Post Your Daily Meals

I thought it would help many if we post our daily meals this way one keeps the record also get ideas and motivation.

FBS 94

Breakfast : 1 egg omelette ( made with half small onion+ 2 tsp minced meat (kheema) + 1 green chilly + pinch of red chilly and salt + green coriander) made in 1 tsp ghee

+ 1 cup milk tea.

mid day snack:: 1 boiled egg with 1 tsp shredded cheese and seasoning + 1 cup green tea

Lunch : 1 medium bowl of turai cooked in kheema + 1 medium cup curd ( added 1 cucumber blk pepper &salt)

evening snack : 30 grams soaked peanuts + 4 almonds 4 walnuts

Dinner : 1 big bowl spinach soup with 2 tbsp moong sprouts and 1 small bowl cooked methi baigan meat sabzi.


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  • Please calculate the cost of your diet plan on daily or monthly basis and kindly share it.Thank you.


    breakfast lunch and dinner.

    125 gm palak/bindi/etc subji cooked in coconut oil

    300 gm cabbage/louki/capsicum/onion/etc boiled and grated panner(35gm)

    30 gm avacado (not every day)

    125 gm green salad+flex seed powder with olive oil dressing

    16 gm fenugreek sprouts

    100 gm karela sabji.

    In between when I feel hungry total I take 60 gm badam, 40gm walnut and raw coconut 90 gm.

    and also I take green tea , apple cider vinegar and 3 spoons of VCO.

  • I had this for lunch:

    1 Chapati loaded with butter.

    1 catorie chholey made with mix of bengal gram and chickpeas, with ghee added.

    1 catorie mango rabree as dessert.

    Salad of 1 cucmber+1/2 onion with vinegar sprinkled

    small quantity of pickle made from Karonda.

    After an hour of first bite, 50 bicep curls with 15lb dumbbells.

    PPBS at 110 minutes : 133 (by meter. My meter reds higher than lab). Went to lab for getting LAB PPBS reading but being Sunday labs were closed. Will get lab PPBS done on Monday.

    No drugs, no walks.

  • does having rotis made of 5 different grains help control BS ? jau, jowar, nachni, ragi and wheat - all flours mixed together. basically, wheat flour is required for binding.

  • Combination of grains is not helpful for BS control as all grains are high in carbs.

  • should I add Ghee ? I have been told all types of dairy products are harmful as far as fats are concerned. what kinds of fats are helpful besides coconuts , avacado, etc?

  • My today's meals


    Long wheat (dry wt. App. 40gm) + boiled lauki small bowl + 100ml milk + 4teaspoon ghee + 2 small pieces of mango


    Medium size bowl palak paneer (60gm paneer)

    Large bowl cabbage + carrot boiled with 3 teaspoon ghee.

    Medium size bowl lauki sabji added with fresh coconut.

    Half piece of omelette made from besan + tomato.

    Around 25gm roasted peanuts.

    70min. PPBS 124

    120min. PPBS 96

    Today did not take my regular dose of metformin SR 500 with BF.

  • Today Fasting 128 -& ppbs 168

    Breakfast : ( butter + one egg omelet tomato + onion + cheese + 1 roti ) 250 Ml Butter Milk and few almonds + chana too one of those food craving day for me .

    Launch : One Roti + One Large cup Curd mixed with Tauri ki sabzi added some spice for taste and again one glass of butter milk PPB 2hr was 143

  • Replacing 1 roti with one additional egg in the omelet would have got your PPBS numbers in the "Beatiful Range"

    Add to this 1 Cup black coffee with 1 TBSP VCO and get rid of Butter milk for later in the day. This would have landed your post B/F PPBS to around 120-130 for sure, and yet would have pumped in more kcal. Nuts are fine -- no cashew and no pista, though.

  • thank you will try again Tom now if possible post my lunch too ..

  • If you are not hypothyroid patient, then add 300mg Alpha Lipoic Acid capsule and 1 supradyn daily. Preferably taken with fat loaded breakfast. Later you can add 100mg CoQ10 also.

  • Interesting will look into it and will see i too use Multivitamin "Glacex Tab"

    btw Supradyn has CoQ10 too

  • I have added CoQ10, 100mg, but that's after a lot of reading and almost 2 years of going through papers. It's a non patentable stuff so attracts me more :)

    Maybe you can add after being on Alpha Lipoic Acid and Supradyn combo for 3 months and ensuring that you have migrated to LCHF diet. I'll have to look at the label of Supradyn that e get here (Piramal). We don't get the Supradyn noted on the url here I guess.

  • This new composition. Quantity of contents is different from earlier one and coQ10 is 3mg.

  • I had ordered this one:

  • Matilda Forte contains 5 in one tablet.

    Mecobalamin 1500mcg, Vit B6

    3mg, Alpha Lipoic Acid 200mg,

    Folic Acid 1.5mg, Biotin


    Below are some of the details of Mecobalamin(generic)

    Methylcobalamin is a cobalamin (MeB12) used in peripheral neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy etc. It is a form of vitamin B12. This vitamer is one of two active coenzymes used by B-12 dependent enzymes in the body, and is specifically the B-12 form used by 5-methyltetrahydrofolate-homocysteine methyltransferase (MTR), also known as methionine synthase.

    Methylcobalamin is notable for being one of the few examples in nature of a bona fide organometallic bond. Methylcobalamin has been studied in conjunction with sleep-wake rhythm disorders, where it appears to yield benefits, but at a low or inconsistent level. It is used in treating diseases of vitamin B12 deficiency (such as pernicious anemia), or diseases of effective B12 deficiency, such as vitamin B12 metabolic pathway pathologies. One study suggests that once absorbed, methylcobalamin may be retained in the body better than cyanocobalamin.

  • Hidden

    What are these tablets

  • Today Breakfast ( 8am ) was one Besan ka cheela ( with chopped tomato + onion + dhanyia powder + chilly + salt and one spoon Cheese )

    Fasting was 128 PP 2hr 144

  • So a jump of 16 points in not bad considering that carbs are higher as compared to omelet. Your fasting seems a high by around 20 points. Once that gets tamed B/F PPBS should be good enough. What drugs are you taking currently?

    For me, from today, Tuesdays will be a day of fasting as i take no drugs. Only water and lemon loaded green tea throughout the day.

  • Medfree No meds also for BS yes my baseline is above normal is due to few days i was eating lot in between ( channa + Almonds ) and eating more also LCHF but now i decided to control my urge to eat more even though what i ate it didn't spike much but somewhat baseline did raise and stayed for whole day so once i tame my PPB then i will get to to Fasting btw i came far from 275 fasting to 128 in matter of 3 weeks and i'm planning to keep it tight with my diet until i reach to a point where my fasting go below 100 then i can juggle lil more with food ..

    Yes i red you are fasting on Liquids Good Luck , Someday will do that but i can't now :)

  • You can add Peanuts+almonds+walnuts for munching. Gets in good amount of fat. 100grams a day will be around 560kcal, with ~70% energy coming from FATS. 275 to 128 isn't bad at all :)

  • Special Thanks To You and members who are supportive but if i didn't been here i am sure i would never be able to reduce PPB , since two way approach

    one was Meds way then limit my meals and then exercise ! to control

    second was reduce carb intake and switch to LCHF or Try other means frankly no big fan of jamun , kalonji , Methi seeds tried too i am too impatient for that to work so no offence to that

    in this also one approach was to reduce Carb intake and divided into many parts in a day for me that was also difficult coz then i need to monitor more and not able to concentrate on other things ..

    and second way is to eat Eggs it is filling and i able to bare the hunger longer though it took a radical change the way i eat and perceive the Fats ( even now lil skeptical ) not over-boarding with it plus & Regular walks but will add more VCO + Plus Multivitamins and Nuts too will follow in due time since i am very new to all this frankly day by day getting things to learn and it will take years of practice .

    I was reading Proteins also spike the Sugar levels but slowly unlike carbs in 2hrs of span so in Eggs + Cheese + Nuts loaded with protein how to count and control is also a challenge ! ,

  • Protein never go for more than 25grams in one sitting preferably. Don't be scared of FAT on LCHF.

  • You need to go slowly as you have already came down from very high levels. Further decrease will take time, as for diet change body needs to adjust. I would say, try chana dal or besan after you settle down for lower BS levels. If you find that further reduction is difficult then you may need to add metformin SR version.

  • shrisamarth yes ofcourse i'm not against Meds at all just giving myself time before i be on the meds or like many just be on Diet control or eat LCHF this i follow even if im on med , genetic factors do play a role so Meds gives u that extra push but even then i want to remain at bare Minimum Meds

  • It was one of those rush days where I say I have no time to die. Ate breakfast and lunch out. I don't really find this difficult now it is simply matter of choice.

    Breakfast grabbed a Nestle probiotic curd container on the way mixed a sachet of sugar free ha it with hand full of badam.

    No time for snacks in between at lunch it was chicken leg piece with a bowl full of russian salad and salt lemon time for evening snack had some almonds walnuts while driving and dinner 1 omelette with 150 ml full fat milk with added cream.

  • Today I ate Curd ( not fresh ) + 1 Roti spread some cheese scrambled in Dahi 100 ml ( Curd ) put some salt , chaat masala Fasting 118 - 1hr 182 2hr 152 i am happy with it 2hr but spike was high maybe my baseline fasting needs to come down further ! .

  • Try and start walking after 30 minutes of finishing meals. Walk for 20 minutes.

    I don't walk but I do two rounds of 50 bicep curls with a pair of 15lb dumbbells when I suspect that my PPBS ill be higher. But, i do it on certain days only based on meal and not regularly.

    1 Roti (if 40 grams weight) could be around 24 grams carbs. This alone, in a diabetic with no endogenous insulin, will spike ~100 points from baseline.

    Start adding fat to diet. My roti is loaded with butter :)

  • i do walk daily Medfree but then everytime i eat i can't able to do 20 min walks which is impractical for me , you mean to say 1g of carb increase 5 point ? in i hr or in 2 hr ? well my roti was loaded with cheese :).

  • After crossing individual boundary of carbs BS rise is very steep.

    It also depends on combination of a meal.

  • Maybe yes my pancreas messed up badly hope it has some juice left :) i agree we need to calculate many factors food is one of them , I heard even Even if you are sick or Dawn Phenomena etc do effect thats why sometimes even everything remain constant Reading gets spiked up .

  • Sickness, injury will all spike up blood sugar.

    Well, if you are hitting around 150 w/o drugs, there's still lot of juice left.

  • Yes our beta cells are either dysfunctional or partially dead, that's why we need to tweak our meals.

  • Yes 1 gm carb pushes up sugar by 4 points roughly, if there was no insulin in body.

    One 40 gram rotee makes a difference of 10-15 points in my case. YMMV.

  • Grains like wheat are going to spike. You can try LW in any other form. (dalia or cooked as it is.)

  • LW i heard about it too but then i have no means to get this ? i need to search for it

  • You can check here.

  • I'll Keep this in Mind well i see lot of confusion over its look and feel of it , have u got any benefits ? from it i think it has to have carbs unless its has more fiber then carb ratio ? but if all are getting benefits then no harm in trying :) .

  • If you can get it then no harm in tying and seeing how meter responds.

    Meanwhile, try and see how you respond to chana sattu (ground with skin on).

  • Lunch had Same Roti + Karela ki Sabzi ( large chunk ) and spread some cheese and rolled and ate it PPB 1hr 152 2hr 132 - Strange ! i find funny how can curd can spike the readings in the morning ! .

  • So, tweak your diet per what your meter reads.

    B/F should be with least carbs. Maybe try a bowl of raita made from curd, 2 cumber, half onion and half tomato. Other stuff like ginger, roasted Jeera powder and salt added to taste. Nothing else, and see how readings are.

    Ideally b/f should always be different varieties of egg dishes ... omelet, scrambled etc :)

  • Exactly i was thinking the same since Morning spikes are common i need to eat either less or no carb food and in lunch also take one roti with sabzi in between lemon tea or sugarless tea and evenings be on chana peanuts or almonds at night again something lil light egg curry or egg omelet . but just trying my best to juggle with veg too since i can't be on egg forever need some variety afterall its going to be a life-long menu :) .

    PS Sattu Roti i used to love it but the problem is getting it locally is a challenge i am very handicapped in all this but again it will be inquired in local market and i'll surely do that .

  • Add 300ml non-strained veg soup with a large dollop of butter and 50 grams nuts to your menu. Less tomato, 1/4 beet, 1 carrot and rest all greens.

  • Yes a vegetable soup ( Rasam would be fun to drink )

  • I take it for BF. App. quantity 40-50gm max. I eat only whole wheat in cooked form with some sabji or sometimes kheer.. Yes there is benefit. It's glycemic response is low compared to other grains or legumes except chana or chana dal.

  • Oh ic ! well i try my hands on them frankly cooking is not my forte i want to keep it very simple and easy to maintain my diet and achievable but if it is helping many here i am sure will use , i keep an eye on the product make some local inquiry about this and learn to make somethings out of this :)

  • Today I just had Omelet without Roti or bread just simply spread some cheese ( one spoon )

    Fasting was 108 PPB 121 Happy start for today :)

    lunch one roti + kadhi liquid 2 cups ppb 2hrs 148

  • Add black coffee with 1 TBSP VCO to breakfast. VCO releases energy as quickly as carbs and doesn't get processed in body like LCT Oils.

  • Very Good Morning ! Yes i been reading whole lot about it , i still remember we used to use groundnut and coconut oil a lot even in cooking but this Oil and Fat Phobia just killed it , VCO is on my list of things , Black Coffee i wanted to avoid even being a southie but will start that too :) . thanks

  • Dear Naqsh by kheema you mean mince meat ???

  • yes kheema is minced meat.

  • FBS was 112

    Breakfast : 1 egg omelette ( with added onions beans and capsicum) in 1 tsp ghee + 1 cup tea

    was busy skipped mid meal snacks

    Lunch : Veg crispy (yes I know they smear it with corn flour, but veg restaurant not much choice) 1 glass of chaas and a cup of tea.

    evening snack : 150 ml cup of added cream full fat milk with hand full of almonds

    Dinnner : tomato onion soup a boiled egg.

    BS 2 hrs post dinner : 129

  • Today Fasting is 8 AM 138 so i decided to go easy on solid foods so now i had butter milk

    10 am PPB 2hr 123 ( updated )

    For lunch kadhi 2 cups + channa loads of water 1hr ppb 131 2hr 125 and later at before dinner 128 dinner updated* 3 egg omelet with mustard sauce + butter milk pp 1 hr 143 2hr 134

  • Today fasting was 109 Breakfast had a cup of Kadhi 60 mins pp 134 : 120 min 128

    lunch Roti + tomato and Brinjal sabzi ( one cup ) i loaded one spoon cheese pp 120 min 139

  • You are getting there slowly and steadily!

  • Today fasting was 112 1 egg omelet 2 large cucumber chopped added masala pp 1hr 132 2hr 130

    lunch sattu roti i tried but somewhat i made 20g of satoo + 10g wheat + cheese + karele ki sabzi + butter milk before lunch 128 1hr 139 2hr 144 but i need to make one confession i tested pp 2hr it was showing 167 then i had a doubt i cleaned my hands it was showing 153 i dunno again i tired it was showing 144 ( this time i didn't touched the finger to the strip just dropped the blood over the test part of the strip ) all this i did in 2 mins but luckily morning i even went for Dr Lal diagnostic for Fasting BS and PP test , so i can in-sync with home meter but did this happened to anyone here ? Accuchek activ

    Got Lab Reports : Fasting 104 , PP 2hr 122 i checked with home meter just before going to Lab it is 3 mins walk from house !.both times .

  • I faced this the other day. Meter read 155 and lab tuned out 115. Barely 5-6 min walk from home and I posted this on following thread:

    In a few days i will repeat same steps and go to different path lab -- Dr Lal's this time which is also 5-6 min walk. My meter on an average tends to read 10-15% higher than lab (depending on range of readings) but this was indeed a shocker. Anyways. I am sticking with 15% higher rule.

    Nonetheless your readings are good.

  • Yes Medfree in my case readings are 8+ but then i will verify with other Labs in coming days , but culprit of unpredictable readings are sometimes in hurry we don't wash hands before test and many times finger contaminated with dirt and moisture also can gives false readings , when you have strictly watch what you eat makes it easy to predict the readings . according to ADA standards i am pre diabetic if i had <100 fasting then i been a Non diabetic it would be fun to see :)

    Today Fasting :109 pp 120 mins :116 had my one egg omelet + buttermilk + cheese will update rest of the readings later :)

  • True on testing pre-requisites.

    Also true on predictability based on what you eat if you narrow down your choices based on what meter reads. You are doing great on LCHF. Maybe a month and you would have finalized all your meal plans. Then your testing can reduce. Normally i tests PPBS thrice a week and FBS maybe once a fortnight or month, unless I am experimenting with something new. Most probably, I will settle with a no breakfast schedule and just go straight to lunch at 14:30, one snacks/filler at 18:30 and dinner at 22:30.

    ADA standards, I ignore as always for FBS/PPBS/A1C, just as I ignore their High Carb Low Fat recommendations to everyone. They are designed for convenience of CARB and drug industry which funds them and are not truly for diabetics. A1C 7 and I would faint though ADA experts would smile and call it "Good Control" :)

    If millions start switching to LCHF globally and start going off/reducing drugs (not just for sugar but also BP, LIPIDS etc), I won't be surprised that ADA lowers FBS to 90 and PPBS to 120 so that more drugs can be sold!

  • i might have used 150 strips already for testing i will go easy on them from now on coz so far fasting will give me a good guide how the day will progress the problem is usually afternoons when i take roti + sabzi and in between munching nuts coz they wont spike but slowly rise base line then whatever i eat will add up to that then it will become lil tricky but then i will not eat nuts in between but i keep that to evenings i can add tea or cucumber as fillers in mornings till afternoon evenings nuts or tea coz at dinner i take eggs so im safe there.

    ADA Recommendations is a joke i am happy to see Diagnostic centers now wont follow their guidelines but adopted American College of Endocrinology (ACE) fasting 100 < and PP 140<which is good but again too much on stake its a multi Billion Dollar industry sometimes its hard to know what is right and what is wrong anymore . i wonder if their would be any consensus on what are the safe limits ? maybe all of us are very different so what might be good for one might be bad for someone so i assume until then we just be in-between of things :)

  • Yes, settle for 3 PPBS and 1 FBS per week, or 4 - 6 strips/week. Breakfast should be least carbs and most fat loaded so that body keeps moving on FAT as fuel till lunch. I lay more stress on PPBS as that's the starting point. FBS going out of whack is the end point. PPBS goes bad years before FBS starts getting effected.

    As for "consensus estimates", they have never worked in any field globally. Look at all the tonnes of high profile analysts of Wall Street who arrive at "consensus estimates" of publicly traded companies on quarterly earnings and revenue. They fail in 9.9/10 cases. Either it's below or above their estimates.

    Best figures are what is mentioned in research papers which which are 6 feet under at the behest of Drug companies. has tonnes of such references.

  • yes i red this webpage it has so much info and so much reality check about diabetics very useful info i wish Being a Capital of diabetic country and HBS going viral rampage in India many life could be extended if we follow simple instructions which is very much scientific and proven eating lower carb but blinded by the Medical community about this , doctors also have no clue about this epidemic and honesty they don't care about patient more then a head count all they do is happily tell u " Don't worry it can be fixed " coz its our problem not their we also just blindly follows , i been die-hard rice eater 3 times a day 365 day and the quantity i used to eat will give me heart attack now .

    when i was diagnosed with pre diabetic then if a Doc would have told me that don't eat more carbs eat less start taking more fats as source of energy or u else become diabetic , i would have stopped it but they said you have no problem it would be under control ? just eat normally increase activity etc etc even now i came to this site accidentally looking for something about insulin i was almost sure i need it but things are way different now , if in any case i didn't Google it and still ate 3 Roti and less Rice i am sure PPB never would have never dropped below 200 or higher then normal and then doc would have told me " Don't worry we will fix it " when i was pre diabetic my reading was < 110 and i been told its ok it will settle down i being naive thought its ok ( now Diagnostic labs have decreased fasting to < 100 my time it was <110 ) i am sure most of so called Pre Diabetic would be getting same argument about not to worry but enjoy the life without doing anything as if its ok to be diabetic its a lost time people unknowingly keep gulping carbs into their stomach not checking their BS , fast foods process foods should have bear warning for high carb for diabetic ( i know its a lil extreme ) though i can't blame Carb entirely but then No restrictions but overloading carbs around you + preservatives+ loaded with chemicals and No Guidelines over Foods by any competitive authority no research is done for foods we take in India and Indian specific needs carb some things has to be given who get diagnosed with Diabetics over the food restriction?( other then false hopes and over prescribed meds ) all this big big Gaints pushing their product to our throats .... it will go on like this anyways i leave this here :)

    Thanks Medfree and this forum members as usual without your support i think i never able to get my PPB down , knowledge has power to change .

  • Ostriches dig their head deep in sand and sing -- "All Is well" ... that's what the entire medicare business wants us to do :)

    On a serious note:

    Since you have benefited, spread LCHF to all diabetics that you come across in real walk of life. Remember that LOW FAT Dogma sticks like PLAGUE so not everyone will listen, but even if one in ten do then we as self educated diabetics have accomplished our objective.

    The whole medicare business revolves around hand in glove policy of Big Pharma + Big Food + Big Agriculture (GMO). The latter two creates a continuous stream of long lasting consumers for the first. The day majority understands this, half the problem wrt diabetes (LIPIDS, BP, Neuropathy) is solved!

  • I think you are one of those who regained healthy BS levels very quickly. Keep it up. :)

  • I'm sorry for the delay reply i was so held up today , well Thanks to You Shrisamarth and Medfree you been a crusader against Diabetics and a great support for me :)

    Medfree : 100% right the whole lobbing is so deep rooted i am sure lot among us seeing all this as skeptics , well i am sure not eating carbs at least the fast-acting carbs should be eliminated from a BS patient eating right food certainly helps i can vouch for it work , plus good activity also helps even further but tweaking has to be done individual basis and whoever having doubt over LCHF i am sure he will never understand its impact for a long run , then uncontrolled sugar then complications but no one wants to change their habit but yes i will definitely try remain active and will support this cause as much as i can and i be here for support too since i still need to learn and share things with you :)

    Today Fasting 103 had some butter milk + cheela + tauri and tamato sabzi 2 hr pp 153 ( being Tuesday no egg i was hungry ) shrisamarth i still need to go a long way to perfect this art of eating :)

    lunch late evening since i was bz today one roti + karele ki sabzi + butter milk ( since morning i had a lil higher reading so delayed the lunch and it was 103 before lunch ) PP 2hr 128

    i think Tomato should be in limits if its been put in the sabzi then we should lessen the quantity of sabzi intake from Non tomato sabzi on usual days .

  • I am always here for helping with LCHF. However, beyond a point I post links for reference as I am not a master of the art of "Copy+Paste" for disseminating information, as I belong to the school which respects DMCA.

    Tuesdays for me has now become day of fasting for the same reason -- no eggs.

    Keep us posted. You are doing pretty good.

  • Medfree i am no idealist Its India where everything is pirated ,a place where rich getting scott free and poor are inside the jails , but since u mentioned it i need to be careful about it coz i might have copy pasted and i seen some silly ego filled childish comments over this topic

    Medfree i don't know how u fast if someone tells me " not to eat .all i hear eat eat " but i think its a good way to detox with good amount of liquids .

  • My Fast:

    Full day is on refrigerated water, green tea with lemon and black coffee. It's a conscious decision. Maybe I will buy Ketostix (|;p:2|;c:ketost%20bayer|;e:24|false|; ) and see when body enters Ketosis on fasting days (if it does) .

    Ketosis is good state and not to be confused with DKA.

  • Yes i was really scared learning about DKA then ketogenic diet and being ketosis is just a normal transition for human body to use fat as source of energy which in turn reduce fat what a paradox but good i seen that too when i was browsing in Healthkart but do let us updated i am sure diagnostic labs don't do this tests ?

  • Even after better control there is always scope for improvement. So experimenting with our food, lifestyle is continuous process. It took me longer period for good control over BS, may be 4-5 months though I was not hitting 200 but around 150-160. Still trying to achieve better levels. Compared to my experience you have gained very early.

    Now trying without metformin since last 10 days which is causing my FBS to rise around 107 but PPBS is around the same level of 110-115. And not spiking much at 1hr. 125-130. For fasting need some adjustments in meals.

  • At 10-12 hrs of fasting i am always 100+ by meter (reads higher than lab). Doesn't bother me much :)

  • Just food for thought ? why fasting has to be <100 ? i don't find any scientific reason behind it ? just because its ideal or if you have fasting 100 + will organ damage will happen ?

    Today fasting 109 had my breakfast one egg omelet of course loaded with cheese + butter milk + channa munching too :) PP 113 will update it later rest

    lunch one roti with omelet added some tomato + cheese one glass butter milk 2hr 153

  • I do not bother much about FBS staying in 100-110. My thinking maybe entirely cockeyed but here's my defense:

    All experts want diabetics to eat 6 times a day. So in other words, spike 6 times a day above FBS threshold logically, counting out spiking due to Liver Dump which would make it 7.

    On LCHF diet with 3 meals a day (I am now on two) if i add the spike due to Liver Dump (that's what causes higher FBS), it makes spiking 4 times a day, which is far less than spiking 7 times a day on diet of experts.

    So, I look more at PPBS and A1C combo. Liver Dump is just counted as "another meal" where body feeds itself instead of you feeding the body. If I have A1C of 5.6 or lower (no anomaly in CBC) why should fasting in 100-110 range bother me. Ideally yes, I would want a A1C of 5.2/5.3 as there's a Japanese study which showed that diabetes in not a progressive disorder if one can attain 5.2 or lower.

    As for cellular level damage, it set's in at sugar level > 140 and I can't recall a study where it mentioned that beta cells degrade very quickly above 280 or so. Calling figures from memory so 280 may not be precise.

  • OMG keeping A1c to 5.2 averaging 102 is next to impossible unless u be on insulin if i able to achieve less then 6.5 would be a achievement , well i think by this standards how many Indian would potentially in dangerous territory with their BS levels ? usually many many fail to keep it this tight well so many other factors also get involved when we talk about BS Genetics , Age , Food , Mental Health etc i wish there could be a cure for this its in epidemic stage in India .

  • Sir I have hit 5.0 and 5.2 ... latest one was 5.6 :)

  • amazing i was just referring for me its impossible :P

  • With your PPBS and FBS it doesn't seem impossible to get below 6 in case you can maintain it.

  • It is not impossible. My last Hba1c was 5.6. You can also achieve better no. if you stick to your plan.

  • Shrisamarth well maybe i am trying to find my threshold once that will be reached then i see if i can manage with diet LCHF and exercise so yes i have years to go for this but so far i'm happy with it , it took lot of changes but all were worth it , but for u it must have been been difficult i guess u don't eat eggs i guess eating roti and rice and still maintaining good Fasting + PP is a achievement coz for me roti still gives a good spike but can't avoid it completely or rice for that matter and the problem with rice and roti is that u still feel hungry if u take them less or try to portion them so it has to be loaded with fat or cheese so lunch always be a struggle for me or be in a place where they don't serve eggs

    I just hope that maybe pancreas could get better like keeping Good BS levels for long who knows it might regain some power , like a reversing neuropathy with good control i loaded loads of carbs for decades into my stomach maybe it taking some time to recover ( i know its just a wishful thinking ) but keeping low BS levels anyway a goal for everyone ! .

  • If you eat rice, make sure it has cooled down to ambient temperature for quite some time. Same applies for beans. Beans should always be soaked overnight before cooking. Let them cool a long time after cooking. So, rice (or beans) cooked for lunch should be taken in dinner with no heating. Still, the serving size has to be controlled on individual basis. Best would be if it can be kept in fridge, and taken out an hour before meals so that it gets back to ambient temperature.

  • Hmm you are right i am sure i also red about food being heat up increases its carbohydrates release in the body much faster ? yes good idea cool down food will try sometime and then check how much spike i can bear , so in case of roti i should eat in room temperature without heating again ?.

  • Roti does not belong to same class as beans, rice, and potato, unripe banana flour. So for roti best way is "dilution" with chopped greens added to dough and lowering GI by using butter, ghee, VCO (ie loading with fat) during kneading.

    Pl Note: rice will still spike, but probably less. You will need to test. I am yet to do this experiment, but will do this on taking a single meal of fried rice (cooked weight about 300 grams + veggies added), kept in fridge after making and then taken an hour out before eating. 300 grams cooked rice under conventional circumstances is equivalent of a 75 gram OGTT.

    Will post results when I do this experiments 3 times a week. I am also thinking of testing grated raw potato added to curd raita and see what happens.

    Self management of D is all about continued consultation with Dr Google and then shortlisting trials to do.

  • wow its a new spare of thought to cutting down the GI hmm nice will read more about it ..i have no clue i just knew about simple carb will behave as they usually adding things will make them less effective in BS is something i need to learn and experiment it too .

  • medfree: By how much refrigerating beans and rice impacts glycaemic index and load?

  • No numbers available on GI. I would test maybe toms with a fried rice only meal, loaded with cheese gratings. A nice friend rice prepared during lunch hours, allowed cool enough to be kept in fridge and then taken out an hour before dinner time, grated cheese added before starting. Maybe will take curd raita loaded with 1 grated raw peeled potato also. Not decided on this yet as i would prefer not to add too many variables. No heating.

    I am expecting bloating as one of the side effects, besides higher than normal numbers. Will report back toms.

  • Yes I don't eat eggs but also don't eat roti and rice. Most of the grain part I consume is for BF. When I eat LW preparation. Rest of the day sabji, salads, almonds, VCO, peanuts, paneer, cheese, milk (max up to 150ml) and sometimes something prepared with besan.

  • It is Ramzan and I chose to fast. Though I decided to go totally carb free, long hpurs with no food gave me hypo on first roza so for the second. I had paratha, a piece of chicken and curd for dawn meal. The day went well and by 7 pm at fast-break time my BS was 84.

    Broke fast with lots of lemon juice 1 and bowl of fruit with cream. Yesterday's dinner was soup 3 kebabs and bowl of cooked veggies which gave 105 post 2 hours.Yet to have today's dinner.

  • Naqsh: Diabetics who fast and can pull through for the month, have serious adjustment issues that impacts the BS in the subsequent two weeks...

  • Probably you are right but I have no heart to leave fasts for spiritual reasons. I am still young and can pull on, I don't know with growing age if I can keep it up. Lets see so far my results are excellent. Weight loss and good hair&skin. Its good feeling. Incidentally I don't feel weak like last year.

  • Good Morning ! Well today fasting was the Magic number for me 100 2hr PP 117 ate leftovers karele sabzi + cheese + Buttermilk one glass and funny part is yesterday i over ate the eggs ( 4 eggs whole day ) and i felt so bloated i thought morning it will be Higher reading so i go easy with eggs today maybe at night i add eggs :)

  • 2 eggs omelet should be fine to begin with. I do around 15-18 eggs per week now.

    Brilliant numbers! 3 months like these and you A1C will surprise your doctor like it does for every Diabetic on LCHF diet globally :)

  • Medfree : Thanks well i am keeping 15 eggs so far per week lil scared too i just need to ask you what is best Lipid Test In India i heard LDL-C LDL - P are this necessary? when i will test for Lipids not soon though so which are recommended ? LFT KFT Lipds CBC H1bac any specific tests should be added ? Like Thyrocare which package should i go for ?

  • Arogyam 1.7 covers it all:

    Ask for discounts. You will not believe but we got for 2 (me and my wife done at same time) for a total bill of 3600 for two in September last year (though price-list mentions 6000 for one). We have been repeat customers.

    VAP profile (as against conventional LIPID panel) I doubt if any lab does in India and even if they do, I am not sure how many doctors can really interpret the results. They just go by total cholesterol for prescribing STATINS (which is hugely flawed model).

    As for EGGS, since you are on low carbs nothing to be scared of. Dietary cholesterol has no relation to serum cholesterol on Low carb High Fat Diet. It is the TG on HIGH CARB that does all the necessary damage and yet everyone blames "INNOCENT" saturated fat. Fat is no need to be concerned about unless one suffers from FH which is a genetic disorder.

  • well i'll try for the discount if i can then try for that otherwise look for some alternative too will keep that mind about Thyrocare 1.7 1.4 or 1.3 yes but i am just worried maybe all body react differently its just my own fear but anyway i will do all this tests after two months when i see my average glucose then i club rest of the packages into it i just recently did KFT when i was being diagnosed with higher BS H1bac were 12.20 %

    KFT : Urea 20 Mg/dl Ref Range :17-43 Mg/dl

    Creatinine : 0.71 Mg/dl : 0.67-1.17 Mg/dl

    Total Protein 7.60 g/dl 6.40-8.30

    Albumin 4.57 g/dl 3.50 -5.20

    A:G Ratio 1.51 0.90-2.00

    Alkaline Phosphate (Alp) 126 u/l 30:-120 ( this was higher )

    Sodium + Chloride were lil Lesser then ref range After LCHF i need to c what happens ? to rest of the figures :)

  • If scared about LIPIDS, I have posted mine (last two years LIPIDS in fact) here:

    If what they say about dietary cholesterol and fat was true, then my LIPIDS should have shot through the roof. This makes me believe that all the talks about FAT, cholesterol is Humbug, unless one suffers from FH.

  • If you have not done general health profile testing recently then atleast go for arogyam 1.3 or 1.4 from Thyrocare.

  • yes thanks will see to it when i book a package what all tests they are covering

  • Finally reached to the destination 8 hr Fasting 81 considering my meter shows +8 so it should been 73 but i even accept this number but tested twice ( i couldn't believe my eyes ) it was 83 jumping out of joy but i know its the start of the good number could be one of those days but i'm happy and telling you guys FIRST you are the BEST Medfree and Shrisamarth :) <3

    Break Fast Bhindi + daal + curd + peanuts munching 2hr 120

    Lunch usual tenda sabzi + curd both mixed in one cup + buttermilk 1hr 118

    Random in evening 97

  • Congrats. When you hit A1C below 5.7, don't discuss DIET with Doctors. I don't think nutrition -- the most important part of disease control -- occupies even one full semester in entire training. All they know if Saturated Fat is BAD. Terrific brainwashing in 5.5 years of formal study.

    Spread LCHF awareness around you and whoever adopts LCHF and benefits (all will), tell them the same thing. Spread LCHF around you. Never listen to Doctors, ADA trained dieticians about Diet.

  • Ofcourse i always will preach LCHF Diet whoever needs now absolutely no doubt left in this :)

  • Great no. Only will suggest confirm the FBS with lab testing. If you maintain the nos. then 5% club is not far.

  • Thanks Shrisamarth No well i had work to do so i couldn't do it anyway its less then 100 more then enough for me , maybe one of those days if it is consistent then i'll go n get it checked but last time i did my Home meter was 8+ showing so lets see if my numbers are low for sometime then i will get it checked with lab too ..:)

  • I didn't Post for a while about my Diet Nothing much to add actually yesterday it was Fasting 97 pp 118 today BFS 114 rest of the day <140 ~ < 150 just before posting this i had dinner 3 spoons rice Pulaw + Rasam + bindi sabzi + raita all mixed drank twice 2 hr pp 128 so not much spike specially safe when i eat eggs or vegetables so more or less stable i am sure not much to happen for now on , will update when i change something in diet or add something to it other then that i don't find any other reason to keep updating this post but i will be here only with You guys and thanks once again for everything :).

  • Next for sure would be A1C < 5.7 and also how your LIPIDS have changed. With such good numbers you should hit < 6 and surprise your doctor who advised you INSULIN not long ago if I remember correctly :)

  • Yes Indeed Medfree : will give him shock of the life but he won't admit won't listen to argument 100g Carb theory and eating eggs , cholesterol will increase will scare me i avoid telling even people around me they just keep scaring you "OMG" egg with yoke ?? am i carzy ? you eating so much cholesterol will affect your body u arteries will be blocked in no time etc , you not eating proper food you will be malnourished avoiding roti and rice is not a solution but no one seeing how it actually changed my life upside down a small sacrifice can avoid complications even for HBP and HBS its a price i am willing to make my diet is so mystifying for other to understand and doc would be least who would understand but as i told you once i do lipids let the Lab reading do the talking :) well i dunno if H1bac will Hit <6 if it does then i be on 7th sky.

  • All those who say eating eggs and saturated fat raises cholesterol, surprise them with your LIPIDS report. All those who talk malnutrition nonsense without roti and rice, here's a good post:

  • Good Article Medfree moreover even body takes time to adjust i red somewhere when u start LCHF diet then Lipids will show high cholesterol till few months from the start then it will stabilize to normal levels well i just started so i am sure my lipids could be elevated due to body getting used to High Fat so repeated tests would confirm keeping everything constant lets see what happen thanks for this Link :) .

    One user posted over there even losing weight also can rise cholesterol levels Interesting

  • Go for LIPIDS after 6 months, more so if you are also losing weight on LCHF. But, if you want to track changes then no issues. Moreover, plain Cholesterol numbers are useless. It's all the ratios that matter the most.

  • Yes since all is new to me for a benchmark i will get my test done in 3 months so that i get a reference point then i can increase the duration of my next tests , I am so intrigued by this fact that Fats / Cholesterol has no significant role in Heart Attack or which we all are made to scare , strange to see still whole world processing food Inc having label of Zero Cholesterol something made to scared of Monounsaturated Polyunsaturated saturated but i am just a one moth old in this life long changes i've already prepared myself to make .

    Today fasting 104 had rasam + curd+karele sabzi +2 spoon rice PP 1hr 128

    Noon did a mistake had lil more rice with same combination and in between had channa so i guess before lunch it should have been 120 so 1 hr spike was 159 now no more eating until dinner .

  • Try with rice that has been cooled after cooking, to get some resistance starch that can slow down spikes. Same thing for beans (rajma, green peas etc). The other day I had rice only meal and around 300 gram cooked rice (fried rice made for dinner, cooled in fridge and then eaten in lunch without heating) and my numbers were far better than what one would have expected.

    Soon, i will start experimenting with one grated-raw-potato added to raita and see how it goes.

    1 Hr PPBS of 159 by means you are not even diabetic by ADA standards :) :)

  • Medfree Haha now this is funny :P but it was cold rice 16 hrs kept in fridge i think it was not the rice but baseline was 120 already if it would have been lets say 100 i am sure i be struck under 140 range actually it was leftovers which i wanted to finish it off well just one of those cheats which went wrong but i'm again munching lots of peanuts or channa under 100g will add almonds soon , i still checked the random bs 116 so i go tonite with eggs since tom is Tuesday so i better stuff myself today :)

  • Just to get baseline lower, I started eating in 8 hr window. So far it is working out well. Tuesday is full day fast for me. :)

  • that is a very good suggestion i need to fix my timings when to eat 8 hr would be tricky 6 hr could be done actually i need to stop munching in between specially peanuts start taking more liquids which i'm not doing right now i'll try to juggle some more DP in mornings i need to take into consideration and eat light or do liquid in mornings and lunch then munch in even and dinner .

    btw 110 BFS today won't do more readings today maybe at night

  • Hi, what about URIC Acid.... Will this diet not increase uric acid levels...?

  • Was going through this post after 2 years and I smilied at our cumulitive efforts to beat diabetes. It was uphill tast but most of us are successful. 

    It is now more then 2 years and I have not taken any medicine and except for few rare ocassions my blood sugar never spiked above 140. 

    I am now used to living easy without carbs. Even when I go for social do's I simply eat everything except roti, rice and sweets. There is enough on the platter besides roti and rice. Keep the good work, live long and healthy my friends. 

  • Carbs are the biggest enemy of a diabetic -- QED once again :)

    Cutting down carbs and replacing them with good fat is the key to better numbers with minimal drugs. For me it has been more than half a decade of drug free life on LCHF diet.

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