Controlling Diabetes... taking by the Horns

A very simple n easy n tried tested n recommended... without side effects naturopathy treatment for Diabetes.

Dip a fresh Lady Finger over night in a glass of water. In the morning after freshening up

throw the lady finger n drink the water empty stomach.

How to do it -- 1. The lady Finger should be washed thoroughly.

2. Cut the Top n bottom

3. make an incision from top to bottom

4. Dip it over night.

5. take out the lady finger and drink the water.

6. do it for atleast three months on regular basis and believe me... the results are amazing..

7. when I was diagnosed in November 2012... the reading was 526... on the verge of very serious stroke... but now its 140... I am having all d fun drink dine n enjoy...

*** do not discontinue your medications***


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23 Replies

  • yessss !! i do agree wid dis..coz evn i hav xperienced !! u will defnetly c d change :) try it frends... thanq fa sharing it mr.kapoor :)

  • sorry,but i do not agree.i also tried for months without any positive effect.

    any scientific logic for this.

  • Glad to know that.... thanks Miss.

  • V.Nice .I will try ist n Comment.

  • Sure ...u will start seeing the results in a weeks time itself....

    be regular for initial first month atleast...

  • you r most welcome wid some more tips ahead ;p

    :) :)

  • I have also heard about is but never experienced. Thank you for sharing. I will try now and see the results.

  • Sure Mr. Rakesh.... I hv some wonderful experiences ...many person known to me have benefitted it since the day I shared this with them...

  • How many lady fingers. Is only one enough?

  • yes only One

  • sure please feel free to share...

  • what shake and omega3 capsule?

  • gud

  • Thanks for valuable advice ,i am going to just start .

  • Thanks for input.

  • what shake??milk shake??strawberry shake or pls clarify, be specific, it's a yeoman's service; all for good of mankind, for diabetic patients in particular. Just fail to understand why people posting nay content/msg/comment, fail to mention their mailer id's and city which they based, etc. ????

  • my tejkumar listing /user name; but I'm lalit jhaveri, Mumbai; wriet to me:

  • apologies for spelling errors as typed inputs without spelling check, hastily typed inputs, million apologies for any inconvenience caused

  • can this bhindi treatment be true? sounds too good to be true! But will try and post results here for sure.

  • yes u will find the results really amazing...

    I tried n experienced unbelievable but true and really exciting results... u don't have to stop ur daily medication at all...this is NOT a replacement treatment... it just helps in recovery at an amazing level...

    personally when I do it non-stop for a week.. my sugar levels Random reach almost 110... hence now a days I am doing it for 3-4 days only in a week...

    Please feel to share ur results after giving it a sincere shot for a week.

  • I may agree on certain issues u hv raised. However, the results have shown huge reduction in sugar levels. U r quite right when u talk about contamination n adultration. Still u have to live n trust with certain realities. Even so called Ram Dev's ayurvedic medicines have shown tremendous levels of adultration n contamination. How can u trust then on any thing. The concern of lady fingers grown with chemicals n pesticides etc is a really worth considering. Thanks a lot. Shall try to grow them n then use.

  • i am a diabetic patiant for the lost 30 years,now iam under control with using insulin 26 units in the morning 26 units in the evening.

  • can u tell me if u r takig medicine for sugar control at present or not

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