I am type-2 diabetic since last 15 yrs., as I am 58 years old. Is there any effective Ayurvedic medicine readily available ???

Treatment is going from a specialist of Fortis Hospital , New Delhi. Medicines gets changed after every 3 months as sugar level again come to high level. Is there any effective ayurvedic medicine to avoid side effects of alopathic medicines ? I tried various types of Ayurvedic tablets including of Himalayan Drugs and many others , but remained non- effective.Tried homeopathic too, but no control..Please help.





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  • Thank you very much for suggesting this medicine. I will try and see the corresponding effect with glucometer .

    thank you .


  • U say u have tried Homepathy and no result. Here some persons are suggesting Ayurveda.

    If u want try please tell people about its efficiency after using.- and why are you against using allopathic medicines.

  • Respected Mr. Reddy

    I am not against as I am dependent only on alopathic. But it has number of side effects what I srudy from internet about the consttuents salts in each medicine. the literatures available on internet , tell a lot of side effects , infacts those side effects I have seen to my other coleagues/ relatives .

    Please suggest if you know any effective medicine of Homeopathic or in Ayurvic..

    thank you

    M. K. Acharya

  • Acharyaji Samaskar,

    I experimented with Ayurveda some 18 yrs back.

    I don't remember the details now.

    I was admitted to hospital.

    Later changed allopatic medicine.

    I take 14 pills daily now.

    First 5 yrs was alright.Later there was change in lipid profile.

    Ignored it for 3yrs. Suddenly walking was difficult because of heart problem. Again hospital for angiogram. 3 (30) % blocks in the heart blood vessels.

    No necessity for stents not life threatening if i use drigsregularly.

    conclusion :- It is my fault not to follow medical advice.

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