Please advise the best way of using methi dana and quantity.

Do you think this methi dana is enough good replacement of the medicines

Suger lever is high since about 14 years. I am taking medicines below:-

Amaril 30 one tablet before breakfast

One tablet 1000 mg after lunch

One tablet 1000 mg after dinner

I am not satisfied because fasting suger remains 145 to 165

After food it rises to over 250

My feet are always burning and (sun rahtey hein). Just after eating food this complaint starts rising.

Health wise and bodily I am enough good.

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  • 2000MG Metformin (if SR then this is max dose).

    Till you change your diet none of these home remedies are going to help you much.

    You must surely be on High Carb Low Fat nonsensical diet that doctors/dieticians/nutritionists recommend to all irrespective of medical history.

    Rising to 250 means your peaks could be 320+ This is dangerous.

  • since I switched over to LCHF diet you have been advocating, my PP has normalised but fasting sugar is persistence. Can you please suggest causes and remedies?

  • What is your total carb intake for the day in grams?

    I ask this because someone was consuming 8 rotees per day and said he is on LCHF diet.

  • please try to count the how much carb, protine you are taking per day. It really matters. Even though i reduced carb but my intake of protine made my FF high. when i cut down my protine intake FF came down below 100. but still long way to go.

  • Please reduce your carbs,to 20% of your diet,if not already done,Exercise ,brisk waking for one hour in the morning,40-45 minutes in the evening,use green vegetables those with minimum starch, use protein,fat ,moderately, drugs you are using are maximum permissible,your sugar fasting,post pondral is in the danger zone.Only met hi Dana cannot control your sugar.change your eating habits,limit your intake of every eatable to minimum of your hunger called lean diet.

  • Word moderate is vague

    4C + 4P + 9F == total calorie required.

    For a 2000 kcal diet if protein and CARBS are restricted to 20% each then

    Total kcal needed from fat = 2000 - 800 = 1200

    1200/9 = 133 grams fat needs to be consumed.

  • Medfree - correction in your statement please- the phrase ' if protein and fat are restricted ' needs to be replaced by ' if protein and carb are restricted '

  • Oops!.

    Thanks for the heads up. Fixed :)

  • thanx to you all. but i still ask why fasting sugar is persistent. the reason therefor.

  • do not do this mistake by replacing methi dana for medicine. try to reduce the carb intake. I myself controlling my FFG below 100 and PP 1 hour 103 just by following the lchf diet. I also cut down my medications.

  • Great. Keep educating diabetics around you about LCHF. I spend considerable time on doing so here and even otherwise. I don't make any money out of this as I am not selling anything nor do i share my email and contact numbers.

  • humanity service is GOD's service! medfree, I got a new life through LCHF whatever i know i will share. If it is benefit to somebody it is great. I don't know much scientific fact about lchf. but i know if somebody truly follow they will get surely benefit. It is a time tested therapy for lakhs of people around the world.

    When doctor and my sister told me for controlling my FBG I have take insulin injection then i seriously start to follow it and now i am reaping the benefit.

  • If you discuss High Fat diet with doctors they will scare you. They simply cannot accept (most of them) that saturated fat with low carbs is best thing on planet. All they will rant is FAT causes CVD/CHD -- for which there's no proof.

    LCHF in layman terms is just cutting carbs intake and substituting carbs with FAT. Some "Experts" here call this masking without knowing the real definition of MASKING. Remember, no matter what you do, you cannot regenerate/rejuvenate pancreas beta cells. It's irreversible process. Since this is irreversible, diabetes is Non Curable.

    All we need to understand is we have limited supply of endogenous insulin and we have to preserve it for long life. Preserving by putting less carbs in body is not the same as MASKING.

  • I enjoy discussing my diet with my dietician.The changes happening on her face as I discuss my LCHF diet is quite amusing .Even the doctor ,who originally was skeptical about my diet, keeps mum after seeing my reports !

  • It is great that you accepted and follow LCHF diet. It is rather difficult for people to accept the fact that eating high quality fat does not cause any CHD or weight gain. Though I myself follow it, I am not still able to convince my sister about LCHF diet whose BS levels are dangerously high even after taking combination of diabetic drugs

    People are so ignorant about their BS levels that even after PPBS levels of 160 they are not bothered. Now what average levels we see are considered normal levels.

  • Well, as per some EXPERTS here on FORUM, spiking is NORMAL because that line of argument fits the claim of CURING diabetes. Keep trying to convince your sister. LCHF besides controlling sugar makes you look young too. Skin glows!

    Here's another link on Eating Fat doesn't make you fat-- sugar does:

  • Basic problem is reduction in carbs. Fat तो दूरकी बात है.

    Last year had suggested her but she didn't visit.

    Now I am planning to write down meal plan for her and ask her to strictly implement it step by step.

  • Reducing / Eliminating Grains ( Rice / Wheat, etc ) is difficult for many, due to the spicy nature of our vegetable / fish / chicken, etc preparation. For some it could be the cost factor. Eating them bland, doesn't appeal to our modified taste buds. Preparing mildly spiced preparations ( recipes ), which can be had as standalones or with a combination of pepper, curds, butter, etc could perhaps, be the way out.

    I myself find it very difficult to have plain salad.


  • maqsood 1947: I suspect you may be on normal (high carbohydrate) diet and do not exert your muscles much. I have been able to, within 18 weeks, bring down my average BS from over 285 to under 140 without any medicines. I cut out my carbs by 60%. tripled the fiber intake, added nuts etc and increased number of times I ate (reduced gap between meals)...yeah, double daily walk from 4 kilometers to eight. I jump started with a weight loss program and in the first week blood sugar came down 55 points!

  • Dear sir,first pl make mind strong and quite. Strat from morning wake up early morning at 5 am .after finish morning works.go for morning walk.brisk walk do for one hour. Eat regular food 5 to 6 times in time take only one and half chapati or 1 roti 1spoon vegetables 1 papad green salad.your regular medicines never missing. Dont worry. Sugar will be control in two months .

  • Dear maqsood1947 ,

    Diabetes can be controlled with adequate diet regimen in which lot of fiber e.g. fruits vegetables whole grains in general. Professor Hiroichi Okuda of Ehime University Japan found a substance in Ginseng that produce similar effect to that of insulin, Chromium the mineral specially chromium picolinate is a very important element that intervenes for metabolism of sugar & insulin. it converts the carbohydrate, fats & some proteins into sugar & later into energy. Garnicia Cambogia inhibit formation of unwanted fat. So control of diabetes you should main your diet chart 75% calories come from complex carbohydrate, 20% calories came from proteins, eat little fat, eat minimum fiber every day. Lower the cholesterol you shou;d not not more than 300mg of cholesterol per day. eat small amount several times per day instead of 3 big meals. The body cell control blood sugar better. consume nutritional supplement. Exercise must its like a dose of insulin.

  • Soak the the methidana (about 20 gms) in cold water (room temperature) at 6-7p.m today and take half the amount before 6-7a.m tomorrow. It is better to have a brisk walk of about an hour after that. Medicines you should take as per your Doctor's advise. The other half of the medhidana as above should be taken 2-3 hours after breakfast and about 2 hours before lunch. There is no change of medicines now. After 3 months check both of your Fasting and PP blood sugars. If there is improvement please report then we cah examine your body weight and DIET. Keep a jolly mood. methidana is scientifically known as Fenugreek.

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