked his courtiers, “Which is the best weapon?” Some said sword, some spear, while the others opined bows and arrows. Birbal did not say anything.

At the end, the king turned to Birbal and asked for his opinion, “Birbal, which weapon does you feel is the most effective?”

Birbal replied instantly, “Your Majesty, the best weapon is the one that turns out to be useful at the required point of time.”

“What kind of answer was that, Birbal,” asked King Akbar, who was slightly confused.

“Your Majesty, I know that you will not be able to understand the meaning of my answer right now. I need some time to prove myself,” said Birbal.

After few days, Birbal made arrangements to prove his argument. One fine day, he asked King Akbar to have a stroll in the kingdom. Akbar willingly agreed and went out with Birbal. Wandering and talking, they both entered a narrow street. Suddenly they saw a huge, mad elephant heading towards them.

“Oh, my God! A mad elephant!’ Akbar gave an instant reaction, “Birbal, let’s run away from here.”

“But, Your Majesty, this agile elephant is quite likely to overtake us,” explained Birbal.

“God! What shall we do now?” Akbar felt for his sword but then he thought that the sword would be too small for such a gigantic elephant.

Birbal, without wasting a single moment, picked up a stray pup and threw it on the elephant’s trunk. The poor frightened pup grabbed the trunk tightly to prevent itself from falling. The elephant too got confused and started moving backwards. “Majesty, this is the golden opportunity to flee. Come on, let’s run.” Saying this, Birbal got hold of Akbar’s hand and they both safely ran away. Birbal said, “Now tell me, Majesty, in which category of weapons does this pup fall?”

Akbar smiled and said, “I have understood your point, Birbal. Truly, the best weapon is the one that turns out to be useful during the times of adversity.’ Saying this, King Akbar gifted him his precious diamond ring.

We must try ourselves without prejudiced mind....and then reach to conclusion....

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What I found is LCHF best and most effective tool to tame diabetes.

Every diabetes should try this out..and make his opinion.

There is always fear that consumption of fats may adversely affect cholesterol levels...

I was also under same impression....In fact my mother was very much worried when I started with consuming butter ghee and coconut....But my cholesterol reports are there....you will see there is no impact of consumption of fats.....

Further....I feel there are two parts of sugar control..... FBS and PP......

LCHF will give you immediate control over your PP part.....

But as far FBS is concern.....you have to go for total grain free diet....or ketogenic diet....which is beyond reach of normal diabetic. I feel its hath yoga.

And then you have one option left....that is Ayurveda....herbs....treating you fatty liver.

Also....as per new understanding ( Truth) .....that initial cause of Diabetes 2....is insulin resistance and not less production of insulin.....

assessment of insulin resistance is done by triglycerides/HDL ratio.... And in order to bring down your TG Haldi pickle is very helpful.And when your IR is brought down below 2 your internal insulin production is sufficient to control your FBS.

Ayurveda says....mit bhuk...hit bhuk....rit bhuk.

So Hit bhuk means eat which is beneficial for you....and restricting carbs is helpful for a diabetic....And when he is cutting his carbs....to fill the calories deficit he has to increase good fats in same ratio.

Ayurveda says.....No medicine will work without 'Pathya'/Restrictions/ abstinence.... so cutting on carbs is pathya for a diabetic....and then he can try out herbs...homeopathy....ayurveda....yoga....exercise....whatever suits him

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Good information BTW are you joining D life.India forum you says about following LCHF


I am already member there... agrhar

Just somehow was not use to with interface....but guess slowly i will visit there...

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superb post.

"But as far FBS is concern.....you have to go for total grain free diet....or ketogenic diet....which is beyond reach of normal diabetic. I feel its hath yoga."

If one is determined to go grain free i don't think it's very difficult. On the contrary it takes just a few days -2 or 3- to adapt to the grain free diet and then it's very easy to control D. Once you are grain free your insulin stops spiking and you don't feel hunger pangs. This i'm telling from my personal experience. I'm on grain free diet for about a month. I take turmeric milk half cup with 15ml cow ghee and 20ml coconad in the morning. also 8 Almond seeds, 12 pistachios and a few peanuts soaked overnight. fenugreek seeds soaked overnight, bitter gourd juice, cinnamon and jamun vinegar. Believe me i don't feel hungry till evening nor do i feel any weakness. On the contrary i feel very energetic. Oedema gone from my body. But i'm yet to control my fbs. I'm waiting patiently. It will take time. So going grain free is not difficult.

One more thing i have noted and can't comprehend is that i take calorie restricted diet and losing weight but in this rainy cool season i have to run ac. As if heat is generated inside my body. But no ketones or sugar in urine. Would i be burning fats? God knows. And also where does the sugar comes from ? Neoglucogenesis? But then why overshooting? Well i know what anup has to say. 2Hrly bs at night. Sure. But i want to wait.

The only conclusion is that D is a bizzare disorder. Doesn't behave as per your genuine scientific calculation.



yes....You need to wait for some more time...and I am sure..you will get results...

Have u ruled out fatty liver cause???

just get it checked....I guess its easy for you...

Further....why not try raw haldi??? tum bolo toh idhar se bhej deta hun....bhej du??




I told you my scan is absolutely normal.

I'm taking haldi powder twice daily with milk cow ghee and coconad. Raw haldi i will find out. Thanks for the offer.

Last night after posting a thought came to my mind regarding my q "Would i be burning fats? God knows. And also where does the sugar comes from ? Neoglucogenesis? But then why overshooting?"

Yes. I'm not burning fats because i'm loaded with sugar. The edeme present in my body contains sugar and since i'm gettin rid of edema the sugar along with fluid enters into my circulation so overshooting. This is my postulation. But i'm waiting. No worry as far as my sugar roves around 150.


You can't beat centuries old philosophy when it comes to diet and health




It is not centuries philosophy but it is first lesson of health in ayurveda. Please study the basic of ayurveda then you may understand

first how to live with healthy life isimportant and Ayurveda given preference to take health from natural food and herbs only. You may think every diseases Capsules and Injections is main?

You have commented most in everydiscussion but you may not explain howto treat healthy life for diabetics Ihave so much commented but you may not posted anything about it.

At least now you may explain in your own new philosophy how tocontroldiabetic and how yourself controling blood sugar level

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i think we all respect your sentiments and feeling for the people. Yes. It's really very difficult to see people's suffering and loss of near and dear ones. It produces sympathetic stress in us- doctors.

All the condiments and substances may help you but basic problem must be addressed. Carbs must be avoided. Without that you can never reverse D. Yes there are many who cliam to have reversed D with vegan and low GI food. I'm happy for them and respect their observations but can't digest what they say.

Good posting.



1) carbs are for quick energy. Our ancestors adopted wheat, rice, potatos etc in diet because these substances contain carb. Easily produced and available in abundance and very economical also. Human body also ready for carbs to be used as energy. Now we entered the picture. We can't digest carbs. Not only that but if we go on taking carbs it would damage our body. So we need to avoid carbs and find an alternate fuel.

2) as vegetarians we can never be off carbs. Legumes, vegetables and many food items contain carbs. Also our body synthesize carbs from prots and fats. So capital remains in delhi only. Actually carb food has an advantage of having fibres. To my opinion carbs must not be taken or in the minimum possible quantity.

3) what diet would you advise to the patients having celiac disease and diabetes?


Black sheeps are every where. Please don't generalize. If doctors were so bad half of the patients would have become bankrupt and the rest half would be no more. Don't always find faults with doctors. Noncompliance by the patients due to lack of understanding and want of money or as they don't want to spend is more than anybody can guess. You have to practice medicine for that.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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cool down. Anger and bashing doesn't mean anything.

Carry on with what you are doing. Nobody is advising here anything nor forcing you for any diet or drugs.

This forum just shares the experience and knowledge. You may or may not agree. May or may not share your knowledge but please keep calm

thanks for the patient hearing.



Hmmm where to get authentic chettinad food???

I tried one in Kumar mess at Madurai....it was delicious... but besides that do u get chettinad food in Andhra???


makarim saab

It is nice that you liked the post.....

Something I would like ask you....as geologist...nothing to do with this forum....is there any place in India where 'scoria' is found??


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