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My Test results - pgnglr

Hello, Recently I took a blood/urine test at a diabetic research center. Below are the results -


Age 29 Years

Hieght 173.5 cms

Weight 63.6 Kg

Blood Pressure 135/79

Waist Circumference 84 Cm

Body Mass Index(BMI) 21.3

Blood/Urine Test:

HbA1C 5.5 (Reference Range <5.7 % of total)

Creatinine - (Urine) 13 (Reference Range20 - 370 mg/dL) ****

CHOLESTEROL,TOTAL 140 (Reference Range 125 - 200 mg/dL)

HDL CHOLESTEROL 37 (Reference Range>40 mg/dL) ****

CHOLESTEROL/HDL RATIO 3.8 (Reference Range<6.0 (calc))


They have marked Creatinine - (Urine) and HDL CHOLESTEROL in red (I have put ****).

Anybody please tell me what do these tests mean and are these values mean anything serious??

I checked in google but couldn't understand much :(

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What is LDL and TG Complete kidney function required creatine blood urea and uric acid I think it is not creatinine since its normal value o.6 -1.2 ( some of labfixd it 1.6)

Clear report required However HBA1C is good


Thanks for the reply.. They have not given the LDL and TG values..


Thanks for your reply anup.. I have stopped eating all sugar/junk food the day I got diabetes. I also don't use extra salt in the diet. But it seems that hereditary played a role here. My father is having BP when he was 30 years..

I also didn't get the meaning of your statement - "Having a low level of blood creatinine indicates nothing more than an efficient and effective pair of kidneys" My english is not that great. Does this mean my Kidneys are doing well/bad?


Thanks for your reply anup.. I will get this creatinine tested again..


Sure.. I will get that done..


Pngir, before your red marked tests are analysed,I like you to understand,what is this urinery creatinine. It is a waste product of muscle metabolism and is excreted through kidney. So muscle and kidney are two sources which influence your creatinine levels.

Your report say it is lower than the reference range. So first look at your kidneys,any damage,infection ,or obstruction to urinery flow due to any reason including stone,may lower urinery creatinine. Muscular dystrophy may be other cause.

So please,consult your physician for proper evaluation of your case.

NB---- as per report your BP is within normal limits.


Thanks for your reply.. I will check with a doctor on this..


It mean that you should stop stressing you are fine

I would love to have your test results

Have a good life


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