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Homeopathy is better way for diabetics

Homeopathic medicines acid phos30,cepheletron30,gymnima30 could be tried without any side effects.Take acid phos 30 after meals to avoid the said side effects,if any..The wood theory seems to be money making.I could say it would be better to follow some slight Yogasans, carb restrictions along with homeopathy drugs bring some releiief.As far known no permanent cure for diabetics.The pharmaceutical companies make money using the unfortunate sufferers creating a lot of side effects.Even after taking allopathic medicines for more than 30 years ,many diabetics had got their legs amputated.Then why this bastard system offers treatments to loot the money from this unfortunate victims.Atleast avoid side effects..slight yoga sans,food restrictions,tension free life and homeopathic medicines could bring relief.

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That is shocking! How could docs advise a diabetic to eat anything?!


As best ofmy knowledge thee is no separate diet fordiabetics. But Doctors advise take limited quantity of food avoiding sweets and fried with oil foods like bajji bonda etc and use always complex cabhydrates like moong dal bengal dal andtotaly balnced food is suggestion Doctor may not said eat anything for series conditions any doctors my not instruct this typle If the personhealthy( Except T 2) they may said consume occassioaly

For my personal example I am diabetic more than 21 years I amnot restrict the diet but eatallmostall vegitarianfoods Sweets also consumed in festivals and special function like marriage etc But I have done daily walking and yoga


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Can you tell mail me how I can get this medicine ? also it is in tablet form or in powder form because homeopathy medicine powder form can eat it is very difficult.

kindly reply in my main id velmurugan20110@yahoo.com



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Thats 100% true. light exercises,yoga.and daily walking and good food habits can control diabetes with homeopathy and if possible with light alopathi drugs.


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