One of the most progressive things that happened during the 20th century was the advent of the birth control pill. Leaving aside moral and religious arguments it gave women control over their fertility.

However, it is not without risk.

Now, given the controversy over the efficacy of homeopathy, which has a cure for everything, it's surprising that the subject of homeopathic birth control has never entered the equation. Given that there are no side effects whatsoever, and no danger in overdosing, it's strange that there is a deafening silence on the subject.

My views on homeopathy as quack medicine are well known, but I have an open mind, and if the question of homeopathic birth control were to be addressed by the research departments (something they don't singularly address) beavering away giving water 'memory' then I would of course reassess my position.

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  • I have watched this video quite sometime back.

    Yes, no homeopath ever answers when will they have a homeopathc birth control pill.

  • Is there any Birth Control Pill without side effect? Birth Control Pill interferes with nature. Homeo is based on Like Cures Like, not to sicken you with side effects. Baba Ramdev claims he can cure you of Homo sexuality. Now why go to a Homeopath? Either enjoy life as you are or go to Baba Ramdev.

  • I fully acknowledge the risks and benefits, but say what you like, the birth control pill WORKS.

    Address the issue my friend, we are discussing efficacy.

    Now we come to the last part of your response.

    "Baba Ramdev claims he can cure you of Homo sexuality. Now why go to a Homeopath? Either enjoy life as you are or go to Baba Ramdev".

    This on the one hand illustrates the nonsense that is homeopathy, on the other utterly offensive to people who have no choice over their sexuallity.

  • What is yr sickness?

  • efficacy with out utility ,in the sense , ---------more dangers with side effects is better not to have .

  • What can cause cancer is claimed to be something that works!

    This is highly objectionable.

    Desire to indulge in sex but not have conception is not a disease. Homeo is claimed to cure disease not work against the design of the Lord.

    This is a forum for diabetics and obesity. Deviation, any special reason.

    No one here claimed to have been cured of diabetes by Homeo,

    Ayurved has solution for your problem. Pls consult Baba Ramdev. He will also help you boost performance

  • When you acknowledge risk then why preach and mislead the people here? You are a danger to Society, a wolf in disguise.

  • some ramdev medicines contain very dangerous chemicals

  • Hmmm Homeopathy is one more way to regain health...I do not say Homeopathy got answer for each and everything....but sure in some condition homeopathy gives wonderful results.

    About effectiveness of homeopathy one can try treating some one who is calcium deficient..or suffering with Iron deficiency.

    Those small sugar balls really works miraculously ..... how ??? its mystery.

    About side effects....any effective medicine has side effects....if no side effects....then u can be sure no effects too .

  • Absolutely EVERYTHING offered as evidence is anecdotal - ie 'I felt poorly, I took a homeopathic remedy specific to my condition, I felt better'. This is not evidence, it's placebo. And if anyone claiming to lower blood sugar with homeopathy, then there needs to be blood tests before during and after a clinical trial. If not you are gambolling with your health.

    I repeat, if all the brains involved would get together and provide birth control, I'd be convinced. However, I'll bet that if someone DID come up with one, I wonder how many homeopaths would be willing to try it?

  • MikePollard

    Agree with you 100%....I guess no homeopath would accept the challenge.

    At same time....no manufacturer of birth control pill will give you 100% guarantee against conception.

    However....homeopathy works as per symptoms and every individual would show different...therefore medicine would differ person to person.

  • Contact Baba Ramdev

  • What are your symptoms? Mental Symptoms also.

  • well said .

  • Yes , homeopathy does not have an answer for each and everything . It has got it's own limitations . But as per my experience it is very efficacious in mental and skin problems .Then again , no single system of medicine can give cent percent result in all problems . There is a margin of error up to 30% in all systems of cure .

  • true

  • Endorse 100%

  • Thank you.

    There is a big difference between not 100% and zero%.

  • Please elaborate

  • what do you mean by "not 100%". Didnt you learn to count? Give a figure then, EXACTLY.

  • Once again I will say its mystery ...how homeopathy works....it is unexplained....if we look at those dilutions.....practically there is not even trace of medicine....Hmmmm we can easily call it placebo....but it works in certain conditions....

    No explanation....

  • Homeo failed on seven members in my and cousin's family, with a relative as a well known homeopath attending. Even his mother's uterus issue he couldn't cure and had to go for surgery. And, as usual he claimed that homeo could cure everything :D

    Worst part is, despite being relative, he won't give the name of all the sweet golis and powder "pudiya" that he used to give for months and fleece us every fortnight. This is the biggest problem with every homeopath. They keep you as their cash cow for at least 6 to 9 months, till you finally run away from them :)

  • hmmmm...nothing has cure for everything.....everything has got its limitations....

    Homeopathy works only on certain conditions....not on all.

  • It's a very expensive treatment.

    Getting fleeced every fortnight and being told -- "time to lagega" , pehlay halat bigad bhi saktee hai fir sudhregee. So, patients waits for few months for condition to go bad (doesn't happen) and then waits for few months for it to improve (does't happen).

    By that time, the homeopath has skinned the patient by 10K minimum.

    Long back, I experimented Homeo for giving up smoking. Tried for 6 months. No impact. Just like drinking scotch at 1/10000000th dilution will never have any impact.

  • lol true.....guess what?? Homeopathy medicines are very cheap....

    But its doctors....be homeopath or any other...

    There is very nice saying in Sanskrit on this...

    वैद्यराज नमस्तुभ्यं यमराज सहोदरः

    यमस्तु हरति प्राणान् वैद्यः प्राणान् धनानि च ||

    This means Vaidya, (doctor) and Yama are both brothers. Yama takes only life, but vaidya takes both, life and money.

  • Advocate, Doctors, Police -- same.

  • very true

  • Anup

    what do you say about contractors, plumbers, carpanters, masons? There is a long list. This is because of capitalism. Everybody is an object for money making. Go to any govt office the officers are not interested to get your work done unless you pay some extra money although they get salary from our taxes. Yes. Mentality of india has been changed under the influence of western countries.

  • Well, IMHO, there's always an unknown surprise with advocates, doctors and police. One may even need to sell property sometimes.

    Yes, corruption is there everywhere.

  • 😄😄😄😄

  • I read about a herb which kills desire to smoke or chew gutka. Cannot recall. Pl Google or buy some books

  • I'd really like to know what those conditions are, but I'm guessing this wouldn't be your first line of resource should you be stricken by the big C.


  • over to saswathy y

  • I don't understand the post

  • There are some experienced homeopaths on the net (one of them is relative of my colleague) who are treating online free of cost. They suggest medicine names and we can buy them from any brand either Indian or Imported from Germany. Suggest German medicines for more reliability. My cousin is also treated for thyroid cyst growth by him. He said, it may or may not cure the cyst but can be tried out. It could not be cured and finally surgery is done. So, he is not doing this for money. Seems the homeopaths too are not sure about the efficacy of the treatment they are offering.

  • YOU ARE 100 % correct. Actually we are mixing two things, homeopathy and homeopath doctor. If a homeopathic doctor is incompetent then it is not the fault of homeopathy. I am also attending the abc homeopathy forum , they provide remedial knowledge to the people without charging a single penny. One only has to go to the shop to buy the medicine which is also very cheaper as compared to the other medicines. We have to have scientific approach to understand homeopathic philsophy. I am giving a very common example from our daily life .lf you have observed ever observed a welder to break the joint of two pieces then intially he starts with the thick flame but in the end he makes it very thin then it becomes effective enough to break the joint or to make a hole in the metal. Now I am coming to the birth control point. In homeopathy we only follow the nature. Homeipathy can not go against the nature. But still it has the way . If anyone takes the medicine in very high potency with short gap which is used for fertility then the same medicine will give the adverse effect and will create infertility. I think this forum is not meant to discuss for the criticism on any way of treatments ,either allopathic , homeopathic or auerovedic. All are effective in their own significance but none is perfect. So we only have to take the benefits which availabke and leave the rest. Homeopaty can cure some problems without surgery in which allopathy needs surgery . At the other hand homeopathy fails to treat the heart surgical problems . It is zero on surgical side. Aueurovedic medicines sometimes give miraculous results in which both allopathy and homeopathy fail. So we ro be positve and analyse every thing with the intention to take benefits rather than having a meaningless, time wasting approach. I suggest to vist the ABC forum to see the homeopathic results.

  • Iqbal...

    For gastrointestinal problems ayurved is the best.

  • I totally agree . That s why I was saying that every medical science has some of its own miraculous effect which other dont . So we can not totally discard any of these . Our focus should be to seek the knowledge. Aurvedic is also best for vitality and infertility . Where allopathy and homeopathy fails in it. This forum should be either to accept or reject on the basis of scientific and knowledeful arguments in a dignified way . Rather than the gossips.

  • Iqbal...

    "Aurvedic is also best for vitality and infertility . Where allopathy and homeopathy fails in it"

    Sorry. I beg to differ. Today allopathy has almost all the answers for infertility. Causes as well as treatment.

  • Sorry I did not have the knowledge about it. It is good to listen.

  • Dear Anup, most allopaths I consulted always replaced generics by fancy combination and never let heal fully. Black sheep are every where. Even Ayurveda could not cure all by herbs and there is mention of surgery in the scriptures.

    DR. RECKEWEG provide free consultation on their website and you are free to buy from local Homeo pharmacy. I am a fan of yours in both forums. You have immensely improved the quality of my life. I have started some charity service as gesture of gratitude. May the Lord bless you with long and healthy life

  • Thank you sir.

    Even the the other forum is run as a part of giving back to society what I learned from other diabetics -- primarily diabetesforum.com -- as a spectator, when I was at the cross roads.

    Wishing you healthy life too.

    Diabetes is a blessing in disguise for me -- provided one can DUMP mainstream advise.

  • Dear Anup, you really have a positive approach . I wish all the members come to the same track. And help each other to resolve their problems.

  • Thanks Iqbalahmet

    A handful few here don't think so, but help continues despite their negativity against me. Happy at the way thousand of Indian diabetics have cut out drugs and yet achieved far better numbers that the so called "balanced diet" could ever offer/achieve in 35 years of it's existence.

  • Anup ji, PM Modi is giving a push to AYUSH, which is Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha and Homeopathy. These are in addition to Allopathy not Replacement. I hope one day LCHF will find its place of honour as many disease could not be tackled by any single therapy.

    Permit me to talk about a zero cost therapy, Chromotherapy. It is treatment through different colours of light. Exposing water in different coloured bottles to sun. How does allopathy explain this? I have seen BP dropping rapidly, fever dropping in less than half hour, itching/ skin infection healling fast. Now if a pervert expects Chromotherapy to let him have sex but not the baby, He will have to carry out prrotracted trials. What kind of progeny when trials falied?

  • Sir, you can address me just by my name.

    LCHF will always have it's followers, despite everything. It was thought impossible for Indians, but here we are so many followers and also success stories and it is picking up -- baby steps at a time.

    Even an Indian magazine (R P Goenka group) decided to run a story on this -- and you will find "yours truly" there too.


    Late in the 90's I had been to one person who used to recommend gems and tell about the person by watching the aura around the person. Not sure how he did -- he just watched thru a lens, but he told things of the past which were true to a very very large extent and also told what gem to wear. Now to test him, I visited him twice with a gap of more than 15 months between the two visits. Both time, he told the same things about the past and future.

  • Now if a pervert expects Chromotherapy to let him have sex but not the baby, He will have to carry out prrotracted trials. What kind of progeny when trials falied?HAHAHAHA

  • Anilgupthaji , It is said , If water is kept in a glass tumbler , over which sunlight is made to pass through blue tinted glass , TB gets cured by consuming that water.The logic behind this seems to be ------- Saturn rules blue colour and he is responsible for TB . Now , any pharmaseutical company from US or UK has to make a tablet from this observation and release it over the world markets with extensive advertisements backed by scientific researches . Then it would be believed by the rationalists in the name of scientific truth , other wise it would be dismissed off as nonsense Now that TB has become drug resistant , it is a big profit venture for them .

  • Certain vested interest will always make noise. Choice is individual's Pharma companies pay people to run down alternate therapies.

  • planted moles by pharma......they don't want us to get cured...

  • try try and try......some day you will .. :p

  • I've tried it for 6 months for high blood pressure. Doesn't work. Wish it did would love to get off the bo meds. Just a waste of money

  • homeopathy hardly works. it's a waste of money for sure.

  • when some fads work , why can't homeopathy be given its due respect .

  • Because it doesn't work.


    I would rather give the money to some underprivileged person than to gamble on homeopathy.

  • Anup

    all those who become homeopathy docs don't practice homeopathy. They take their degree to be labeled as dr to practice allopathy.

  • BTW my allopath gives homeo meds to help relieve symptoms of diabetes!

  • Anilgupta101

    you have a time to rejoice.👍👍👍

  • I feel that members of this forum should concentrate more on disbetese rather than getting into topics like homeopathy in which no one is an expert. Homeopathy has done miracles to reverse certain type of conditions. Like hernia can not be cured by even allopathy medications & surgery is the only option, homeopathy also has its limitations. Number of German ready made formulas from Rekewig, Adel etc. which are available of the shelf have been prepared after years of research & are efficacious. I have witnessed that conditions like blood pressure, prostate problems, vericose veins etc. are reversed & come under control with homeo medicines. I am presently in Chicago & will return to India (Bangalore) in mid September. I am willing to suggest to the friend the homeo mixture combination for BP on my return. The formula is in my lap top back home. I am a retired mechanical & marine engineer who have studied on my own homeopathy for 30 years & I am not qualified officially to treat any one. Hence, I refrain from practicing.

  • And what is your mixture for bp

  • As I stated, I do not have it here in Chicago. It is in my laptop in Bangalore. I will provide you in September when I return. But, for the time being, just buy Rawolfia -Q and take 10 drops in little water three time a day preferably in empty stomach. My formula us more elaborate.

  • swas

    Thank you or mentioning Rauwolfia ......the full name is Rauwolfia serpentina ....as serpentina is known as sarpgandha (सर्प गंधा ) means the one which smells like snake...(I always wonders...who tried to smell snake...lol)

    It is well known herb in Ayurveda to control BP .

    Similar to Ashwagandha...(withania somnifera) this herb is easily available all over India.

    There are ready made tablets are available of said herbs in any ayurvedic shop in India.

  • Just buy Rawolfia Q (Q means mother tincture) and start. Ayurvedic formulations are in material doses. I do not prefer this format. Rawolfia in homeopathic format gives results. While I am aware of the full name as Rawolfia Serpentina, if you state Rawolfia -Q in the homeowner shop that will do. BP will be under control as long as you take it. The moment you stop this remedy, high BP recurs. This has to be tackled holistically. Hence, I have made my own formula of number of homeo items which includes Rawolfia also. As I posted earlier, I will provide you my formula after I return to India in September. By the way, what is your age & which part of India you stay?

  • @swas

    Thank you sir....

    I am from Pune..55 yrs Male.

    Sure I would love to try the medicine from you.

    Further when I suffered first time HBP I tried few homeopathy medicines.

    Serpentina was certainly not included in that...it was combo of three different medicines.(I am trying to recollect the names) I will tell u the names....hmmm guess one was belladonna....other was something used in homeopathy when you get sunstroke.....

    anyways....I found some results with them...But could not continue with that....

    My BP when diagnosed diabetic was 90/145 ....with 40 mg of sartel.

    Now it is 80/130 with 20 mg of sartel. Thanx to LCHF.

  • we use glonine for sunstroke

  • exactly...@swasthy it is same to be used in HBP in homeopathy

  • You are right . If I do not have the knowledge of anything how can I discuss that in a knowledeful way. This forum is not meant to do the comparison between homeopathy and allopathy. We are discussing diabetes here. If anyone thinks any blog to be beneficial for him then adopt otherwise leave lt. No one is commercial on this forum and no finacial greed is involved here.

  • Yes . Homeopathy has certain limitations . With due respect to all , my question is why can't it be discussed here , as it is , as useful ,if not more ,in controlling diabetes as any other medicine given by the other systems . Total cure , so far , is not found any where . All suggestions regarding diets , herbs ,exercises , palliative reliefs are being given for managing diabetes . Homeopathy can be included in that list .

  • I think I should put down 2 cents of my experience on Homeopathy here. About 20 years back when all Allopaths gave up treatment of my son for Asthama etc (with only options for strong steroids advised to take life long!) he was taken to an old homeopath and took one year to get cured for at least 20 years till now. And that time I started reading this subject and spent at least 1000 solid hours. I never treat any one but I do understand the process to a good extent. I feel

    a) No one should try to give wise advises on Homeopathic treatment without seeing a few dozen cases and / or spending considerable time in reading. It is not a topic for wild (& intelligent) guess

    b) The curing process of Homeopathy is not understood by current day science but many of us know its effect. Arnica 30 for children when wounded is an example

    c) Good Medical treatment does not depend on faith healing. Homeo is best suited for women and kids. Kids can not be faith healed! In any case I do not think this forum is suitable (and competent) for discussing pros and con of homeopathy. You either believe a good doctor blindly or read a lot. No need to share wild ideas of this stream of medical(?) treatment.

  • akb123, I endorse your statement. As regards to this forum, I opine that we should stick to control of diabetes with diet & exercise regimes and how to drop medications progressively.

  • I totally agree with swas and akb 123 and request all the members to enhance coordination in positive way without the sentiments of a single person being hurt. In my opinion all remedies are important DIET is MOST. we cant totally discard any of medical science.

  • I beg to differ .Diabetes is a serious disorder which is taking away all the charm from the life of sufferers. We have to eradicate the menace by all means . That requires all the methods . Personally I feel there is no need to go for a separate forum .Since many times the general public is being cheated by the homeopathic doctors it is all the more important to equip them with various facts , figures ,rates of success , limitations , of that particular

    branch of medicine.Why should we believe any one blindly , especially when we are paying through the nose.The expression that this forum is not the place for the subject of homeopathy does not seem to be logical to me. We are exploring all the ways and means and homeopathy is one among them .

  • sciencebasedmedicine.org/ho...

    People have talked against LCHF here without any knowledge and supporting data for years. Not just talked against, but have even insulted directly in abusive language, not even sparing ladies. Even MikePollard wasn't spared. There's nothing that seems insulting, derogatory or prejudicial in the post which has a Ted Talk video.

  • My poor opinion is that diet plan plays an important role in controlling the diabetes. Those who are opposing this may be due to the lack of knowledge. I started LCHF along with my homeopathic treatment and my speed of recovery is double. It has acted as cstalyst for the process of recvery. I always take the benefits of any method to cure my diabetes. I read the article on herbs of berberry HCL and started it the next day and a lot of benefit in it. So ALL please give due respect to each other, avoid negative criticism.

  • That won't change. People in the past have requested very politely despite being abused. But for some, they won't change.

    Good to hear that the diet which is not allowed to be talked here as helped. You are one more to the club. So, welcome to the club. As for guys gunning for me, they can try all their might. Abuses, insults, jibes -- hasn't succeed nor it will succeed. All tricks have been tried and everything has failed to run down the diet that you mentioned.

  • Be patient and continue your efforts. dont mind any adverse criticism. Even dont read these.

  • no need 2 go dat far bak in tym. in less than 24 hrs you have 2 insulting/abusive violations directly against me, and surprisingly u can't find dem? dat vitiates the atmosphere.

    i hv saved da screenshot. abusive insults don't stay 4 long on forums so no pt in gng thru 300 posts nd 2700 replies. mods delete dem frm tym 2 tym

  • i m sure ppl hv seen. u just need 2 dig out yr last 24 hr replies nd u will find it.

  • I have to cure my diabetes so I am adopting all positive measures . I am following the diet plan , taking help of ayurvedic herbs and taking homeopathic medicines as well and also still taking allopathic tablets. A good thing is a good indeed dos`nt matter where is it coming from.

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