Unani medicine from Hakim Sulaiman (Atiya Herbs)

I was watching a TV show of Hakim Sulaiman, he claims solutions for Diabetes, uric acid, cholesterol and to all other problems. I also read some positive reviews about his unani medicines.

Any ideas and suggestions.. Did anyone try...? Are there any side effects in unani medicines.



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  • All you need to do is keep carbohydrate intake to 40 grammes per meal diabetes.org.uk/documents/c... , eating non-starchy veg and a little natural fat instead.

  • I am taking Hakim Sulaiman Diabetes medicine. My random number was 300. After taking this medicine for one month today it is 160. Good luck.

  • Hello Nasrullah,

    What are the ingredients of the medicine. Do u know..?

  • Mr nasrullah can you tell me the name of the tablet you r taking is it safe to take,can I order it online by itiya herbs,thanks

  • You can call them and order contact No. 01166380700.

    pay when you get the medicine. medicine name is


  • Ingredient are Neem ext, jumun ext, karela ext, chiraita ext.

  • Thanks Nasrullah,

    So looks like there are no side effects...what is the name of the tablet.

  • Neem is never recommended to be taken non stop :)

    Chew fresh neem leaves... that will be better. Give a break of 1 month every three months.

  • Thanks Anupji for your recommendation.

  • Anup is the most knowledgeable and experienced person in this forum. All of his suggestions should be noted carefully.

  • I have extensively experimented with everything possible wrt managing diabetes without drugs so primarily speak from experience.

    There was a period during initial days when:

    (1) I used to wake up at 5:30 step out for walk in front of our society and that has many neem trees. So use to chew 6 freshly plucked leaves.

    (2) then there was a time when I used to walk in 45 degrees sun post lunch as I was again experimenting with walks after meals and walking 6 to 8 km a day. I even bought an Omron pedometer for ~1100 bucks to get record of steps/km for my style of walking and also calories burned/hr.

    I always was and always will be interested in numbers. That's how I concluded that if I have to eat High Carbs Low Fat NONSENSE, then I will have to indulge in another NONSENSE of walking 20km/day ie around 6 hrs a day if I had to be drug free. :D :D

    (3) there was a time when I was trying 8 herbs from himalaya. Of the 8, only Ashvagandha made it to winners podium with Triphala as runner up. Rest all were useless. :)

    I am now doing another trial. Living on ketosis. last tweo attempts wee shortlived. This time I plan to experiment for 14 days if possible. So toms is FAT fasting day almost minimal carbs and more FAT so that I enter into ketosis in 3 to 4 days.

    Anyways, there are many more like me now. shrisamarth and ram_latha are my gurus on LIPIDS, for example. So i don't read abut LIPIDS etc now. Shrisamath has a better A1C than me despite being a vegetarian :)

  • Looks no side effects. Medicine name is D-Care cost Rs.700 + 100 postal. contact No. 01166380700.

  • There are no side effects but I have tried a lot of unani , got nothing.

  • Please let me know the Medicare center in belgaum or any. Other near by place.with contact no's

  • Hakimji, salam, i am regularly see your programme and take note of desi nasuke, have you any book on nuskaas.please let me know.kochar

    jskochar2010@gmail.com, 9810388181

  • I am asthma patient.whenever there is change in climate it becomes very hard for me and also due to dust I start sneezing and become victim of running nose cough.can u suggest me.my e mail is sunilgogia7@gmail.com

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