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Spike in heart attacks linked to LCHF diets


This is about health authorities in sweden linking lchf to heart attacks and strokes to lchf:

(Not a stupid blog magic diet people post);

The mortality rate among those suffering from cardiovascular diseases in Sweden has decreased drastically over the past few decades. But new figures from the National Board of Health and Welfare and from the National Institute of Public Health show that the number of men and women aged 35 to 44 who suffer strokes is rising. And more and more young women have heart attacks, too.

Writing in newspaper Dagens Nyheter, a group of Swedish professors say changing food habits in Sweden could have something to do with it.

One of the scientists, Mai-Lis Hellenius, a cardiovascular expert at the Karolinska Institute, told Swedish Radio News that Low Carb High Fat - or LCHF - diets are a threat to public health.

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LCHF diets have developed a strong following in Scandinavia, having originated here in Sweden. And as the name suggests, the diet involves eating food that is high in fat and low in carbs.

"It is no longer just the odd case we're seeing at the hospitals where more and more stroke and heart-attack patients arrive after following these diets and eating a lot of butter, cream, cheese and bacon," says Hellenius.

She adds that it is time to raise the alarm about the dangers of LCHF diets. High cholesterol, which the high-fat foods contribute to, is the biggest risk factor for hardening of the arteries, heart attacks and strokes, says Hellenius.


Lcfh dieter when ends up in hospital (For a different reason) what she was prescribed ?. A glucose drip.

Read the funny story here:


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i pressed the link. unfortunately i cant read swedish either.,and no translate/language option is there. :(

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yes, it is true if we eat wrong fat a lot. it is not unlimited wrong fat. The right fat, carb and protein should be kept to the LCHF standard. means protein should be limited to according to body weight, carb below 100 and fat should be from good source like vco, badam with in the 2000k cal diet. Eat fat just to keep your hunger control. If we over eat anything that can create problems.

google for more on lchf fat details.


I dont think LCHF guys are against glucose. i think they know well its uses and just trying to regulate it out of sheer necessity.


Yes you said it.

We are infested with a Virus.Mcafee,Norton even cannot get it out.


Good What you say is correct.

Let us not get distracted and continue to help ourselves and others.

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@cscon whatever is written against LCHF, it is not going to affect the community from adopting this diet. :) There is more research available to support it than against it.


We are not forcing anyone it is only defense of the community . :)

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I respect your words.Yes.



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