Diabetes is not uncontrollable

Good news for people suffering from Diabetes and its after effects, emotional and physical challenges you face. The following practices followed will certainly give relief and improve the health.

Check your Sugar level Fasting and Post fasting, once determined, make sure you have medicine regularly, and for the first one month follow a strict diet.

Consume Cinamon powder at least half to 1 teaspoon every day. Half early morning on Empty stomach and half before going to bed. You can also sprinkle the powder in your food, to get extra benefit.

Walk for at least 30 minutes not necessary brisk walking to start with. If you don't have any physical restrictions perform 5 sets of Surya Namaskaar Exercise every day and and check your sugar levels after a month.

Now a days lots of Ayurvedic medicines have been introduced which are very effective in bringing down sugar levels in a fortnight.

So if you are suffering from diabetes dont despair, just a little change in lifestyle will make you feel better.

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  • how long to take ?

  • Depends on your sugar levels, if you follow this method, you will systematically come to normal levels, and your medicine dosage will also reduce considerably. Once your body starts producing insulin, your tests will reflect that.

  • I haven't been able to walk much due to winters. So i cut down my meals. Once a day full meal rest of the time snacking with peanuts, almond and walnut and drinking lots of green tea with lemon. My PPBS ranged around 120 and fasting around 95. I have gained weight though by 3 KG and now have to get it down by resuming walking again since it's less cold now. Sharing this as real time experience.

  • I perfectly agree with the suggestions with one exception. Diet monitoring and restrictions are to continue even after one month. In you have been able to control the diet restriction must be maintain otherwise you may reach the old level ultimately.

  • Excess of cinnamon can be toxic. Water soluble component is not toxic so best is seep it in green tea. That way you are only taking the water soluble component. Yes you can add to curd also.

  • Cinnamon can't be use for long period by all diabetic people.

    cinnamon contails cinnamonaldehyde, , methyl amyl ketone, , pinene, cymene, nonyl aldehyde, carophyllene ,benzaldehyde, phellandrene etc.

    some of the chemical compounds in cinnamon react with nicotine. so It is harm full for some diabetic people who smoke. While cinnamon should be avoided by pregnant womans.

    I have been making herbal medicine for long time and have good experience of Cinnamon taken by different diabetic people.

    people who want to just reduce their gulcose levels, many easy home remedies are there. I will give you some important tips with combination of herb.

    1) Turmeric powder + Giloy powder has ability to reduce 45 to 70 point of level.

    2) Gurmar + sagargota has capability to reduce 120 pint glucose level.

    3) 25gm feenu greek seed powder alone has capability to reduce 45 point glucose.

    I have more than 50 different herbs which can reduce glucose levels and more than 145 formula which can suit each and every diabetic people.. I make herbal medicine according to person immune system.

    people who have constipation should avoid herbal medicines bcos it may create bleeding. Diabetes people who have constipation should first focus to clear constipation.

    diabetic people who get formation of white powdery like substance on private parts should start there treatment immediately with help of good herbal doctor or consult doctor to check infection.

    pls don't take diabetes so lightly.



  • Thanx for the information, can u suggest a way to clear constipation, my ayurvedic doctor has prescribed Triphala juice.

  • HI, Its better to take triphala powder instead of Triphala juice.

    Triphala is mixture of 3 different herbs. People should only take trifala after knowing the volume vaat, pit and kuf dosh in immune system.

    we have to make proportion of each herb according to immune system( as triphala got 3 herbs) .

    Awla powder is base of triphala and Haerdey & Baheda is supporting herbs in triphala.

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