Why does my body respond unpredictably?

I have been eating raw food since 7 months..

I want to share yesterday's incident. I had dinner at 7pm & for dinner i ate raw salad & raw leaves (spinach, mint leaves, basil, curry leaves).. My bsl after 2 hrs was 41 which was 200 before dinner.. of course i had taken 14 u of insulin before dinner.. I had consumed boiled spinach after i felt low. At 3am the bsl shooted up to 386.. and i had to tke 6 u of Lantus..

 Next day morning, my fasting was 216. I took insulin Novorapid 10units before breakfast.. Consumed fruits (apple,pomegranate,banana,sweetlime n oranges).. Ppbs was 245.. i had a feeling of nausea & weakness.. I consumed lunch at 2pm : Same diet of raw Salad & leaves.. And my Ppbs after lunch was 61.. since i was feeling giddy, i consumed coconut water.. Later, i checked my sugar before dinner at 7.30pm it was 230.. I took 14u & same food for dinner.. raw salad & leaves.. Finished it by 8.30, checked my sugar at 9.45, it was 40.. I consumed banana & boiled bottleguard plain.. At 12am the sugar was 61.. i still felt giddy bt consumed only water.. And in the morNing today the sugar was 386 :(

Has anyone gone thru this? Can anybody explain why the body reacts so unpredictably? These fluctuations leave little energy in me & make me feel lifeless at times.. Although my diet regime is revolving only around 80% of raw food & 20% of homemade cooked food..  I avoid oily, sweet, milk products, etc. 

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  • You didn't mention what home cooked food you are taking and what is time schedule.

  • It includes 2 chapati with a bowl of sabji.. after eating raw food (400gms of salad) both lunch & dinner.. 

    Sometimes, thrice a week i have home made breakfast (poha/upma/3idlis with sambhar) at around 11 am/12pm ,approx 2 hrs after my fruit diet..

    Snacks includes sprouted moong, soaked almonds, soaked peanuts..  

  • Soaking for how long? 

    Soaking changes 

    The chemistry of the seed. 

    If sprouted fully, with the radicle an cotyledons 

    Then only

    It becomes  a bundle of fibers. Before that, stored as  proteins and oil  are unfavourably translated to carbs. 

    In your case with low oil and proteins. 

  • IN case of moong, its sprouted fully with radicles. And in case of almonds, peanuts and cashew they are soaked overnight and cleaned under clear water in the morning before consuming.

  • gastroparesis?

    spinach would be the last thing that I would eat raw.

  • I think you are a victim of scarcity and plenty. At one end your raw leaves diet is not providing enough glucose post prandially. As you take insulin before meal ,net result hypoglycemia. And to counter this hypo you for things containing glucose this raises your glucose level. Not only this ,because of this frequent hypo, your stress hormones are activated ( cortisol ) this leads to further rise in your sugar levels. That is why this erratic blood sugar response.

    Now what to do to ward off this situation. There are two things which comes to mind. One regulation of insulin doses and second adjustment in your diet. 

    On the diet front please stop eating raw spinach straight away.star a balanced normal diet. Take a nominal insulin say 6 units  see how much glucose rise in blood. Go on increasing insulin by 2 units every 3 red day if need be. 

    Please do consult your diabetologist and discuss all details with. Please do not do any thing drastic without doctors consultation .

    Good luck.

  • Dear vidya , 

    Only a diabetologist can explain all 

    The data given by you. 

    You said 7months

    You had no problems.  


    It may  be a temporary effect. Some infection  or something gynecological 

    Prior to your period. Or menopause or many  other issues. 


    The main thing is=

    You must add more proteins and fat 

    So that 

    Your food become balanced. 

    Add nuts and oil or oil seeds to make it balanced. 

    For the-3am 386 Bsl,

     lantus is not the right thing.. It should have been novorapid. 

    At 61bs you took only water----

    That was too bad. 

    It could be that

    Some form of somogyi 

    Effect is taking place. Or post prandial hyperglycaemia.. 

    Solution :

    Return to a balanced food. 

    Instead of80_20%

    Go for try 50_50


    Return to a good 


    Vidya, you can send me personal message as well. I may be late 

    but I always answer. 

    Good luck 

  • Vidhya.

    I fully agree with patliputra. One basic thing i'd like to tell you is that insulin is for burning carbs. That means is no carbs in diet no insulin to be taken. If you eat salads and other raw food they hardly contain any carbs or calories. 

    Don't play with the fire. not good to take repeated doses of insulin. Insulin is potentially dangerous medicine if not used judiciously.

  • Thank you for your valuable suggestions.. I have been following Dr. Biswaroop Roy Choudhary's advice in order to minimize or stop the requirement of insulin.. You may check him on Biswaroop.com

    I was feeling better except only for my high fasting levels.. I shall do the changes in my diet as advised.. And yes, i do face this rebound hyperglycemia almost every morning. My fasting ranges between 250-400..

    Since i have been following this diet i never visited any doctor. But for a second opinion i posted it here to check  if i was doing the right thing. I have been benefited from this diet with regards to frequent cough and cold that was found earlier.. today i dont have it.. So i am still being positive that this diet shall minimise insulin dose requirement and keep me healthy!

  • Vidya, 

    Your cough and cold 

    Disappeared through a probiotic effect through the new diet,,,, which is well established. 

    But what about the bsl fluctuations?. 

    Hypoglycemia  if repeated can destroy your health. 

    The usda food plate

    Contains 50% fruits and vegetables 

    30% grains 

    20% proteins. 

    The balanced meal. 

    Most people are unaware of the needs (nutritional ) of the body. 

    No explanation  can be  tailored

    With out  you telling how was your BS levels during the last 7 months. 

    Good luck 

  • Whenever I take poha idli etc my BS PP SHOOT UP As such I don't take the above mentioned items at any cost. 

  • Dear Vidya,

    You must not eat all raw vegetables for one meal, fruits for another idly for the next etc. Include all elements in each meal. Eating mint, Basil, etc with other leaves and no carbs could have a hypoglycemic effect as these leaves cause their own effect and you are not taking any carbs  and you are on insulin. 

    The ups and downs you are on are extremely dangerous. Please go through the website on Lantus by Sanofi to understand how it works. When you are on long acting insulin, your body requires a certain amount of carbs. Otherwise the insulin needs to be adjusted and that cannot be done at random. Get expert advice from a qualified doctor. Please stabilise your sugar first, before trying to experiment.

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