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LCHF Diets

I am 66, 100 kg, Active, BSL 191-222. since 15-1-16 with 02 tablets

I have followed LCHF as at 7am tea without sugar, 8.30 am milk 200ml+badam4+akrud4+khajur2,

Nasta Chapati01, Omlet 01, sprouts 01 wati, Dahi 01 Wati, at 10.30 am.

Lunch at 2.00 pm. chapati 02, bhaji- 01 wati

Tea without sugar at 3.00 pm

Fruits at 5.30 pm Apple / Santri/ Papai [100 grm]

Dinner at 7.30 pm Jawar Bhakari 01, Bhaji 01 wati

Morning walk 3-4 Km, Evening Walk 1.5 -2 Km, Office work 11 to 5 pm.

My BSL Fasting was 191 on 2-2-16, 153 on 8-2-16 and 119 on 12-2-16. and my weight reduced from 100 kg to 94 kg within 27 days !

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Are u still taking tabs?

Also suggestion: avoid kajurs and take 2 more badam in breakfast

In lunch take only one chappati with ghee.

In dinner take the jawar bhakti with ghee.

Or better yet shift to one wheat roti with ghee.

Otherwise an excellent diet.

I also suggest that you take apple cider vinegar 1-2 tea spoons just before meals diluted in a glass of water.

This will control your blood sugar readings even better.

All the best.


Thanks Sir.

For my eye operation, I have started 02 tabs.

Dr asked to bring BSL 140 to 200 for eye operation.


Continue the medicines. LCHF and medicines works well.


what is Jawar Bhakati in tamil


You take no daals? In what do you cook your bhaji ? Do you add ghee or white butter to the chappati ?

I need to add ghee,butter, Virgin Coconut oil to my food intake, because I need to gain weight.!

How can you eat Khajur? I don't think it is advisable to eat anything which tastes sweet on the tongue.

Yet your sugar levels have come down despite eating khajur ???


As I belongs to wrestling sports group, it is habitual for me of khurak , it includes

Khajur, ghee, sprouts & Sunday nonenone veg .



Actually it's jowar Bhakri.. a thick variety of roti made of jowar

In english and tamil below:

Sorghum – Juar, Jowar, Cholam (Tamil)


LCHF + Medicine my BSL come down to 103..168 on 16. 2.16.

Thanks LCHF.

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